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  1. I’ve been meaning to post for a while. It’s been over 13 months since my procedure. Overall, I am satisfied with my final result. My hairline is lowered, and I’m able to style my hair the way I like without trying to hide any of my forehead. Its not perfect. There is thinness at the line where they tried to design my new hairline in the temple corners, so I have to style it carefully to disguise it. However, the frontal hairline is absolutely perfect. Compared to what I had before, this is a win! It’s possible in the future I will attempt to fill in the temple recession or, with eno
  2. I had a procedure with Dr. Mohebi exactly one year ago. You can search for my experience on this forum. My results with Mohebi were good, and I’m satisfied overall. It’s not perfect, but it was worth it to me. I’m no longer self-conscious about my hair. That’s pretty huge. I still think his bedside manner could be improved. I wouldn’t expect him (or any hair transplant doctor, for that matter) to be 100% honest and forthcoming, and he likes to interrupt and talk over people. But his team saved my hair, and he did in fact work out my grievances with me. That’s worth some
  3. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience with Dr. Mohebi. I recommended him to a friend of mine recently, and I would personally consider going back to him in the future for a second operation when I need one.
  4. Sure. The detail is not as fine from farther out, but you can still get a sense for where the old hairline and new hairline meet. And you can see the empty-ish patch on the right temple corner from this view as well. The rest is blending in really nice. I'm able to style it now and blend it together. It will only look better from here on out.
  5. 5 months today exactly since the operation. Here are the results so far... There is a patch on the right temple corner that appears like it didn't hold the grafts. If you look closely, you can see the empty patch is where my pre-treatment hairline is. I'm hoping it will still come in and that it's just late growth, but I've had rapid growth so far and I know that the coverage area is apparent by 6 months even if fullness isn't. I have a feeling that this small section may not be as consistent as the rest of the results. But overall I am very happy with how it's progressing. I'll post agai
  6. 1.25 mg finasteride daily for exactly 6 years now. It's also worth noting that I started taking oral minoxidil 5mg daily at the exact same time. 1) Yes. My erections are 10% less hard than they used to be. It's had no impact on my sex life/performance so far other than I can't get "rock hard" anymore. I'm also aging, so that could be contributing too. It's not a big deal at all. Side effects probably started within the first year. 2) No. If anything, I think it has gotten a little worse over time. Again, I'm not sure if this is age-related/ 3) I briefly discontinued finasteride
  7. Here are photos taken just now, exactly 3 and a half months since the day of operation. Many of the hairs transplanted appear to have come through. They are still fine and some are kinky as expected in early growth, but the coverage is really nice and blends good with my existing hair. Most of the redness and any signs of an operation are virtually gone. I just had a pimple for the first time in about 3 weeks on my right temple, so that has pretty much stopped although it was quite minimal before. Itching isn't as frequent. If this is just a preview of what's to come, I am very curi
  8. Here is an update from Day 70. I am starting to see some early growth. Some of what you see growing is hair that was shaved off around the original hairline in the recipient area (particularly in the front). But I can also see and feel now some new growth all over the recipient area. As is typical, the hairs are quite fine at this point and are just initially coming in. Although there is still a ways to go to the final result, I am hopeful right now that it will be a nice result to show. The remaining redness looks more prominent in these photos than it does in person. It's hard to n
  9. I use the gentle dabber that comes with Dermamatch to conceal the redness, as well as any particularly thin spots on the crown. Dermamatch acts similar to brow powder - you can apply it directly to skin. Since the color matches my hair, I can give a slight impression of a lower hairline/fuller hair than what I have. Because of my recession + the shaving that we did during the procedure, the baldness in that area would be more transparent without the concealer. I will likely use it until the redness disappears and the hairs regrow more fully.
  10. Here are Day 27 photos. You can see that I've shed most of the recipient hairs by now. I know a lot of people seem to get bummed when this happens, but I've actually been eager for it since it indicates progression toward new growth eventually. I've also still got a fair bit of redness on the recipient area, which I cover with Dermamatch when I go out. I think I might end up being one of those cases that stays red for 2-3 months. We'll see. I have no idea what the donor area looks like since we didn't shave back there. I've noticed an occasional pimple in the donor or recipient area
  11. No, you are correct. The donor area was not shaven; only the recipient area where the hairs were implanted. Of the grafts that were implanted, I was told during the final stages of the surgery that probably 20%ish of the grafts implanted were my longer hairs (you can see from the post-op pics) - a very different figure from the 80% I was quoted in the email. Their not shaving my donor area at all is arguably the only aspect of the surgery that distinguished it from a traditional FUE procedure of this graft size. When you say "big effort for no benefit", those are my thoughts exactly. We could
  12. I do not consent to disclosing my identity to you and am not required to do so in order to keep the post on the forum. I have followed the forum guidelines and provided a fair, balanced, and honest review of the pros/cons of my surgery. I am not particularly interested in an internet argument with my doctor for the public to witness. If you remove the post, I'll have to speculate as to why, and I can just post it elsewhere on the internet. I believe that there is room for honest, balanced reviews, not just ones that are glowing.
  13. Recovery. So far, the recovery has been pretty smooth without complications. I stopped seeing crusts around the one week mark when I began washing my hair normally again in the shower and was able to scrub the scabs off using the special sponge I was provided with for post-op washing. I still had some flaking/dandruff until around Day 10, but that has since stopped. There was a period where I felt some intermittent soreness at the donor area when I would feel around it; it felt as if I was being poked with needles again (pimples? If so, they are no longer there). I still have redness in my rec
  14. I had a "Celebrity FUE" procedure at Dr. Parsa Mohebi's office yesterday in Encino, CA. This is my initial post and will detail my journey with this procedure. I will continue to post occasionally until the final result is achieved. About Celebrity FUE / Unshaven FUE Procedures For those who don't know, "Celebrity FUE" is the term Dr. Mohebi has used to describe what is also known as a "non-shaved FUE procedure." On his website, he details both that this is a non-shaved procedure, that "the Celebrity FUE technique allows patients to keep their hair long during their procedure." I hav
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