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  1. Thanks for sharing, I'm sure your hair will fill in the donor. My question was how many grafts were implanted as a repair?
  2. Hi, Any update? How many Grafts were implanted in the area of the first surgery ?
  3. I will follow your progress please post pictures from time to time. I'm sure you'll have a good result
  4. @Seesaw Does the micromotor shorten the operation time? If so, in how much ?there are still two phases in the extraction?
  5. Nice result. I'm in the same situation as yours, my right hairline is a bit less than my left side. 1. Are you going to do another surgery, Do you know what HDC policy for touch up? 2. Do you know what density you have in the recipient area? 3. How many grafts do you think you'll need?
  6. 1. Clinics claiming that they can achieve full density(-like you were a child) in the bald area. 2.A new method for painless injections
  7. Hi, Have you already done the second surgery? Can you update?
  8. My humble opinion: I have not seen in this great forum more than 3-4 personal threads with the final result. Is it enough? (The other examples are from the clinic itself and just before and after photos and I do not think it counts)
  9. Melvin, Is it not the same example shown in Bill's example list (the last example)? There, it is written 3000 grafts but in your thread link is written 3500 grafts What's right?