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  1. Hello guys, This is my last video in which I spoke about the current tendency of robotic surgeries become fashionable, I gave my point of view as well as other physicians, what do you guys think about it?, are you willing to have a surgery with a robot or do you prefer a human surgeon to perform the entire procedure? Robotic surgery vs "traditional" FUE surgery
  2. Hello guys, It’s a shame that a doctors that knows in his internal jurisdiction that it’s not prepared to perform an specific procedure he doesn’t care and does anyway, then seat back in his chair waiting to see what is the outcome, why?, for money?, maybe it’s an utopia that medical practice should be above economical interests right?, maybe for training?, I have nothing against doctor to perform training but those cases should be of mutual agreement, by one side the patient doesn’t pay for his procedure expecting to get a good job and the doctor can do his training and it could be a win win situation but without the right of complaining. But those cases where the patient pay religiously in the belief that he’s putting himself in the hands of an expertise and get a shitty work in exchange of his innocence those cases makes me sick. Please see the result obtained by this patient in a famous and reputed clinic in Spain and let me know your opinion.
  3. Hi Melvin, Thank you for the comments, actually one of the four repairs have been done in HDC and the other three in other clinics but I definitely agree with you that Dr Maras is an excellent surgeon and the HDC clinic are one of the most reliable in the hair transplant industry. Regards,
  4. By the way I have corrected the subtitles which I think that definitely improves the experience for english viewers. Thank you.
  5. Hi guys, Im seeing that in Youtube there are a whole generation of patients that are willing to accept a damaged donor as normal thing that could happen during an average HT. I cannot believe what I saw but it's true, many patients are ready to deal with things like a brutal shock loss and battle during months while doing every type of complementing treatments such prp, mesotherapy, injections, etc. just to try to recover as much as possible the damaged area.... I Just wondering why is so difficult to make people understand that prevent is a cure, money it's are resource but our heads and lives are only one....I don´t know, just trying to figure it out what's going on... I have created a video about this in my channel, it's in Spanish with english subtitles although they are automatically created and not very precise, by the way do you think it's worth it to create a new one in english?, thanks in advance for your input.
  6. Wow! the last photos are very good and give us a realistic perspective of what is your current status, congratulations again for the beautiful result! Thank you, I'll contact my colleague in the clinic to get the photos, blur the face and post them. Cheers
  7. Congrats my friend, your hair in this photo seems a beautiful hair, also the haircut suits you better than previous one 😅 by the way, if you want we can post the photos taken in the clinic that have a good quality. Thank you, have a nice day!
  8. Congrats my friend, your hair in this photo seems a beautiful hair, also the haircut suits you better than previous one 😅 by the way, if you want we can post the photos taken in the clinic that have a good quality. Thank you, have a nice day!
  9. Thank you guys, it's amazing how your life could change due to a hair transplant good or bad, I can give you both views, and honestly, to have a bad ht with unnatural result it's like die in live. Those unprofessional doctors should be ashamed for butchering people for a few hundred bucks. By the way this is the artist who did my first procedure...Dr Martín Espinosa, if you saw him dressed like that run!
  10. Hello guys, Some of you already know my case, I have been around forums since 2003, in this year I had my first (bad) experience with Ht's.. I created a new channel in Youtube recently to share material about Hair Transplants, I did in Spanish as I'm spaniard, but I thought that to make the videos in english as well could be a good idea... The first video that I did in English it's about my experience and I tried to explain as best as I can...excuse me the mistakes, Im trying to improve my level and this videos in English will help me to practise and eventually some day could speak as Shakespeare,hahaha. https://youtu.be/18JlnOPMCCQ Let me know your opinion as it will be very welcomed! Thank you and have a nice day
  11. I have posted videos in previous posts with identical link from youtube, not sure how this works.