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  1. Sorry Melvin, but how can you think that offering a smp is standing by the patient? I spent 17500 euros between two surgery, and with the second one they made a stupid and childish mistake, because the doctor think he is god and can extract as many grafts as he wants, they f** up my donor, and the solution is a smp??? Do you know how much money dr. Koray he is doing, do you know how rich this man is?and he can’t refund a person who had a problem not because he had a bad regrowth,but because the doctor went completely crazy and didn’t understand anything about what he was doing. Is simply a miserable attitude , a man without a minimum of heart and empathy. Apart the fact that in general every clinic should refund a patient that didn’t have a decent regrowth, for the simply reason that if a clinic has in general good results refunding a bad result wouldn’t be an economical problem and it would be ethically correct as the patient didn’t have what he paid for. In my case it should be a rule, you doctor mess up with my donor is your fault, next time pay more attention in your work and do it the right way. Smp?? Crazy and absurd really!
  2. I can confirm that when i did the surgery there were other 7/8 patients the same day .I have never involved a lawyer ( it doesnt mean i will not do it in the future). They were the first who involved a lawyer when i told them that they ruin my donor and they made a medical malpractice. I can prove it because i have the mails, they cant and will never deny it because they know that they would lie if they say is not true. I would never start a battle in this forum or others, if they made things well and in an ethical way. They totally went wrong with me in every aspects. That s all i have to say!
  3. Thanks melvin, i know i will have to keep hair at 3/4 cm to cover the overharvested part, but i will never be able to have hair under that measure. Tricopigmentation is not in my planes for the future. I hope that my report will be useful and helpful for people to be very careful about mistakes that can be done in a donor. I think that a good transplant is not only to have a decent regrowth but also to keep the donor safe without visible scars or voids. and Thanks Melvin for your wishes about italy, is a very sad moment for everybody, i too looking forward for that day and take care as well!
  4. I'd like to spend two words in favor of Melvin. I read in some posts some controversy regarding some complaints about censorhip in this forum. I would like to testify to the total freedom that I had in exposing the facts of my operation, but not only, Melvin also gave me technical and human support. I can assure you that there are very few forums like this in the web. To make you an example in a famous Italian forum, my report lasted less than one week before disappearing completely and like mine many others. I value this forum a lot and the work of Melvin too that allows freedom to speak and to expose facts and I assure you that this is worth gold in this world!
  5. Hello to everybody I would like to post some pictures about a comparison of my donor at 3 months and at 7 months. This pictures show that in reality little or no improvement had happened in my donor in the last months, confirming my theory of overharvesting. Clinic still minimize the problem. I will keep you updated with other pictures soon. Thanks for your support and fingers crossed for this bad period we are going through!!
  6. Thanks Melvin, i hope too. Concerns are still there but it has improved. I will wait the 12 months and see what happened. I will continue to update it thanx!
  7. hello to everybody, i update my pictures with hair at 1cm and finally with a better camera and natural light. Of course depending on the light the condition can look better or worse. Im quite satisfied with the receiver because there has been a regrowth, although i hope the crown will still improve more. As for the Donor im not satisfied. An assistant of dr Koray with whom i could meet personally told me that it will get better in the next months, and that if in 12-15 months it doesn't get better, with a tricopigmantation i would solve the problem. He told me that he wouldn't do a donor exchange cause it can be risky. I will give myself other 3 months to see if it get better and update my pictures, if no improvement appear, i would definetly think that donor has been overharvested. I would apreciate your advice and how you see my situation. Thanks
  8. The clinic didn't offer me anything, they just said that everything is fine and that the donor has recovered. As for the crown im not worried about it i know it will take more time and is ok. I just put a picture to show it, and i have to be fair i had some regrowth and the clinic told me that the it would take more time. The problem is the donor in which i will have to do some kind of repair.
  9. I totally agree with you, equally unacceptable is the attitude they are having with me. I sent the photos to show the conditions of my donor. The doctor did not even deign to answer me personally, as usual he delegated his consultant who with a message via whatsapp told me that it was all right and that it was all normal. Furthermore, as he had done previously, at the slightest hint of dissent he immediately made me understand that if I didn't like it I had to see it with their lawyer! I wonder what is this way of treating a patient who suffered a permanent damage, who paid a lot of money and who is treated like someone who disturbs, like a plague. Shameful!