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  1. Hair transplant with FUE Zafiro in Capilclinic: Patient: HERVÉ DURR Country: France Age: 36 Norwood scale: IV - V Nº grafts: 3500 We perform the hair transplant to this patient 9 months ago, is first request was to cover all the top part of his head and to design a natural front line. After the hair transplant we suggest to the patient a PRP treatment ( Rich Plasma Plaquets ) to increase the density of his hair. More info: info@capilclinic.uk Dr. KAYIRAN Oguz https://www.capilclinic.uk/dr-oguz/
  2. The Dr Oguz got is degree in 2001 in the Ankara university in medicine faculty. After which he start an intership in the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield (UK) and finalized is training session as aplastic surgeon in the Ankara hospital in the research, plastic and esthetic surgery department. The Dr Oguz have more than 9 years of experiencias as a plastic and esthetic surgeon. he worked in the biggest hospital of turkey and participated in national and international publications of scientific research. Our clinic is in the biggest private Hospital group of Istanbul inaugurated in 2015. We have leading-edge technology, which are an international model and reference in matters We have a medical staff specialized in hair transplant, with more than 10 years of experience, during that period we have taken over the care of patients from all the world. Our hospital have the JCI CERTIFICATION: is an international certification which ensure the highest standards of quality in health. If you want more information: info@capilclinic.uk www.capilclinic.uk
  3. Capilclinic Hair Transplant in Turkey - Results 12 months after the Hair transplant: In this last 5 years we worked with patient from all around the world. We provide them a crew of professionals with more than 10 years of experience trained by the great Dr. Oguz Kayiran, and the most modern hospital of Istanbul equipped with the latest technologies. You will see some results of the last year just below: