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  1. I appreciate the responses to this post, this has given me somewhat of a sigh of relief and I guess I won’t book that procedure right away (thank god I saw this in time cause it was 2500$ down payment with no refund haha). I’m just confused to why does this even happen? The hair should be at its strongest at the one gear mark shouldn’t it? And also why is this never or rarely talked about? Why doesn’t the doctor warn the patient this could possibly happen?
  2. No need to apologize your English is great. Did you explain to your doctor what you feel has happened? Has anyone given you any explanation? I never heard of shock loss at this point. I just don’t understand. I’m about to schedule a second procedure with Feller and Bloxham in New York. I’m so upset and disappointed. I’m stuck between waiting to see if it grows and fills back in over the next few months or just go for the second procedure next month.
  3. I had my FUT procedure last January of 2018. By July I could start to see some growth of the new hair (hairline following some density behind it in the the frontal 3rd). At this point I started to see the process begin and I was excited and happy. I didn’t document each month with pictures but the first picture below is a photo zoomed in of me out to dinner and is in September 2018. I was more than happy as my hair had a dense look and new hair line was actually there. The following picture is month 11 and it’s as if the hairline has almost gone away and the density is just going away as well. It’s now month 12 and same thing. I’m very upset and confused.. at this point the new hair should be at its strongest and fullest yet it’s much worse. Did it fall out? Did I have a shed of some sort? Idk what to think. Any answers or advice would be appreciated.
  4. I had an FUT procedure with Matt Huebner in Florida. Long story short I def have a lot more hair on my head, my scar is pretty dam good also just like he shows in his videos. No ones has ever pointed it out and my barber can still faded my hair out short and conceal it. So definitely give him an A on his scar. I’m now interested in having a second FUT with feller and Bloxham to really get a dense hair line and more density but they had told me doing a second FUT sometimes the scar is a little bit wider the second time around. (They will be cutting out the old scar and I will have only one.) I never heard this before. Any input ?
  5. Not sure about the keto shampoo, I’ve been using one called Andalou Naturals for thinning hair for months now. I uploaded the photos below. The thinned our picture is now, the other one is a photo taken of me two months ago. Maybe not a good comparison but it’s th best I got
  6. So I had an FUT procedure done last January. Long story short, at the 8th and 9th month mark I couldn’t be happier. My frontal thirds had decent density and my hairline was filling in pretty nicely. Here I am at month 11 to the day and I’ve noticed the last 3 weeks all that progress has gone backwards. My hair feels thin, hairline on one side is prettt much gone and just overall density is gone. Has anyone ever heard of this? It’s like my progress went backwards.. I called the doctors office and there patient advisor says it sounds like I lost more hair and that’s probably the reason, or the new hair growing in fell out and will grow back stronger? (That’s not suppose to happen at this stage from what I know). I take finasteride so I don’t think any hair loss should be so extent that in two months it would be so drastic. Anyone have any answers??