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  1. All going good Paddy. Just at the 3 month stage🤞. No real growth to post as yet. Things should start kicking off in he next month
  2. Hi Guys been 8 weeks on Proscar 3 quarter tablets per week. I have had an outbreak of Acne like I did have as a teenager except it’s more like hormonal acne than whiteheads. The same thing happened the last 2 times I took Fin, in the same area, right hand side of face on cheek. It’s quite noticeable and a few people have asked me what it was. I don’t want to stop the fin as I just had 2500 grafts 1 month ago but wonder is anyone experienced this and is there any58mg I can do to prevent it?
  3. Thanks buddy was thinking that am just been paranoid cheers
  4. Hi guys my left hand temple seems to have far more density than my right. Is this normal? Have a lost more on 1 side? Am 5 weeks post op
  5. Thanks Gillenator Thanks Melvin I read online that the liquid tends to cause more reaction with the scalp and can discolour the hair. The propylene glycol in the liquid is quite harsh on the skin which can effect the absorption - thats why they invented the foam. But they are saying the absorption of the liquid is much quicker if it does not cause any reaction.
  6. Hi Guys 3 weeks post op and I have started Regaine I thought I ordered the foam but it the solution in a spray bottle. Is the foam better? Foam what my Surgeon recommended but I have opened now and used the spray. Cheers
  7. What you think of my 20th day progress guys. 1 person commenting my head looks like it’s been tattooed. What you think so far?
  8. No they didnt Paddy. Its gone now more or less. I had read plenty about it on here and other blogs so was not to bothered
  9. thats melvin had a look at your you tube videos amazing transformation Is your styling routine long everyday?
  10. fair enough.. all the answers are here anyway in my updates was just seeing if experienced HRN could tell just by glancing at that photo
  11. Just curious if people can guess graft counts by looking at day after photo. Dr Andre Nel based in Dublin. Very happy so far with the results