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  1. Poor growth in a transplant is defined as having less than 90% yield. There was a survey done by Cooley which determined the major contributing factors towards poor growth survival were physical trauma and the oxygenation needs of the transplanted follies not being met. So while every case is different (and this cannot be stressed enough), to answer your question - yes, poor growth is most likely related to the surgery itself
  2. lol thanks! there's so much misinformation around, thanks for taking the time to come here and answer questions
  3. Bless you for answering @LaserCap. Are there any increased surgical risks for FUT after FUE? I had one clinic rep tell me it was risky and the skin stretches etc, although i recently asked another doc and he told me its really not an issue
  4. Hi, so does Dr Bisanga believe the fibres clog the pores if overused? And would overuse of hair fibres prevent regrowth or just delay it?
  5. yes regarding the seemingly small number of complaints - most men dont like admitting they had transplants, so maybe they dont like admitting they have side effects from a hair drug either.
  6. @Mycroft more a curiosity more than anything so no rush at all. i would have thought that how after a burn the skin contracts to heal (thus why burn victims need skin grafts) would somehow effect any possibility for regrowth. Sort of fascinating how this stuff works Nice to see non surgical paths here working for people Mikey!
  7. I wonder what would happen if someone with DUPA tried it 🤔 where did you see the burn victim case? that must have been such a relief for them
  8. Jesus! Your hair is prettier than most of my girlfriends COngrats!!!!
  9. depends on the room lol (i just went with the cheapest one). id follow DrK's recommendation for how long to stay. FUT might require longer, FUE only a few days. as for the hotel being good - the rooms are really big but the lighting sort of sucks. if you book using Dr Konior's name they should give you some sort of discount, and try and request a room near the ice machine so youre not walking the entire length of the halls just to handle your swelling. My room didnt have a kitchen as you say yours will (mine only had a fridge), but they serve you free breakfast every morning and you can always order food from anywhere etc. There's a massive supermarket nearby as well (almost opposite Walgreens). i think the biggest issue recovering post op though will be the boredom, especially if you will be there 2 weeks, so take lots of work and have movies etc ready (trust me!). For another HT in Europe i got an airbnb which i probably preferred, but im not sure of these options in Chicago. DrK's place is about 40km outside downtown CHicago and public transport is terrible there so if you do plan a day trip into the city youll likely have to get uber etc all around town (otherwise its about +2 hours of travelling with multiple stops on train and bus)
  10. (also a patient of DrK) I remember them giving me some pills but i believe I had to purchase the rest myself. If you are staying at Comfort Suites there is a Walgreens that is 4 mins walk away and is open 24 hours.
  11. Bro it seems like you have different photos from different time periods, with different hair lengths - that's just going to result in different answers. You even had the same doctor (Bhatti) give you two different diagnosis based on different hair lengths, which IMO doesnt make sense. Send these around for reassessment. These photos reveal your hair miniaturisation and where you baldness pattern might eventually end up. Good luck sir
  12. If you have DUPA you should have been taken through all the risks or surgery, and explained that even with medications a hair transplant doesnt necessarily work; https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/55074-dr-charles-answers-whether-you-can-have-a-hair-transplant-with-dupa/ It's also strange that if you were diagnosed with DUPA from the start that it was followed by another operation as if that would somehow remedy the situation. If you don't have DUPA then I'm not sure whats going on
  13. Ive had 3 HTs. my donor looks ok at 2cm length, but when i shave it anything under that it starts looking patchy. so if its 1cm it starts revealing weaknesses. 0.7mm and i start getting doctors telling me they dont know if they can perform surgery as they see overharvested areas/donor depletion etc. When you consult the doctors do they know the length of your hair in each photo? Do they ask? Send a consult to a few of them I mentioned as I hold them all to be very honest - they'll set you straight. You case is tough to assess as it's all via photos, and your hair length in these photos seems to be hiding your miniaturisation (I read your post wrong and assumed you just had a haircut and was much shorter - sorry). i would also take Lorenzo's and Erdogan's assessment very seriously - you can always find a doctor willing to operate but it doesn't mean they should. Completely agree with Melvin here about everything as well. Even considering the crown at this stage would be futile and 1000-2000 grafts wouldnt do anything; it's appears to be your largest balding area and might expand even further, so any doc suggesting work there really wouldnt achieve much, especially with your donor.
