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  1. Thanks, Spanker. I'll check him out and see what the results look like. Any others specifically known for FUE at this time worth checking? I've been out of the loop for awhile and many of the names escape me.
  2. Thanks! Yes - spent many years here, had many friends and was so thankful for the guidance received. I really enjoyed it! Hopefully I was able to help many others with my time here as well. Even after 3 HT's and over 7500 grafts I confess I'll never say never on going back ---- there's always that touch up to the hairline and hey, you can never have enough density, right?? ARTAS, eh? I'll have to check it out though it sounds as there as some questions as to its proven success as claimed. When I heard my friend mention 6000 grafts FUE in one day, knowing that # to be a full day for e
  3. If they recommend shaving it then I'd shave it. My first HT doc didn't require but it was only 1200 grafts and not dense packing. The last two shaved it down. It seems for really dense packing most docs prefer this.....,I'm sure it's easier to see and work with and you have to live with the results for life, right?? I was freaked about having them shave but did it anyway. I'm a professional who wears a suit everyday in an environment where a neat and clean appearance matters. I had some looks and questions from co-workers about the haircut but trust me, we're much more concerned with
  4. Hello all! I used to hang out on this site but it's been at least 4-5 years since I've been around. My last HT (3rd) was done in 2008. Overall I've been very satisfied by the results and if I had it to do over again.........I would! :cool: I've been completely out of the HT loop for the past several years and am trying to help a friend who is considering a HT. Virgin scalp.........no HT's and he's probably NW5-NW6 with pretty decent donor density. We were talking yesterday and he mentioned hearing or reading of some sort of robotic type FUE. Is this really out there? He said
  5. Hi! I'm HAIRBANK, and I have hair greed (response from the hairgreed anonymous support group): HI HAIRBANK!!!! Sheesh - do any of us balding (or former balding) types not suffer from this disease?? I have to say......HT #3 was somewhat of a toss up for me. I've only got a little over 5000 grafts, but, I saw some pics of me the other day from about 4 years ago, pre-HT - man, night and day difference. I can actually pull off different hair styles now - who'd have thought?? Anyway- hairgreed won out and I'm going back for more. I hope I'm done after this harvest but I'
  6. Don, I had a bump like that which reoccurred for the first 2 months while the donor scar healed. I assumed it was a mild infection..........each time it surfaced it would be gone in a few days. Give it a little time and if it hangs around call your Doc. Probably nothing to be concerned with.
  7. No........I've never used the stuff for any period of time. You don't need a prescription for Rogaine(Minoxidil) so if you live near a drugstore or Walmart........you're in business and can buy it there.
  8. I wouldn't risk buying meds online. When I researched it, there were reports of inconsistencies in the meds if not order from a reputable company like Merck. You're General Practioner should be willing to write you a script for Finasteride. You can either buy Propecia (1mg pill) or Proscar 5mg pill) and quarter it with a pillcutter. Buy the meds from a local pharmacy.
  9. How can I add anything to that, Spex?? ! Great post and information!
  10. rodfl- Again I'll mention to look at the "posted" date at the upper left corner of these threads. This thread is 4 years old and the members not active so they likely won't read your reply.
  11. jdg- Your apprehension is normal. Shedding with Propecia (Finasteride), though it happens, is something we'd all like to avoid if possible. I suspect that you're correct, you've started a bit of a shed. You may or may not know that "shedding", as is often referred to from Propecia use, is merely many hairs going into the telogen or "resting" phase all at the same time. All hair goes into the telogen phase, it's just that normally only 10% or so is in this phase at one time. During a Propecia shed........you may have more like 20%-30% of your hair that has been kicked into the tel
  12. I do the same thing..........cutting Proscar is a pretty good savings. Glad to hear you're doing everything possible for loss prevention. I was around your age when I started thinning in the crown. Though my loss has been gradual, I did hit Norwood 4 status before HT #1. Had I made a consistent effort to try and prevent the loss with Finasteride and a good hair care regimen, I may have only progressed to NW 2?? Who knows. Do everything you can and maybe you can avoid HT's. Hopefully you'll respond well to Finasteride..............try and add a scalp and hair care product to yo
  13. itsgoing, Correct......Propecia is 1mg of finasteride, Proscar is 5mg of finasteride usually cut into fourths for a 1.25mg dosage. Results would have been the same.
  14. MattBBBB, The integrity of this site is of the utmost importance. Bspot's concern, and mine as well, is that you are merely here to plug Dr. Elliott - who many posters here have claimed has delivered questionable results. If you have results with Dr. Elliott that are solid, please post before and after photos for us to compare. This is a request that is asked of any new poster who claims to have great work done by a Doc who has proven to deliver questionable or inconsistent results. I've reviewed all of your posts and, to date, all except for one are direct compliments of Dr. E
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