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  1. Thanks everyone. Does anyone know when the most growth is suppose to grow. I was thinking between 4-5 months but it could be 5-6 months I have a lot of small bumps where you can see the hair about to bust through so I’m thinking 4-5 months will be my best growth
  2. Here are the 16.5week update pictures. Already seeing a difference especially with the temples coming in to frame face more. Think next couple weeks should make a big difference
  3. Spaceman—Thank you for the information.
  4. Why are there doubles and triples in the hairline? I am almost 4 months post opp with Asmed and I saw a double near the hairline and assumed the singles haven't come in yet. I am not an expert but isn't it very important that singles be placed in the front? Could it be explained that the Singles did not survive because they pack them so close together or some other issue? or is this simply bad use of microscope and thinking they are implanting a single when in fact its a double? or maybe they don't think singles on hairline are essential to a natural look? Also Question to Moderator....has the issue with the doubles and triples been brought up to ASMED? Would this be a concern with regard to the sites recommending a particular surgeon if they cannot accomplish a hairline without multi graft hairs? Also as I am not an expert and really basing this question on what others have said....Is it important to have singles on hairline to have a natural look?
  5. Here are the 15 weeks results. Everything seems to be progressing. Still seeing new hairs popping up each time I look.
  6. Melvin in relation to your question on the increase in number of patients. I was at Asmed in July and was walking around the hotel and I saw a huge new building and took a picture. (attached)I later showed this to my coordinator and she started telling me about the new clinic. They will have more rooms for patients to stay a gym etc... She also mentioned fact that they would be able to accommodate up to 8 patients. This fact should be very easy to verify as I am almost certain the new clinic will be opening in the next several months. Can you not simply ask the clinic? I do not think this is relevant as I strongly think they will still have good results and if they do not they will fix the problems or reduce the patients. People need to realize Asmed has a process and they do it very well. If you are looking for a Doctor who does everything this is not your clinic but I cannot reiterate enough that Dr Koray is a perfectionist and has a very high standard. I have read a story I believe on this board where a patient was not happy and he even PAID to fly him back to Istanbul from the United States.(I can imagine that most doctors might agree to fix the problem but the fact he is paying for the return trip shows you he cares about patients. Have the people who are unhappy asked for a repair? If so I imagine Asmed at their expense would fix the problem. My only concern is seeing all the doubles and triples in the hairline... why is this happening...maybe the singles that they pack in are not surviving? I say this because I noticed a double at the front of my hairline but hoping the singles simply haven't grown in yet.
  7. Hello...I would like to clarify my comments and also note that I am so far very satisfied with my experience and believe that if the results are not maintained when they increase the number of patients that they will adjust. It is not all about profit. Dr Koray is very concerned about his reputation and his results. Also I would like to clarify the 8 patient comment. I believe she said they could have UP TO 8 Patients. I know they are currently adding staff and resources so this does not mean that they will have 8 patient just the capacity to have 8 if they can properly train enough techs and whatever else is required logistically. It could mean they have 6 patients and 1 or 2 touch ups or small procedures. I do not know this but I would think since he is a recommended surgeon one of the moderators could reach out to the clinic and inquire when the new clinic is opening and will the capacity increase right away. I think the most important thing boards like this can give people is honest facts. Once we the patients have the facts we can make informed decisions. If it was not for this website and the reviews and pictures I saw there is no way I would have chosen Asmed. Even if they go up on number of patients I would still go back because I trust that Dr Koray is ethical and not only about profit. He cares about the result greatly. If the result continue to decline I am sure they will adjust. I will say all of this discussion is giving me anxiety about my results but I do believe discussion should be allowed as long as they are real patients and experiences so people can make there own decision but people need to have proper expectations. I think you have to give it time but if there are lots of doubles and triples in the hair line someone is not doing their job correctly using the microscope. I am not an expert but maybe a plausible explanation is the single grafts that were placed in the front did not survive ?
  8. Hello.... I would like to comment on this situation as maybe I can see why they have been having a couple bad results . First I went to Asmed in July and currently 15 weeks post opp so these conversations are making me very nervous about my results as I’m at the stage where the hair is just starting to come in. i am USA based and all my family thought I was insane for traveling 20 hours to go to turkey for a hair transplant. Cost was not an issue at all for me but maybe some of the extremely long waits for the top surgeons.i waited 3 months to get into asmed amd I literally saw no bad cases and I did a ton of research. My experience with asmed was so great and couldn’t have had a better patient coordinator who has now left the company. She told me some news which must be relevant to the current issue which I can guarantee Dr Koray will work out as she and all the other people I spoke with explained how much dr korey values his reputation.... im sure this has been discussed on the board before but asmed is building a massive new clinic right next to Radisson hotel. It was close to being done in July so assume they will move by end of year. The new clinic will allow them to do up to 8 patients a day. I’m sure this is giving people stress but I really think it’s possible if they can get enough qualified techs because I believe Dr Koray does it correctly as in drawing the hairline and making inceisions everything else takes so much effort and concentration that you need someone who is like a robot factory worker especially with up to 3k graft a day so the question is why bad results when they are only doing the standard 4 patients a day.i learned from my patient coordinator that they have already hired all the staff for the new location including at least 4 new surgical teams these consist of at least 6 girls if I remember correctly . So some of the not bad but not great results could be due to adding the new staff which I was told they are already rotating them in for surgeries for experience. Clearly I started to panic but then my patient coordinator told me I had an old surgery team think one of them told me she had 5 years experience . please check out my experience on the review area I’m posting photos each week and haven’t gotten much feed back. I have fine hair (57 microns so obv worried about density and Dr Koray suggested what I thought was great looking hair line and temples but hope they come out thick enough. Hope this info helps but as several people stated above. Take in all the facts look at the positives and negatives and make your educated descision. Even with doing only 4 surgeries a day that’s over 1k patients a year and when I was reserching early last year there were zero bad reviews. Now we have 2-3 which still is a small amount but maybe they got some of the new tech teams especially when they are very new and have almost no real world experience and this explains the bad results.one thing I am certain Dr Koray does care for his patients and demand perfection from his staff so he will get this worked out.
  9. What was the hair diameter when you say skinny hairs as I would like to compare to mine which is 47 microns?
  10. Here are 14 weeks (3.5 months) in some different lighting. I can't tell if there is any visible change but still see lots of little black dots so I know some new growth is imminent. Hair is starting to get longer. I am debating buzzing it again to level 2 but have read several people say to let it grow.
  11. Yes...I am hopeful next couple weeks I will start making more progress. I am on proscar(1.25mg) each day (have been on for 10 years)and I also started Avodart 2 times a week right after surgery (3 months ago) as Dr. Koray suggested this to start and possibly switch to avodart each day and eliminate the proscar since my body might be getting use to the dose. Hopefully will thicken the donor/ crown area too.
  12. Not sure much has changed in a week maybe slight thickening. Here is the 13 weeks. Think I've made some progress on the temples. I do notice some tiny black dots and skin feels bumpy so hopefully more hairs coming soon Also including some side and back photos so you can see my donor hair. It was shaved to a 2 guard--still feels thinner but less so than couple weeks ago
  13. Here are the 3 month updates some with natural lighting and some with a flash. Staring to have some red bumps in the recipient area. Hope it is the hair starting to come in as I'm ready for hair to start growing. I really didn't realize how long it takes to resume a normal appearance.
  14. Here are some updated photos tak en from above at 11 weeks post opp.
  15. Pictures are at 1 week, 4 weeks, 8 weeks and currently one before hair cut (2 guard buzz)and 2 after. As you can see I am very pale and redness has been bad but starting to fade.