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  1. Hasson has definitely been hitting it out of the park lately with his FUE's. Impressive stuff.
  2. cool .. i didn't know the specifics behind that. I did notice that when I used the liquid form i suddenly developed wrinkles on my forehead within a short period of time. so I switched to the foam instead. Makes sense why now.
  3. would be nice to get some more info on this one; e.g. how old is the patient and how far forward did you extend his hairline exactly? it looks to be less than 1cm, which given the fact he wears his hair down, coupled with the exceedingly high graft count, makes you wonder what was the point of surgery at all. If he happens to be young and future hair loss is a potential issue then I'd be concerned. And most guys would kill to have the hair he does in that first before photo.
  4. Donor is starting to look a bit patchy, so hopefully there is enough left to bring you back to some kind of normality. I'd strongly advise you to consult with a top doc or dermatologist first to try and understand why your surgeries were unsuccessful to begin with, (if indeed there is an underlying problem). But failing that, and given this particular doc has had similar results elsewhere, it all just makes me wonder what it takes to get kicked off this network ...
  5. I've seen other results posted by users made by the same surgeon; that's a horrible result Really feel sorry for you man. I would not even consider going back to your doc. Can you share any pics of your donor area? If you can afford it I'd only consider letting a top doc work on you from now on.
  6. Agree with @JJ51702, If i were in the UK i'd strongly consider travelling to Europe instead; Feriduni in Belgium or Freitas in Spain being my own personal favourites. Rough guess is I'd estimate you at needing around 2000 grafts, maybe more; it's hard to tell exactly as you still have a strong forelock, and I don't know whether you are on any hair loss meds and how you would want to approach any future hair loss etc. Not really a fan of the UK docs so hopefully someone else can steer you towards one of them if you really have your heart set on not leaving the country.
  7. i think your results are going to be even more killer in the next few months after a little more maturation. congrats! and thanks so much for sharing and updating us all on your journey ...
  8. No, I sought another surgeon for my repair work. Thank you for your well wishes
  9. Hey buddy, I recently asked the same of my Dr and they said that taking protein powder was fine (in fact most people don't get enough protein in their diet which actually promotes healing and hair growth). I was also suggested to begin taking Vitamin C one week prior to surgery just to aid the healing process. I believe the issue with supplements (like a multivitamin) then might come if they contain Vitamin E that would thin the blood (the same way aspirin does), which would not promote healing. But this is just my current understanding. Perhaps someone with some more medical knowledge can add more info/correct me if I'm wrong. And as always ... best to ask your advising physician. Phil.
  10. I agree with every other poster here - the best approach is to just wait (it took me around 9 months to get a good indication of how my transplants turned out). The work looks really clean and given that it is Dr Keser I'd be looking forward to further growth before making a final judgement Have you considered using toppik or another concealer in the meantime? Given your current hair growth a little concealer would go a long way ...
  11. thats just a phenomenal result (i'm jealous)! thanks so much for sharing this
  12. Thanks so much for the detailed response! It's truly impressive how much coverage you attained on the frontal/midscalp regions with just 1640 grafts, let alone the seeming invisibility of the FUT scar post op. Thanks for sharing this.