  14. Interesting. Your donor looks much healthier here than in your other pics from this year. What length is that? I'd send them all of to a few docs for there responses (Bisanga, BLoxham, Konior, Feriduni, Gabel all gave me the most straightforward consultations)
  15. ok) sorry if i came across paternalistic - this industry can just be a bit rough. having temple recession suggests balding btw, but it could just be a progression to a mature hairline. hard to say taking finasteride it seems has some pretty big risks as well which i hope you discussed with your prescribing doctor; https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/55085-court-let-merck-hide-secrets-about-propecia-risks/ https://www.hairlosslearningcenter.org/topic/merck-makers-of-propecia-caught-lying-for-second-time/3390 hope everything works out for you sir
  16. Yeah it must be a hairpiece on entourage and his real hair on that latest show. Guess the makers of that show refused to fork out the extra cash on a fancy wig. That halo effect must be tough for Piven to work with as well, as directors dont want to spend extra time setting up the lighting etc just to shoot an actors hair in a favourable way. As for Biden I feel like we are almost on the verge of creating a Biden hair timeline LOL.
  17. As youre just 21 and we don't have any pictures I'd be concerned if it is a "very high hairline" or you actually have the beginning stages of male pattern baldness (and thus might bald even further). A lot of physicians are uncomfortable with operating on those under 25 as it is difficult to tell what someones balding pattern might be and where they might eventually end up. Im not saying any of this to worry you, but I just dont want anything bad happening to you. So is it possible for you to send in consultations with other clinics as well to get their perspective? A few I consider ethical off the top of my head are Bisanga, Feriduni, Konior, BLoxham/ Also do you have a family history of balding, tried any medications, are you able to take photos under the same lighting with the same hair length so you can assess if you are balding? That's smart not deciding on anything before June as well, as this stuff is permanent and shouldnt be rushed into.
  18. You're just 4 months in today right? Then the ugly duckling stage should just be finishing and this is when you hopefully start seeing some noticeable growth. The hairs at this stage should be pretty weak as the hair shaft is still developing and has to go through more cycles to get thicker and reach full maturity Although your hair is cut at different lengths from the photos you provided, a simple comparison between them reveals your hair in the 4 month photo looks more uniform, meaning i suspect growth has already begun (whereas your hair in the pre-op photo looks really bare). Realistically Month 4 is way too early for most to assess their growth (took me until month9-10 to hit full density with my first FUE) so hopefully in the next month or so you;ll see some improvements. Just a waiting game at this stage buddy As for hair fibres i used them after 4 weeks. There are other threads on it, and ask your doc https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/54981-hair-fibers-after-hair-transplant-surgeons-recomandations/ Keep us updated
  19. 1) they should know what DUPA is. FULL STOP 2) pretty sure they should have checked your donor with a magnifying loupe to check for signs of miniaturisation, and in doing so this would have probably revealed if you did have DUPA or what class baldness you might develop into etc 3) FUE is not scarless. Jesus. It actually creates more scarring, in terms of surface area, than FUT, but just appears scarless because its more spread out 4) In terms of whether medications would buffer the follicles in the safe zone if you develop DUPA ... DUPA has no safe zone; that's why it has the "U" in the acronym .. its UNPATTERNED (meaning its not predictable). It would come down to whether you are happy on the meds for the rest of your life and whether you want to risk surgery Here's a link: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/55074-dr-charles-answers-whether-you-can-have-a-hair-transplant-with-dupa/ 5) I would have hoped going to a dermatologist or HT doctor would assess it, I'd consider asking for my money back from this derm. Send some photos to some of the more established doctors here for a consult, they might actually give you educated answers to your questions On a side note without photos we can only guess, but you might have DPA and not DUPA. The difference comes down to whether your donor appears stable or not.
  20. interesting case as most guys would focus more on the hairline. not a fan of the hairstyle but Feriduni really is the elite
  21. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/55060-the-dreaded-halo-effect-any-genuinely-workable-solutions/?tab=comments#comment-519547 thats the other thread if you wanted to find it. when you click your profile you should be able to find all your topics/posts etc EVERYONE understands why you dont want to show your face lol. i just wish i had advice to give. theres another thread where we were talking about joe biden and then jeremy piven who seems to be dealing with the same issue https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/55028-joe-biden-hair-vs-balding/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-520274 adding density to your situation would be the obvious answer (so another HT), other than that im not sure
  22. Piven aint likeable (he can never play the lead and when he does the tv/movie always fails), but he has range.