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  1. No. I stopped using minoxidil 3 weeks before the surgery, and never get back to it. But since the beginning i wasnt applying minox at these area at all, so its not a cause.
  2. 56 days update. Donor is still misrable, patchy and looks empty. Transplanted area is almost similar to others. Shedding has stopped 1 week ago. Also i have added biotin and msm to my regiemen hoping for a faster hair growth. Waiting for everyone thoughts.
  3. Thanks buddy. I might really need to give it more time and keep away for the mirror for a while, until things getting better.
  4. OMG. 1 year is really very long time, i hope its not the case, and every thing will seems normal after 3-4 months. But i agree with you that it looks different than the well defined patches of shock loss, its like a diffuse and irregular thinning of the donor, and thats why i am really worried at the moment. A good news that they only use 600 grafts in the temporal areas, while the bad one that they used around 2000 grafts from the parietal regions. I have also contacted my coordinator and she said it looks normal and nothing to be worried about, even though i expect all answers to be the same from now on, since there is nothing to do.
  5. Thanks mate, just another point, the density in the temporal and parietal areas were low in compared to the occipital part. temporal: 56-57 fu/cm2 Parietal: 65-66 fu/cm2 occipital: 109 fu/cm2 Do you think it could be the reason?
  6. A brief update.. Day 26 Since i am really worried and keep reading everywhere to check the problem i am experiencing at the moment or even since day 21, Temproal and parietal donor areas (sides above and slightly behind the ears) are empty and patchy, like if there is no growth in these areas at all. Never expect that problem before going to surgery, since i supposed to choose a good clinic i guess (hopefully i am right). Anybody can help regarding this, is it overharvesting (donor depletion) or just a temporary shock loss?
  7. Wow. Really amazing progress so far. Can you show a photo for the crown?
  8. The consent form that i signed at Asmed before going through the surgery mentioned this point. The hair could grow later on after the tranplant with a color that could be different than the original hair. Also some of the top HT surgeons such as Juan Couto is showing some videos and patient results with some changes in the hair color after surgery.
  9. Thanks mate. I can understand now why people are overreacting after HT, cause after all of what you get through during and after the surgery, you want everything to be prefect, even though its not the case most of the time. Hoping that every thing will be perfect 6-12 months from now.
  10. Quick update: Day 11 post surgery: I can say i am almost 90% scabs free, just by today, and its really stress relieving, since it was not an easy task to remove those scabs. Also i was reading some articles mentioning that the longer scabs persists on your scalp, the higher chance for graft failure, especially after day 15, thats why i tried to rub harder today while washing and slightly use the finger tip to remove some resistant scabs. Unfortunately nothing come without a cost, i think i noticed a small dot in the midscalp area that could be injured with the wash, but i am fine with it. Hope it will not affect the final result.