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  1. Can you post one of the centre of the hairline too? Seems like it could be a number of things based on the bumps and inflammation -there may also be some minitaurisation too from what I can see. But don't think you would normally get bumps like that from only MPB. It's possible there can be another condition going on in addition to MBP. Good idea to do a biopsy when you can - definitely before moving forward with any HT.
  2. Yes post pics if you can...sometimes scarring alopecias can look like MPB, especially cases of frontal fibrosing. I really wonder how many go undiagnosed. It cause itching too. Also sometimes you can have both MPB and a scarring alopecia at the same time.
  3. I've had this alot too. Have you tried Ketocozanole shampoo e.g. Nizoral? Could be sebborheic dermatitis. Or possibly a scarring alopecia e.g. lichen planopilaris or Frontal fibrosing. You might need a biopsy to diagnoses these. Try going to a dermatologist that specialises in hair/scalp conditions as general dermatologists often don't know much about these conditions.
  4. Definitely do a biopsy (don't have to wait - can do this now) - it will be worth it to rule out any scarring alopecia which generally causes bad growth (lichnen planopilaris, frontal fibrosing, etc) Don't even think about a touch up without getting a biopsy and understanding what went wrong.
  5. Have you seen a dermatologist? They can examine for any signs of a scalp biopsy (e.g. scarring alopecia Lichen Planopilaris, Fibrosing Alopecia etc). These conditions normally cause transplanted grafts to shed after 15 months- 2+ years. They can sometimes be mistaken for MPB. Definitely worth doing especially if you're considering another procedure.
  6. Yes - I agree - I am concerned myself about having frontal fibrosing/lichen planopilaris - already nearly a year into my transplant and waiting to have a biopsy now. Wish I'd known about these conditions before and had one before my transplant so I could have had more peace of mind. I think some HT doctors aren't very aware of frontal fibrosing (FFA) and how much it can look like normal MPB - and certainly general public don't seem to be very aware of it.
  7. Ah ok - it might not be frontal fibrosing alopecia in your case but could be any number of other things. Might be worth consulting with a dermatologist hair specialist/considering a biopsy to rule out other conditions.
  8. Yes I've heard this too. I'm actually wondering if people often get hair transplants without realising they have frontal fibrosing alopecia. And the disease then starts working away at their hairline again. They just don't realise they have it until afterwards - it might explain some of the cases of losing grafts after 15 months or two years.
  9. Do you have any pigmentation/skin discoloration on your forehead - is part of your forehead more pale (usually towards the hariline)? This is a sign of frontal fibrosing alopecia/lichen planopilaris. Also have your eyebrows thinned over the past 5 years- another sign?
  10. Can't really see from your photos - but do you have any unusual pigmentation on your forehead (more pale and white at the top of your forehead towards your hairline)? This is a classic sign of frontal fibrosing alopecia. Also are your eyebrows thinner now than they were 5 or 7 years ago? Another classic sign. I'd definitely recommend getting a biopsy before considering any future transplants.
  11. I have also read stories about scarring alopecias like frontal fibrosing - which can be confused with MPB. This is where the body's immune system attacks hairs - including implanted hairs (nothing to do with DHT). Dermatologists say frontal fibrosing diagnosis is increasing rapidly. It is mainly diagnosed in women but I have read experts think it may be undiagnosed in men due to it looking somehwhat like MPB. Wondering if some cases of losing transplanted hairs could be due to frontal fibrosing that hasn't been diagnosed?
  12. Do you have any pics before the surgery? Have you noticed any eyebrown thinning? If yes, you might want to consider if it could be a scarring alopecia like frontal fibrosing (mainly affects women but men get this too- it can easy to misdiagnose as MBP). I believe these types of alopecias can cause grafts to fall out. Have been reading a lot about it myself recently....
  13. Thanks for these comments - very helpful. Raphael 84 - it's great advice to have the surgeon see me beforehand - this is what I intend to do. My scalp doesn't show signs of scarring/bad work from the HT but I would like it examined properly. I'm 41 and on fin for 1 year which seems to be working. Really interesting that you mention scalp condition. I have been suffering from an intensely itchy scalp on and off (no dandruff) for over a year and half now - maybe longer - well before the first HT. The itching comes and goes but at times it's felt like burning and feels very tender e
  14. I'm considering a 2nd HT to add density to the front where I feel the first HT is lacking somewhat in sdensity. Is DHI or pre-made slits a better/safer to minimise shockloss and transection risk? I think I've read DHI is better - but grateful for views on this.
  15. Yes Unbald Eagle - I think too few grafts were used on both of us. Not really wanting to lower my hairline - so curious as to whether doctors would place grafts just in front of the hairline and not really lower it or just transplant in between hairs. Temple points would need to be strengthened. I'm most worried about them placing grafts in between existing hair as I don't want transection. I have heard shaving the recipient area is best and some docs mandate this. Although really not looking forward to that (I didn't have to shave completely last time).
  16. Thanks Melvin - yes I think it will need more grafts to get me happy. Shaving the recipient area and shockloss will be the hardest part.... Dr. Reddy seems solid but I understand he is booked well into next year. I'm looking at options in Europe (not Turkey though).
  17. photos before ht attached. Yes I think not enough grafts were placed. Another clinic has quoted 1200-1500 grafts to create a dense result. But I am concerned about losing existing hairs due to permanent shock loss. Has anyone had experience of adding density in between existing hairs? Success or otherwise? I am waiting for a face to face consultation with the uk clinic so don’t want to name them until that has happened.
  18. The HT was at a UK clinic (not recommended on this site). I had 1200 grafts implanted into the area as shown in the first photo. I think a big part of the problem is not enough grafts were planted. However, I'm concerned about shock loss and permanent shock loss to existing grafts and looking worse if I go for a 2nd HT. On fin for 1 year and seems to be working.
  19. Photos attached. First one of showing the day after my HT. Others are showing the result after nearly 10 months under harsh lighting - i have tried to highlight the issue rather than hide it away for the purposes of this post. when my hair is arranged properly the gaps in density can sometimes be relatively hidden or harder to spot - as in the final photo taken outside with no product. Essentially my native hair can help hide the problem. But under harsh lighting it is nearly impossible to hide. any advice from people who have had a 2nd transplant to add density in the
  20. Hi Seb1928 - is there any update on how your 2nd hair transplant is progressing? I am considering getting a 2nd hair transplant to add density. I am concerned about shock loss- especially permanent of grafts from the 1st transplant. Have your shock loss grafts recovered? How are you feeling about the 2nd procedure?
  21. Has anyone had any success or failure with a second HT to add density? Mine is the frontal area - temples and forelock. I am concerned about permanent shock loss of hairs transplanted in the first HT. ? Did you have shock loss of hairs from the first HT or not? Did shock loss hairs grow back? Interested if people are satisfied with the result - or has it barely improved or made things worse? There seem to be few examples of these cases on the forums (although seem to be plenty of examples where people are unhappy with density after the first HT!) My background: First HT w
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