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  1. Forgot to add: the month later would be enough time for proper healing of the excised area.
  2. I met with Dr. Ron Shapiro last month in Minneapolis for a face to face on this same issue. He advised he could excise my grafts. If I wanted to proceed with another surgery I could a month later.
  3. Been on citralopram 40mg daily for 10 years. Started fin 1.25 mg 1.5 months ago. Had a week of brain fog and testicular ache for 10 days. All good now. No issues.
  4. I am going through this as well. I am gonna do some repair work. Tons of examples on here of excellent repair work. Type it in the search and it will all come up. Wish you well.
  5. If you understand risk/rewards and have researched and are confident in your chosen doc then go for it. Also understand hair loss will likely progress over time. MAy want to give medication a shot as well.
  6. IMO. Wear your hair shorter. Try meds for over a year. Wish you well.
  7. Wow. I feel like a fossil. Had my 1st fut in 1993. They used some type of drill on the donor site and sowed it up. No blade Went back in 1997 to core out the bulky plugs. They did a second fut. I honestly had no idea what the hell I was doing. I just showed up and let them do what they do. I dodged a bullet IMO. Still have the micro mini graft look but no one has noticed by the way I wear my hair and I still have enough hair around them. Been wanting to have a repair for a while. It is 23 years later. I will get to where you are. Just need to keep moving forward. Thx for sharing. It’s motivating.
  8. New to this site not to hair transplant surgery. Was considering FUE. Had 2 FUTs in the past. I’m older and more conservative. If I was younger with more balls than brains (as most men are when young). I would have likely chosen FUE. Thanks Dr Feller for reinforcing my choice to go with another FUT. Less risk. Less damage to donor site. Less money. I’m glad your voice is out there. Internet was not around when I had my first 2 procedures. Just my 2 cents.