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  1. Great! That was the answer i was hoping for. Thanks!
  2. Hello guys, I was wondering if people would posts some pictures of their hair transplant without styling product in their hair. The reason why is because i will be getting a hair transplant in maybe 5-10 years and I usually dont style my hair with products because it looks fine after a shower with shampoo and i would like to keep it that way. But is that even be possible after a hair transplant or am i required to use some kind of products to make it look good? Thanks in advance.
  3. Keep in mind that Couto posts pictures of people who already have great, thick and dense donor hair. It also appears that he uses different lightning for before and after pictures, which can affect the post op quite a abit. But beside that, it looks great. How is your nose btw?
  4. I guess a perfect hair transplant is subjective for each individual. But you make it sound that every male-individual goes bald at some point in their life and that is of course not true. You see plenty of people in their 40-60 with great amount of hair that even teenagers wish they had. Some people reach norwood 2-4 and then they stop receding for decades. Even if their hair diffuses you cant tell without a microscope. Here is an example: A boy of 25 age is a norwood 2 and his entire family for many generations don't go bellow norwood 3 due to genetics. Wouldn't that boy be a good cand
  5. Well I'm 23 now with norwood 2 with no major thinning, only slightly in the temples. But i had that since i can remember. I just wanna take the route where I'm gonna be a norwood 1 or 2 with a normal or dense hairline where i don't have to worry about my hair looks very thin in certain positions/activities for a long period of time.
  6. So in a perfect scenario where i don't get diffuse thinning(or so little that's it not even noticeable) its actually possible to restore from norwood 3 to 1 with " illusion of density" with around 60 fu per cm2, so i don't have to worry about the styling, lightning etc... so it looks kinda full in any of those scenarios. Because that's what i would call a perfect transplant and therefor would consider it. I would also only go for FUT because i heard and read that it can yield more and i don't mind the scares, i actually think they look dope to be honest. But in a realistic scenario it wil
  7. Thanks for the answers! That was exactly what i was hoping and looking for. Because i might do a HT when I'm around 25-30 ish(Due to genetics, because only my father reached to norwood 3 in my family with normal density). I was just wondering why i should get a HT, if have to style my hair in a special and avoid certain light or swimming activities to avoid obvious lack of density or bald spots because its just not possible to achieve. I saw a post that @Melvin-Moderator about density and was therefor worried. Because he (you Melvin if u are reading this ) claimed that a HT is only an illusi
  8. So i read that you CAN'T achieve full density after hair transplants. But let's assume following: Let's assume that i know for a fact I'm gonna be a Norwood 3 my entire life (after I'm 21 years old). I have average donor hair/hair thickness with NO diffuse thinning. Is it possible to restore it back to Norwood 1 or 2, so it looks full even after it's wet and with bad/good lightning so I don't have to "style it a certain way so its appears full"? I understand the logic that u cant do that with a high Norwood scale. But with a lower scale around 3? I Can't see why THAT is not possible
  9. I have only seen great results so far. They make great hairlines and the density seems great.
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