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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. I think it depends on the lighting and how close you are. I am very happy with progress but would be disappointed if this was my final result.I think for a lot of people including myself that had receding hairlines. The simple framing of face makes a big difference in overall aprearence even if you lack density. I will post another update at 6.5 months
  2. Here is my hair after haircut. I got a 2 on the side and she’s letting the top grow out (Insode lighting —first 2 pictures) This would be 6 months 1 week. i also posting some photo I took today in car (last 2 pictures) to show when you take photo very close vs 3 feet away you can see my density issues. I know I’m very early in process hoping for thickening even if I don’t get any new hairs growing Does anyone recommend a good hair product to use for my type of hair. Last night I used a very light product and today I used a gel which seems too strong but I want the hair to hold in place
  3. Hello all and thanks for uuur comments. The one I saw most recently was artofeden on this site. His hair was much thicker and stronger from 5 months to 7 months. i got a hair cut yesterday and can now use some hair product think it’s looking better. I will try to post a photo tomorrow. It’s a completely different type of hair style then I had before the transplant so I’m sure people will notice/ wonder what I did with my hair
  4. Really impressive results at less than 5 months. You are going to have a great result. I do still see a little redness but i had same issue. It will either go away or your hair will thicken enough to block it within a month or so. What was your hair thickness?
  5. Thank you. I am very optimistic about growth/maturation between 6-7 months. I have seen several cases make a big change from 6-7 months.
  6. Here is me PRE SURGERY with concealer so you can see (2 photos). Please look at my preopp photos at Asmed and you can see how much concealer was helping this don’t think my new hairline is such a drastic change.
  7. Before my surgery I would use spray toppik medium brown color apply right after shower then towel dry. It really helped with my receding hairline. I hadn’t used any since surgery as they don’t recommend until 6 month point so tried some this weekend and thought it really helped with the density issue. It was much easier to apply as now the front hairline has grown in so only put it behind the hairline where pre surgery I would apply to create a hairline. I went to a party last night and no one that didn’t know I had a surgery could tell and the people who knew thought it looked good. I always used concealer before surgery when I went out or wore a hat so I think that’s one reason people aren’t noticing I had anything done. I will find a picture of me before surgery with concealer so you can see what I looked like before
  8. And here are the photos with styling product (1st photo) and with concealer (2nd photo)
  9. Hello everyone. This is my 6 month update . I am overall happy so far but obviously would like more density (I hope this helps people with thin hair under 50 microns as I didn’t see any reviews of people with fine hair) but hopping for more to come. I am attaching photos as normal. I will also include a photo of my hair with product in it and then one with concealer and product. i think the concealer helps hide the density issue as my scalp is so white. I really don’t want to use it but maybe for a month until the density gets better. please let me know what you think of the progress and any questions
  10. Here is my 5.5 month update photos including some different angles and lighting. Feel like I'm getting more coverage each week. Density is still low but happy as its getting better each week. Hoping for significant improvement over next 30 days. I have seen a lot of results get significantly better between 5.5 months and 6.6 months. Happy to answer any questions anyone has relating to my results or my experience.
  11. Thank you for such a great write up on your experience and new clinic. I had seen new clinic when I walked past in July and heard some of the details. Look forward to hearing Dr Koray's response to the criticism he's been getting on some of the results. I got the impression from him and all the staff that he is so caring for his patients and their results that no matter changes he would not sacrifice patients results/experiences. Quick question--Were you able to request your same techs/ surgery team before you arrived or is this something you did during your consultation. I really liked my surgery team and If I have to go back for a touch up I would want them again.
  12. Here are my 5 Months updated pictures. I included 2 sets with different lighting. I'm happy with overall progress...wish it would go faster. What does everyone think about progress at 5 Months? I really thought I would be a fast grower as my hair always grows incredibly fast. I still see new growth coming in the form of little bumps. Hoping between 5-6 months will be significant growth and thickening.
  13. Looks great for the timeline. Do you know what your hair diameter/thickness is?
  14. Yes Asmed recommends no electric shavers for first 6 months on the transplanted area so I tell my barber to cut it with scissors on the transplanted area to the equivalent of a grade 2 buzz. I don’t know why it matters as long as you don’t cut yourself but if you are going to a barber they can just use scissors although it does take more work for them. I have also read that letting it grow out makes the illusion better but I really liked how the hair looked immediately after surgery with the new hairline and was hoping I could eventually buzz the entire head to level 1 and create that same look. Has anyone been successful in creating same buzz cut look ?
  15. Here is the 18 week (4.5 month) update. I have not cut the top of my hair for about a month. I am thinking cut everything to a 2 grade one more time to even everything out then let it grow. The photos are using a flash. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I am hopping for some significant improvement before Christmas. I will next update at 5 months.