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  1. So I think I've narrowed my choices down to either Feriduni or waiting for Hasson & Wong. Feriduni recommends FUE with 'macrolines' so the donor doesn't have to be visibly shaven, but costs extra because it 'significantly complicates the procedure'. When I google 'FUE macrolines' Feriduni is the only person that comes up so makes me think it's not something widely used? What do you guys think? Pros of Feriduni is I'd be able to get it done a lot sooner than H&W.
  2. Thanks guys. Lots to consider. I'll schedule some more consultations.
  3. I haven't heard of Feriduni before but really like his work, also nice to see he has a section on his website for reconstruction following trauma. Going to request a consultation for sure, thanks. A lot of patient experiences on this forum though say he's not actually involved in a lot of the transplant work? Is that something be to be concerned about?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! Bisanga seems like he could be a good option. I'll reach out to them. I've seen Reddy suggested a few times for UK based HTs. Doesn't he only do FUE? Shaving my head isn't really an option. 😬 On UK surgeons, does anyone know anything about Dr Dilan Fernando? https://www.treatmentroomslondon.com/about-us/dr-dilan-fernando/
  5. Hi all, I'm a 24 year old female who's lost a bit of hair around my hairline due to surgery which is kinda noticeable when tied back. The rest of my hair is fine though. I've consulted with two supposedly good UK surgeons: Dr Ed Ball from the Maitland Clinic & Dr Farjo from the Farjo Hair Institute. But for the prices they charge, I wasn't that impressed with their work tbh. I consulted with Hasson & Wong before COVID & travel restrictions hit and their prices are comparable to Farjo & Dr Ball but they seem to get far more consistent results. This is something I
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