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  1. Tbh, i just took picture yesterday which is almost 2 months since my shedding, and it was a shock to me, it gets around 30-40 % worse than the 7.5 months. But i am still believing it could be one of 2 conditions: seasonal shedding or telogen effluvium. I did blood test to role out other causes, since i were getting crazy with the amount of shedding, and the result shows no thyroid problems or iron deficiency which could be assiciated wirh hair loss. Try to relax, and keeps on your meds.
  2. This exactly what happens to me. I did my transplant at the begining of august 2019 at asmed. Until 7.5 months the transplanted hairs were growing fine and getting thicker, then i started to notice a massive shedding until the moment and i loss alot of hair with thining all over the head. However, my corrdinator told me its a seasonal shedding, which is temporary, and the hair will grow back again after a while. Hopefully she is right.
  3. I have been on minoxidil for around 10 years, when i started to shed some hair. It worked with me for the first 4 years i guess, but nothing after. At the moment, i am on oral finestraide for 1.5 months, at the begining i noticed an excessive shedding, i thought it could be from the hair transplant that i did 7 months ago, but i procede wih it and noticed an improvement in the hair density and texture, but cannot tell if its related to the hair transplant procedure or effect of fin. However, still having waves of shedding which worried me. Hoping as you said gays, finestaride is work
  4. I am not consideing smp, since am usyally not cutting my hair too short, so this leaves me with only option which is redistribution of the donor. I kow its a difficult procedure, but i previously watched a video for Dr.lorenzo showing a case with overharvested donor fixed with a multiple procedures of hair transplant
  5. 7 months and 3 weeks update: As a brief update, since i am close to the 8 months mark, as you see in the photos below, transplanted area improved than the last update at 5 months, but not for the crown area that i think will need another procedure in the future. The most thing that bothers me is the donor area, especially the sides, since its still not recovered totally and to be honest cannot accept it being that way, so if still remains the same with time progression, i will try to correct it, hopefully with the crown restoration surgery, if possible. And another point, even
  6. Hello bro. I am soory for your issue as we were together in asmed at the same time. To be honest, i didnt think that it will improve to this point, after the initial pictures of your donor at 2 months post transplant, but even in my situation the donor didnt recover totally, despite its my first hair transplant. Hopfully it will stil improving for both of us in the next 2_3 months. Wish you all the best and happy growing.
  7. 5 months and 1 week update: A brief update during the first week of month 5, as shown in the photos below, a minor improvement in the transplanted area noticed, epecially the frontal and midscalp areas, while crown area is stil behind schedule, but according to some HT patients, it could require more time for the crown to be filled, eventhough Dr. Koray left part of the crown out of the procedure, for the finestraide to have its effect on hair regrowth. Happy about the donor, despite its not being totally normal and some spaces exisits in the temporal and parietal areas.
  8. Its been 4.5 months since my surgery. Sorry for not updating my situation, since my wife gave birth last month and been so busy with work and life. Regarding the transplant result, the good news that donor area improved almost close to the preoperative status. The transplanted area is improving but stil far away from being acceptal, and cannot leave home without wearing a hat. I will try to upload some photos at months 5
  9. No. I stopped using minoxidil 3 weeks before the surgery, and never get back to it. But since the beginning i wasnt applying minox at these area at all, so its not a cause.
  10. 56 days update. Donor is still misrable, patchy and looks empty. Transplanted area is almost similar to others. Shedding has stopped 1 week ago. Also i have added biotin and msm to my regiemen hoping for a faster hair growth. Waiting for everyone thoughts.
  11. Thanks buddy. I might really need to give it more time and keep away for the mirror for a while, until things getting better.
  12. OMG. 1 year is really very long time, i hope its not the case, and every thing will seems normal after 3-4 months. But i agree with you that it looks different than the well defined patches of shock loss, its like a diffuse and irregular thinning of the donor, and thats why i am really worried at the moment. A good news that they only use 600 grafts in the temporal areas, while the bad one that they used around 2000 grafts from the parietal regions. I have also contacted my coordinator and she said it looks normal and nothing to be worried about, even though i expect all answers to b
  13. Thanks mate, just another point, the density in the temporal and parietal areas were low in compared to the occipital part. temporal: 56-57 fu/cm2 Parietal: 65-66 fu/cm2 occipital: 109 fu/cm2 Do you think it could be the reason?
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