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  1. Nice result. I'm in the same situation as yours, my right hairline is a bit less than my left side. 1. Are you going to do another surgery, Do you know what HDC policy for touch up? 2. Do you know what density you have in the recipient area? 3. How many grafts do you think you'll need?
  2. 1. Clinics claiming that they can achieve full density(-like you were a child) in the bald area. 2.A new method for painless injections
  3. Hi, Have you already done the second surgery? Can you update?
  4. My humble opinion: I have not seen in this great forum more than 3-4 personal threads with the final result. Is it enough? (The other examples are from the clinic itself and just before and after photos and I do not think it counts)
  5. Melvin, Is it not the same example shown in Bill's example list (the last example)? There, it is written 3000 grafts but in your thread link is written 3500 grafts What's right?
  6. Bill, Just to understand: If you recommend Asmed clinic, does this mean that your recommendation is valid only if the doctor himself performs most of the surgery? but If most of the surgery will be done by his technicians your recommendation doesn't apply? If the answer to this question is no, what is the difference between those clinics? to my understanding, for both the doctor (Ardogan/Cinik) supervises the technicians (BTW you can't bypass Dr. Emrah Cinik without his permission)
  7. Fantastic!! 1. Can you evaluate the average density (per cm) in the recipient area? 2. Can you elaborate about density issue e.g what's your goal in terms of density in the front area etc.
  8. 1. I don't think 3000 grafts will be enough to cover all the bald areas 2. You will need to add small amount of grafts to the front but only if the doctor will guarantee that it will not harm the existing grafts. 3. Maybe you or the doctor can measure the recipient area (cm*cm) in order to measure the density per cm. then measure the mid scalp & crown areas to estimate of the amount of grafts needed. Please be kind to tell us doctor's opinion
  9. It looks great,real natural Did you ask the clinic about the right side of your donor area? Can you please upload a picture from your left side for For comparison?
  10. YES 10X. I also want to know if your right hand side get any thicker. Can please provide a picture from the pre op with the drawn line?
  11. looks great!!!!!! Do you now what is the density in the hairline ? What the doctor said about the amount of grafts you need in order to fully cover your hair? Do you familiar with the other HDC doctor named Christine ? do you recommend her? I notice that in your middle scalp was a major hair loss.
  12. HI, 1. Can you please upload recent photos? 2. Do you see a change between 6 months to 12 months? 3. I read that you want to do a second surgery ,Are you going to do the surgery with the same doctor?
  13. HOW MANY GRAFTS WERE IMPLEMENT PER Surgery? how many grafts he will need in order to fill the crown area? Who did the Surgery?