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  1. Here are some updates photos 11 months 1 week. These are simply out of shower towel dried with no product. I haven’t had hair cut on top in a couple months as I had almost shaved it all off. I am still buzzing the sides to a 2 guard i always brush it and put product in before I go anywhere. Please let me know thoughts on how this looks. I am considering cutting the hair short on top again maybe 2 buzz throughout .
  2. Hello everyone. Here is a brief update for 11 months after a hair cut. ive included to pictures one with a gel more slicked back and another wearing it with a dry wax sticking up Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am waiting another month to send photos to Asmed to see if I need a touch up but overall it’s good but could be thicker. I always knew with my fine hair I would prob need more grafts. Please look back at my original before photos to compare. I cannot tell if the graphs all grew in just thin or I all my grafts didn’t grow
  3. Thanks everyone . I will make another post in couple of weeks at the 11 month update. My hair should be longer as I’m not cutting top only sides. The clinic wanted a photo with me having long hair for the 12 month photo. I assume so they can see if I am eligible for a touch up or if I need to come back for more work
  4. As promised here are some quick pictures of my hair styled brushed back with a small amount of topik hair fiber and hair paste/wax. Again I am approx 10 months post opp. I am getting a lot more compliments on last couple weeks so think it’s getting thicker
  5. Hello everyone. I am 10 months post opp. Been busy so sorry for lack of updates. I had shaved it way down so was waiting for it to grow out a bit finally got a new hair cut shaving sides to a 2 and keeping long on top. I’m happy so far but obv still want some thickening but if I got nothing better it’s still much better than before surgery. Please remember I have very fine hair so I think I got good results so far based on my characteristics. Please let me know thoughts and if I should be expecting better for this time frame. I have been using some small amount of fibers which really thickens everything but the photos I post now are no fibers. I will try to post a quick photo tomorrow styled with fiber and I think it looks a lot better. I just have a little hair matte paste in hair now and also get a grey out treatment at the barber so might appear a little darker than my l photos
  6. I think the white hairs coming in are grey hair but really don’t know if they are hairs that are new or just baby hairs. I’ve never looked at scalp with microscope so don’t know if everyone has these little baby hairs or they are like that because they are new hairs finally popping up.
  7. Hello everyone. I plan to post 9 month photos in about a week with my good camera but bought a phone microscope from amazon for about $5 and really didn’t think I was going to get anymore growth just thickening but you can see from photo new hairs still coming in (small white hairs) . Hope this helps people realize you can still get growth later on in process. This picture was taken tonight.
  8. Hello everyone, Just to update...I sent the photos of my hair to Dr Koray (similar photos to my 7.5 month update)-he is happy with the progress.I haven't decided if I will keep it shaved for couple more months or let it grow out again. I will post a 8 month photo using my Nikon Camera so should be better quality. Asmed email below: thank you for sending us your Photos. I showed Dr.Koray your pictures and he's really happy with your current result. Kindly be informed that is not your final result and you will see in an improvement in the next few months :). We would kindly ask you to send us some updated photos with your 12th-month result and please send us your new photos with long hair.
  9. Here is a photo of the donor area. I went to a barber got a zero faded and a 2 guard on top. I did it for 2 reasons. One was I was tired of having to style it and use some concealer and thought it looked good but not great. It appeared gappy to me. I also liked the look right after surgery so wanted to know if I could shave it off later to have that look and figure now was the time when it’s not going to look great either way. i originally shaved it to a level 5 guard on top and it looked really gappy so they shaved down to a 2 guard which helped. I was nervous the fue scars would show on a zero guard but the barber couldn’t tell at all. i am now 7.5 month post opp and really hasn’t seen much improvement last month but now that it’s shaved my wife says she can see bumps where hair is about to pop and I was nervous there would be no new hairs just maturing.
  10. I didn’t realize they were coming in blurry. I will take some with my Nikon camera see if that helps. All of the photos I’ve posted are with an iPhone X which is obv easier for me to upload.
  11. Sorry forgot to include the photo of the back of my head shaved to a zero which shows no scaring which I think is very impressive. I hope this helps for people scared to shave head because of scaring.
  12. Thanks for the thoughts and support. I agree although don't have a choice now lol. It will take couple months to grow it back out and at that time I will be close to 10 months so doubt will see much change in hair. From being able to look at my hair roots closely since it has been shaved...It does appear there is a lot of space between the hair (hence why it was looking gappy)so hoping I still have some hairs that haven't come in? Can anyone tell how many cm/sq my hair is now using the zoomed in photo above. I believe it was suppose to be close to 50 cm/sq. I am going to submit these new photos to Asmed see what they say and will update there response.
  13. Here is my 7.5 month update. i was really not liking the gaps in hair and I could make it look good using concealer and time. I debated shaving it and decided to do it. I shaved to a 2 guard on top and a 0 guard fade on sides. I made a post asking for advice but no one responded. I’m also including one shot zoomed in to see if you can see any new hairs which I think I can see coming in. Also to note the barber couldn’t see any scaring or anything even on the zero guard. i will also include a photo of what it looked like before buzzing in a future post. My wife hates the buzz cut but I don’t think it’s so bad.
  14. Even though no one responded I decided to buzz it to a 2 guard on top and zero faded on sides I don’t think it looks terrrible but I also included a zoomed in high resolution you can see the hairs but maybe shows some still coming in?
  15. I am considering shaving my head down to a 1 guard maybe 2z i have been doing this with sides but keeping hair long on top. It can look good but requires to blow dry and brush and maybe some hair toppik. I am hoping my results will thicken but just not liking texture of hair if it’s just straight out of shower. I really liked what I looked like after my head was shaved with the new hairline immediately after the fue. I am attaching two photos of my current hair please let me know if you think I should shave it let it regrow back before the 12 month point. thanks for the input. If you want to see mor photos check out my hair loss post in the forum at Asmed