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  1. Best of luck Ciaran and well done on biting the bullet. Your HT looks nice and clean. I had my consultation with HRBR also, the price is extortionate. How much did Dr. Nel charge?
  2. Looks great! You said you didn't tell anyone you were having a HT. Did you take much time off work?
  3. Took a pic in natural light. Any comments welcome.
  4. Good point. Bisanga is recommending 2 separate procedures - 3000 grafts for the frontal area and another procedure toi tackle the crown. I must raise the 'nicer transition' aspect however.
  5. Just heard back from Dr Yaman Resul. Attached is the following recommendation/outline. I agree i will need 2500 grafts minimum to restore the hairline but 1000 seems a bit thin for the crown. Ive read it's the black hole of grafts and I have a substantial area to cover. Any thoughts?
  6. Hi home1212 and thanks for your input. It's not a common response but a very valid one and the reason I posted this thread. I have considered shaving my head and accepting it. Hard to do tho. Luckily my missus said she doesn't care either way! Being realistic, I will end up a Norwood 6/7 judging by my balding pattern and looking at my brother and father. Also I would need more than 1 surgery if I decide to go ahead. It's a case of now or never and I intend to do as much research as possible before making any decision. Hi Melvin. It certainly is. However, being able to style my hair again would feel fantastic. I intend on getting a full scalp analysis before making my decision.
  7. Appreciate the input Kiwi Guy. A scar wouldn't bother me too much. I've seen some neat scars on here from H&W. Thanks Spaceman. You're right, a lot will depend on the face to meeting with my local consultant. If he thinks it's feasible long term, I'll go ahead.
  8. Good idea. I take a few more under matural light and take a closer look. Thanks for the input. I plan on getting a long term strategy. I have an online consultation set up with Dr. Diep in February and am currently in talks with H&W (recommending FUT??) along with a highly thought of local consultant. The front and hairline were always the priority.
  9. Hi Melvin Thanks for your comment. I just looked up retrograde alopecia and it looks like your right. This coupled with the loss on top is disappointing admittedly. Strange that no clinic has mentioned it in their reply. I wouldn't have enough donor for more than 2 surgeries I would think. I have started 'The Big 3' this week.
  10. Thanks Mick. Appreciate the feedback and the kind comments 👍 I've heard back from a few clinics: Dr. Acar - The donor area is limited because the thinning has spread down the back and this means the maximum number of grafts we can safety harvest in a single session will be approximately 3500 however this would include the use of beard and body hair for 60% coverage. (I agree that I might need beard and body hair) Dr. Cinik - Thank you for the photos. please be advised that we can perform your operation with 3500-3800 grafts and with 80-90% coverage of baldness area. (Too good to be true!) Dr. Hamid (Chicago Hair Institute) - I estimate your frontal area needing a minimum of 1500 grafts, although a session of 2000 would be preferable for achieving good density. FUE harvesting would certainly limit you to a session of no more than and possibly less than 2000 grafts. Your hair length is too short for the strip harvesting method. (Low number of grafts?) Dr. Lupanzula - Comfortably harvest 6000 grafts. Frontal including hairline: 3200 - 3500 & Crown: approx 3000 All comments welcome.
  11. Hi Everyone. I am a 34 year old Caucasian male. I have begun my hair restoration research having had to shave my head last year as the hairloss had progressed rapidly. At the moment I am a Norwood 5/6. I'm definitely in the middle phase of advanced hair loss! So far I have ordered Regaine, Nizoral and obtained a prescription for finerstride. I am meeting a local consultant in Feb to discuss options (250 euro!) and I have contacted Asmed, Bisanga and Feriduni via email. Do you think I am a long term viable candidate for a HT as the donor area is receding (see pics) and I will have a limited number of grafts available? I will definitely need 2 HT if possible 🙂. Any advice welcome. Thanks.