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  1. I had some native hair in the area already but nothing worth talking about. I have seen much improvement since the winter it seems a lot of it has grown back in but it’s not as dense or as strong as it was at the 9 month post op before this shed. I’m still disappointed. I don’t have much faith it will improve from here. A second procedure is def on my mind
  2. Hey man I’m sorry you are experiencing this and I say that because I am experiencing the same exact thing, except my “shed” of transplanted hair happened just 10 months after my surgery. I don’t understand either man I’m so upset. I was so dam happy and my new hair line was looking so great I couldn’t believe it and it was suppose to get even better with a few months of growth left ! Then out of no where it just started to go and go and go. I reached out here on the forum and the only answer I got was from Spex and a few others that it was a shed and it’s more common than not? Just not really spoken about. Idk man. I believe you though and agree with you judging by your photos you posted. This has been going for 4 months now and I’m hoping things grow back in but my luck they won’t. I payed quite a penny for my procedure too and now I’m looking into and saving to have another one with a different doctor. I’m sorry brother I’m in the same boat. It’s heart breaking. I’m using Topic Hair fibers in the mean time, maybe they will help you as well. Best of luck
  3. My situation isn’t exactly what you explained. If you read I explained that my result at 8, 9 and 10 month was great and I had no complaints. After that it’s as if hair in my new hairline and density behind just started going away and falling out. I’m approaching the 14 month mark and it’s still hasn’t grown back.
  4. I understand what you mean, but I do not think that’s the case. There has not been much of an improvement or even any at all. I noticed this “shed” right after Thanksgiving. January 18 was my 12 month post surgery date. Therefore the shed started at roughly the 10/11 month mark. Its about to be month 14. The user Spex in his hair shedding post said these sheds can last 3 to 4 months and all will return eventually. I’m praying things improve in the following weeks. How do hairs grow for almost a year and just die? Is that even a possibility? I though the follicle either survives the procedure or it doesn’t, and it would be determined right from the beginning of growth? Is it possible for a follicle to grow for that long after transplantation and THEN die ?
  5. March 12th and hair line still hasn’t picked back up. Been just over 3 months now. Hair feels and looks very thin. Is it possible a shed like this is similar to the shed after the initial procedure? The grafts fall out over the course of the first month and take 3-4 months to start growing again? Could this be a possibility ?
  6. I was waiting for someone to say this... i had my procedure done by Huebner in Florida. Huebner’s technique is the same as Dr Bolton’s as he was once his “apprentice”. If you YouTube them they explain how their technique is different that others aka the gold standard way. I watched almost all his videos and was turned onto his results because I felt they were realistic, not perfect but obtainable. (I was very afraid of getting scammed by super impressive results thinking they weren’t real). I was also not as educated as I feel I am now. I do now wish I went to a different doctor or like Feller and Bloxham the first time around. But like I stated in earlier posts, I was very very happy with my results at 8-10 months and my scar is pretty dam good also. Anyways yea Huebner’s post op doesn’t look like most.
  7. How much time is needed ? This shed took off in the beginning of December. It’s about to March and nothing has picked back up yet? Its been 3 full months. It’s still quite bad if not worse. I’m trying my best not to scrutinize but man I’m so disappointed.
  8. Is derma rolling effective? I just bought one a couple weeks ago and have given it a shot. So far maybe 3 times in two weeks. I don’t use minoxidil. What’s everyone’s thoughts? - is it effect with or without the combo of minoxidil? - How many times a week? - will it do more harm than good? - is it harmful to new hair after a hair transplant ? thanks
  9. I went to Huebner in Florida. It was great experience all up until this “shed” or whatever is going on.
  10. These aren’t the best photos but it’s all I have I apologize. The top picture is September 2018. I was very happy at this point all the through November. The bottom photo is the beginning of December 2018. The density has even gotten worse after this going into January and now end of February.
  11. I understand this is just a waiting game now. You’re reasoning saying it could be my native hair falling out is one I can not agree with. My hairline was completely gone before I had the procedure, and as of 4 months ago my new hairline was looking and coming in so great and it’s now non existent once again. So there’s no way it’s the native hair. Get me?
  12. I did not increase my dose of finasteride. I have been on 1mg since November 2017. My procedure was January 2018, I started finasteride prior to my procedure. When the patient advisor called me to check in at the 9 month mark I told him I was VERY happy with everything so far. Fast forward to approaching month 11 I called with concerns explaining my hairline had begun to thin and fall out and the density was begin to go away and I was very upset. He told me not to worry and that the new hair falls out sometimes and grows back stronger. I found this explanation to be strange since I was never told this before or never heard it anywhere else. The only shed that I was ever told about was around 4 weeks after the initial procedure. They had contacted me at the one year mark (January 18, 2019)to see my “final result” and to be honest I didn’t answer them. I was so upset at the time I didn’t have anything nice to say nor did I want to talk to them. Maybe it was childish of me but that’s how I felt at the time. Here I am at the end of February 2019 and still the same issue. No hairline. No density. I’m praying some new growth starts very soon.
  13. I agree the more I see their work the more I regret not going to them the first time. If I had I wouldn’t be in the position I am now and need another procedure. Also, I’ve heard about his attitude in forums but that means nothing to me as his work is all that matters. Plus, hesca New York guy he doesn’t take bullshit lol