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  1. not a fan of UK doctors .. incredibly expensive and I dont think the results are world class. Having said that I have seen a few cases by Ball that looked pretty damn good. If I were in your shoes Id contact Feriduni and Bisanga in Belgium .. they will likely offer you sound advice and are undoubtedly top tier. Few docs in Spain worth considering as well. Getting a HT is pretty much russian roulette in itself. Thats why the emphasis is for patients to do the research; ie. assess the risks and find the clinic that is right for you). 24 is young (25 is considered the youngest age to be
  2. yep. hattingen are mighty impressive as well fro what ive seen, and there are cases by de freitas ive seen that i think are beautiful too.
  3. Lorenzo in Spain is considered by many as the authority on DUPA, with many cases uploaded to youtube etc. Might be worth contacting them
  4. wow look at that ... thats beautiful. do you know how many grafts were placed in the temple points? H&W results really do put most other clinics to shame.
  5. Admittedly there have been some reports that Dr Diep's assessment of potential HT candidates has been troubling of late. @giegnosiganoe mentioned it recently in this thread https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/57595-should-i-switch-from-diep-to-hasson/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-552445 and @Biceps has said something about it in the past as well. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/55726-hair-loss-getting-worse-on-big-3-weak-donor-area-what-are-my-options/ This is not to say that you aren't a good candidate, but for peace of mind it might be worth looking for a
  6. Some clinics will admittedly implant at half the density knowing full well the patient will be unsatisfied and will only HAVE to return for more surgery with them. My guess would be that's whats happened here. Please take the advice of other members here and consider another clinic - with the suggestions of Bloxham, Konior and H&W by another member the obvious starting points.
  7. ^^^ that seems legit only thing id worry about is how far the FUT scar actually goes around on the side of your head, and if you would potentially roll over the grafts in your sleep
  8. I had grafts put in my recipient area and into my FUT scar at the same (really really mind-numbingly stupid approach pursued by the surgeon). Only thing I could do to protect all the grafts was sleep sitting up, so i took my travel pillow and secured it under my shirt so it wouldnt move from around my neck. Then i surrounded myself with a lot of other pillows (big and small) keeping my arms and body in a sitting position. Didnt get much sleep admittedly. Face down pillow might be the best option. or get a massage table and bring a masseuse along for the ride.
  9. hair looks phenomenal man. congrats! when you say your hair texture was hard to manage at longer lengths, was it always that way (even before your HT)?
  10. theres absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself and your appearance. This forum is generally conservative in it pronouncements of getting a HT (and I believe rightly so) because getting a HT is a lifelong commitment, surgery always carries with it certain risks, and ideally should only really be undertaken once all other options are exhausted but given your amount of loss, how you wear your hair (and without knowledge of medical therapies taken, family history etc) I agree the risks outweigh the rewards at the moment. Maybe just monitor the progress and consider a H
  11. if thats the area youre roughly looking to cover im honestly not sure where 1500 grafts would go. but again its how you wear your hair. that style manages to hide everything pretty naturally.
  12. honest advice here ... i dont think its worth it buddy. and im sure your fiance will still marry you without the extra 3mm of hair youre looking to fill in. (i could be wrong though and its just how you wear your hair ... worn back or up usually reveals the weaknesses). spend the money youll save on more alcohol for the wedding party
  13. i want your hair. wait where is the extra hair going again? its hard to tell given you wear your hair like that, but im not sure getting a HT is going to give you a big cosmetic improvement tbh. your loss looks very minimal are you wanting to fill in the temples slightly, or lower the hairline? whats the goal?
  14. It does give patients an adequate amount of time to properly research them though ...
  15. visited them 2 years ago - some guy walked in after me who i assumed was also there for a consultation - turns out he was a patient and considered a "success". Cant say my consultation was all that informative either (when i asked about my donor Knudsen said "i could have 5,6,7 transplants, as many i wanted" even though every other clinic online told me i had hit donor depletion). I believe I paid somewhere around $50-100 for that consultation. In terms of results Knudsen has issues with density, so much so I think this should be obvious from their results page online. Ive also seen it i
  16. Well Konior and Hattingen are both clearly worth looking into. And by considering these clinics youre also getting the option to pursue FUT if they believe your donor is more suited to it. Every donor is different and Some people are more suited to one extraction method more than the other. As for FUE - Feriduni (i admire his artistry), De Freitas (hairline design), Bisanga (hes just always good), HLC (stick and place clinic in Turkey BUT i heard the post op care is minimal). As @Gasthoerer always says though theres no perfect clinic - just the clinic thats right for you. You need t
  17. Bernstein apparently uses artas for FUE (on his website) which most would argue to avoid. Konior is more conservative (and more expensive) than Hattingen, although the FUE work ive seen from both clinics looks top notch. I think there are laws in Germany preventing Hattigen from showing patient results which means your research might be limited. Admittedly your final list is a bit strange because all clinics are probably better known for their FUT skills. I guess it would be good to consult with them all. Good luck
  18. When you say 2nd transplant, do you mean 2nd transplant for the crown? 6 months can be a bit too early to tell generally for HT's, and crown work is notorious for taking longer (12-18 months in some cases). The best explanation ive heard is that this has to do with blood supply. Sadly all you can really do at this stage is continue to monitor the progress. Keep us updated
  19. From my conversations with doctors this refers solely to the donor being kept short. To maintain an illusion of density you should expect to grow your recipient long
  20. Personally i wouldnt risk a HT with the expectations everything will turn out alright; it's something that changes your appearance for your entire life, not something you do to look good for one day. I only say this from experience because I got a HT and expected to get back to normal within the same time frame as you for work, only instead to waste more than a year trying to get repaired. And I still have issues Might be best to do some further research and moderate your expectations
  21. As we are both experiencing the same problem I decided to cut my hair down to a 2cm to see whether the kink was still there and just how much hair I had lost behind the transplanted hairline ... and to my surprise I havent lost much hair at all and the kink went away. So it seems the kink only occurs when I grow my hair long. Similarly I didnt have this problem with FUT but only with my last FUE operation - which makes me think its the extra stress placed on the grafts with FUE thats the cause. Given we are both 16 months+ it looks like its permanent as well. Bloxham provides some insight
  22. im not sure anybody would call that result "bad though". Also given that patient wears his hair down its hard to tell whats going on exactly, but when you look at the recipient and donor work its all top notch. The most we can say is from his clinic postings everything seems amazing, but like @karatekidsaid ultimately ... "dont know"
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