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  1. I leave in 1 week for a touchup procedure and maybe some more density. Anyone else had experience with touch up warranty procedure? How many graphs were given.? I will probably create a new post for my new surgery.
  2. Has anyone stayed at the new clinic? Is it better than a standard hotel room?
  3. I had my surgery at the old clinic. They had already hired some of the new staff for the new clinic and began training because my coordinator shared this information but my team had over 5 year experience.
  4. thanks...really appreciate the info. I think it will be an easy fix and add some more density to top it off. I am not unhappy it can happen and I stated with fine hair which is more difficult to get homerun results in one go
  5. Hi Kraistoff, Looks like you are progressing. Haven't been on in a bit. I see a lot of similarities to our results. I am returning in September for a touch up. I am happy with hairline but area right behind didn't grow in well. Send me a message if you want any details. I am still happy with results over all and have been able to hide the issue with concealer pretty easily.
  6. I plan to post a detailed 1 year but was reading the post regarding dr koray but wanted to give brief update. I can make my hair look quite good with small amount of concealer but there are some density issues and lack of grafts behind hair line. I think hairline is great. I also have dark hair and very pale so any lake of density is much more prevalent and that’s why the concealer helps so much as it darkens my scalp. I sent some photos to dr koray just asking his opinion not asking for anything and he voluntary offered a free touch up procedure. I will include couple photos of my hair styled looking good and couple showing the issue that he has offered to fix. i will also post some photos tomorrow after I style it and add the concealer. If I could accomplish this look without concealer I would be very happy with my touch up. i am returning on September 17th so will start a new thread If anyone reading this has had a 2nd procedure with dr koray or a touch up let me know so I can read your experience
  7. Thank you for information. I sent Dr Korey and my advisor my 1 year updated photos couple weeks ago without asking for anything and he voluntarily offered me a complimentary touch up procedure. He did not mention anything about free airfare but I will now ask my advisor. I am returning on September 17th for a touch up and maybe more graphs for density. I plan to post my current photos soon and maybe will do some quick shots to show the results but wanted to do a longer post for my 1 year results. As I have said on my patient experience page, I am in a better place than I was before surgery and can make my hair look quite good especially with a small amount of concealer, but the area behind the hairline didn't grow completely and there are some areas that need more graphs. I have read some of the criticism of Dr Korey and would like to say I believe he has the patients interest as a priority and is very concerned about patients experience and results and stands by his results. He did not have to offer me anything nor did I ask for anything but he was not happy with my photos and voluntarily offered to fix it...most doctors would not have taken this proactive step to make sure I was happy. I think this fact show how concerned he is about the results as I was not even complaining yet and he offered to fix it. I plan to post my follow up procedure.
  8. Hello, i am approaching 1 year in about 2 weeks. I plan to do a detailed write up and gooD pictures then but wanted to share couple shots now that I have let hair grow out. I really think I have seen a lot of thickening in last 2 weeks or so so people who are early on it you really can get better results even close to 12 months. I have no concealer in just some matted hair product.
  9. Here are some updates photos 11 months 1 week. These are simply out of shower towel dried with no product. I haven’t had hair cut on top in a couple months as I had almost shaved it all off. I am still buzzing the sides to a 2 guard i always brush it and put product in before I go anywhere. Please let me know thoughts on how this looks. I am considering cutting the hair short on top again maybe 2 buzz throughout .
  10. Hello everyone. Here is a brief update for 11 months after a hair cut. ive included to pictures one with a gel more slicked back and another wearing it with a dry wax sticking up Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am waiting another month to send photos to Asmed to see if I need a touch up but overall it’s good but could be thicker. I always knew with my fine hair I would prob need more grafts. Please look back at my original before photos to compare. I cannot tell if the graphs all grew in just thin or I all my grafts didn’t grow
  11. Thanks everyone . I will make another post in couple of weeks at the 11 month update. My hair should be longer as I’m not cutting top only sides. The clinic wanted a photo with me having long hair for the 12 month photo. I assume so they can see if I am eligible for a touch up or if I need to come back for more work
  12. As promised here are some quick pictures of my hair styled brushed back with a small amount of topik hair fiber and hair paste/wax. Again I am approx 10 months post opp. I am getting a lot more compliments on last couple weeks so think it’s getting thicker
  13. Hello everyone. I am 10 months post opp. Been busy so sorry for lack of updates. I had shaved it way down so was waiting for it to grow out a bit finally got a new hair cut shaving sides to a 2 and keeping long on top. I’m happy so far but obv still want some thickening but if I got nothing better it’s still much better than before surgery. Please remember I have very fine hair so I think I got good results so far based on my characteristics. Please let me know thoughts and if I should be expecting better for this time frame. I have been using some small amount of fibers which really thickens everything but the photos I post now are no fibers. I will try to post a quick photo tomorrow styled with fiber and I think it looks a lot better. I just have a little hair matte paste in hair now and also get a grey out treatment at the barber so might appear a little darker than my l photos
  14. I think the white hairs coming in are grey hair but really don’t know if they are hairs that are new or just baby hairs. I’ve never looked at scalp with microscope so don’t know if everyone has these little baby hairs or they are like that because they are new hairs finally popping up.
  15. Hello everyone. I plan to post 9 month photos in about a week with my good camera but bought a phone microscope from amazon for about $5 and really didn’t think I was going to get anymore growth just thickening but you can see from photo new hairs still coming in (small white hairs) . Hope this helps people realize you can still get growth later on in process. This picture was taken tonight.