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  1. Found some more pics if anyone has any opinions? Surgery took place in between photos
  2. This was incredibly helpful Pretty much means I can disregard any surgeon that is trying to sell me 1000+ grafts as that would only be necessary if I had full balding and didn't already have grafts placed there. Thanks so much
  3. Thanks for replying Melvin. Most surgeons I've talked to seem comfortable operating at 8 months, and given the hairline area going back 2cm is completely untouched is it really likely I will end up killing the surrounding growing grafts? Also how did you arrive at 200 grafts? I wish it were that small but I've looked at other hairline surgery estimates and they all range between 400 -1000. I agree the issue isn't absolutely devastating (the outcome could have been a lot worse) but given it was utterly preventable, both financially and professionally this has hurt a lot.
  4. Hairline pics taken under overhead bathroom light. Hopefully this explains my problem better
  5. 1. There were never any areas marked, nor were any pictures drawn etc. It was all verbal. My best guess is a miscommunication took place and this was interpreted to avoid the hairline altogether. Although when questioned the next day after surgery (and again at 1 month and 5 months) i was reassured everything was fine or ignored altogether. The last email I sent my FUE surgeon was to please confirm that he placed no hairs in my hairline in August, but he hasn't replied. 2. The pictures were all taken by doctors in their respective clinics. I assumed if i just posted their photos that it would make things more official. Admittedly I was surprised by the photos taken by the 2nd surgeon ... it made my hair look much fuller as i believe he uses very soft lighting. I can only achieve a similar density in real life using toppik. The 6 month result photos were taken in harsher, but more realistic lighting (in sunlight it's worse) in a follow up consultation with a Dr in Australia. Part of the problem might be i am continuing to bald/recede, and when you contrast that with the new grafts in the current surgery it makes it look worse. I apologise for not communicating this very well (i would be happy to take more photos), and thanks for taking the time to reply.
  6. UPDATE: This was the issue i was talking about concerning the entire hairline area going back 1-2cm being ignored. If i could get any feedback I'd appreciate it.
  7. Thanks for all the replies guys. I really appreciate all the responses. DONOR AREA: I'm going to try growing my hair longer for now and wait to see the results on the donor area ... I only got an FUE because the dr said i could shave my hair short. My issue is now I cannot get an FUT in the future if my donor area remains the same (this was never discussed before the FUE). AUSTRALIAN DR: The Australian Dr was recommended to me by the European Dr for a follow up as I am currently in Australia. HAIRLINE: As for the hairline my reason for surgery was to have it reinforced/denser to remove the "see through" look I have and that wasn't addressed at all. Indeed even the morning after surgery when a nurse told me I wouldn't have any forehead swelling because the DR did not place any grafts there I got upset and asked about it, but was reassured everything would be fine. So I'm still upset about that. While everyone has been positive about the current look of the hairline, that was all the work of my 1st HT doctor. Thanks again, this post has given me more perspective about my HT experience. My first HT really was so overwhelming positive that i honestly cannot fault anything about my first HT surgeon (except he is always booked out for over a year lol). I guess that experience ruined my standards/expectations for other HT surgeons. .
  8. Thanks for all the replies guys. Really appreciate it. Here are photos from before any surgery. I consider my 1st HT a massive success, I really have no complaints. After 3 years though I've continued to thin/recede and had too many people recognise that I've had a HT from my hairline.
  9. The dr put 100 hairs in the FUT scar (technically another Dr in his clinic who I do not know and was never told would also be performing the FUE). The rest of the hairs were placed on the scalp immediately BEHIND the hairline. No hairs were placed in the hairline at all. I have more photos that show this. I do not know why he did this. My hair is only 3 mm longer on the sides from the original photos. Thanks for replying so quickly Melvin
  10. Thanks for the responses! Thought I would include some pictures taken just before surgery. As I said the hairline wasn't touched at all which was my primary concern (my hair naturally sticks up). I wasn't bothered about the crown as I am happy using toppik/don't care about balding there. I understand 6 months might be too soon to make a solid conclusion, but based on my previous HT experience, and the fact the Dr in Europe ignored my request to address my hairline completely (you can see in the photo immediately after surgery this is evident) I think there is an issue. I don't believe there is any shock loss as the photos taken after surgery correspond to the areas affected. In sunlight my scalp looks like massively white, but only in the donor areas. When i had researched Australian surgeons I thought the same thing JeanLDD. It's why I went overseas to get my operations.
  11. Hi there! I'm Phil, 36 from Australia. Just wondering if anyone could provide me with some feedback/advice/support on what i should do ... My first HT was a success operation in July 2015 with a DR in America, an FUT of around 2200 grafts. - My second HT took place in March 2018 with a DR in Europe, an FUE of 2583 grafts, designed to address my receding hairline with some hairs placed in the original FUT scar so I could shave my hair short. I had planned this to be my last HT operation and would just shave my head in the future. - Now at the 6 month mark I had a follow up with another Dr in Australia who confirmed my 2nd HT results: 1) My hairline was neglected 2) some noticeable white pigment scarring from the FUE thus the appearance of balding in the donor area 3) some areas of over-harvesting in the donor area 4) The 2nd HT failed to notice the shock loss/balding that occurred from the 1st FUT scar [evident behind the ears] and thus no hairs were placed there to cover it up. So I'm just wondering what I am supposed to do now? I already assume i will have to get another HT to fix the hairline. What options do I have to fix the donor area? Was the extent of the white pigment scarring predictable once the FUT scar was revealed? I've been pretty disappointed by the results so am basically just wanting to get as much as advice/feedback as possible before I decide what I should do next. Thank you in advance for any responses! Phil.