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  1. In the 2012 pic he is clearly using concealers. As for the pre-op/post-op photos you supplied, if you look closely you will see that he has a very strong forelock which was left un-transplanted. Then when you look at his current 2020 pic you can now see his forelock has since thinned out. Hard to judge the overall success of his HT's without a graft count and more surgical pics, but even in terms of planning and growth its not great.
  2. Blood supply seems to be the reason that transplanted hair grow at different rates throughout the recipient area; with the temple points and hairline growing first, then the midscalp, then the crown which can take even 12 -18 months. 8 months should give a good indication as to the successful transplantation of the hair, but a good year (especially fot the crown) is when you can really assess how things went as the hair keeps maturing and gets thicker with each subsequent growth cycle. Although you didnt provide pics, as you mentioned the hair is definitely there (albeit extremely thin and fine) I would argue thats very encouraging.
  3. Ask them to check your estimated donor capacity and predicted norwood level based on miniaturisation/family history/medications you are taking. Then get them to draw up a long term plan for you. Melvin mentioned in the video about the experience of technicians .. it's also worth asking what specific level of involvement the doctor actually has during the operation (do they do the extractions/incisions, how many surgeries they perform a day/how many years they've been a HT surgeon etc). Also get the doc to draw up a hairline and take photos. Look at the photos at home and think about whether you are happy with the design.
  4. What HThope said. Whereas FUT removes an entire strip of grafts from the safe zone, if you did the same with FUE and removed an entire section like an FUT strip that would resemble donor depletion; you need the remaining hairs not picked by the FUE surgery to cover the donor area in order to maintain a normal appearance. Its that difference in the FUE leftovers which means FUT maximises your potential available grafts. That's asking a self-regulated money motivated industry to be ethical. Plus most customers/patients in this field seem to want to pursue FUE because of lure of a "scarless" procedure. If youve been lurking on these forums long enough you will notice that "scarless" argument is not always a reality. You can of course always go back and do FUT after an FUE, it's just that the FUT strip would contain mostly leftovers grafts (the least quality hairs) and is not a good approach in terms of scarring (risking a stretched FUT scar on a thin donor). It's not really worth it.
  5. No. Makes patients signs NDA's. Only posts (and recycles old) clinic postings.
  6. +1 for a bad idea Heres what a repair of a flap procedure looks like:
  7. Work looks clean. How many grafts did it end up being in the end? best of luck with the growth.
  8. your hair looks great at that length! nice to see what 2500 grafts can do. looking forward to the next part of the restoration
  9. I remember you and your supportive comments from the Pekiner thread for dredd77. Your repairs here are legit impressive. Ive never heard of fit farming before Looking forward to the full story ...
  10. Taking photos every 3 months or so (same lighting conditions/similar hair length) should be enough for most to notice any changes. As you seem to get quite worried about it maybe a yearly/2 year check up with a professional might provide you with some comfort.
  11. I think its better to base any assessment about your potential hair loss from an in person consultation with a HT doc rather than rely on random posts. Panicking wont change anything. The most you can do is monitor the situation, which you already doing successfully.
  12. If youve seen 3 different docs and you even went to a HT doc who said you had one of the "best heads of hair for a 29 year old" (who didnt try and sell you a HT in an industry known for trying to make a quick buck) that should tell you something. If you were legitimately destined for NW4/5/6 territory there would also presumably be some signs of miniaturisation present in that consultation ... and it doesnt sound like there were to me. My understanding is hairloss in higher NW cases generally present themselves quite early (i.e. your early 20s) and become more and more predictable as time goes by, so the suggestion that in 6 months time you suddenly developed into a NW4 or 5 seems almost impossible given your current status. Also I dont believe NW1.5 is even technically considered balding. NW2 is considered a mature hairline and a natural hairline for men.
  13. Were you given a projected graft estimate and are you happy with the new hairline design? Did they mention your donor capacity/donor densities and did they project your future NW level (you mentioned there was signs of thinning in the crown). Also did the clinic say anything about your sides to fin and reassess a long term strategy based on that? Personally opinion here (and even putting that joke of a hairline aside) I'd still argue to hold off for surgery in your case; I dont think the rewards are worth the risks at this stage. But as you seem keen on surgery and have asked people here for our opinion, Id at least want to know what kind of long term plan you have in place based specifically on your estimated donor capacity and future balding.
  14. Yes - thats pretty much it. And i wouldnt say youre progress is slow at all. A friend of mine here got a HT and at 6 months was REALLY disappointed (even though his hairdresser assured him there were little "baby hairs" coming in). By 9 months he had a great result. It just takes a few hair cycles for the transplanted hair to become stronger and thicken up. Please continue to keep us updated
  15. Yes. I had surgery with him with (and did so with only sending online pics). Never regretted it. I also had a visual impairment at the time of my 1st surgery and the fact he and his staff literally took care of everything speaks volumes. Feel free to PM me if you have questions
  16. 8100 grafts FUT ... wow! following (and with great interest)
  17. looks amazing @Egy! @paddyirishman recently shared some pics as well and looked equally impressive. how do the beard grafts feel on the scalp in terms of texture and quality? is there a noticeable difference between that and scalp hair?
  18. 1) I believe so - if you do a search for Lorenzo's videos there are cases where he demonstrates the donor has thickened up via the use of fin. Some users of the medication also claim it darkens their hair colour (probably associated with the strengthening or de-miniaturization of the hair shafts). How well you personally respond to medications however would ultimately determine the answer. 2) My understanding is also yes.
  19. thats the hope. ideally whoever is performing surgery on you will test which punch system and size is best for your skin/hair type and proceed from there. there are also different sized hairs located throughout the donor so again that might mean a different punch would be used accordingly (i.e. smaller ones for the nape and above the hairs, normal for the core of the donor). but the most important aspect to create the least visible scarring ultimately comes down to surgeons/ tech skill. for example ive had the same sized punch model used for 2 operations; one by an inexperienced part time doc, the other by a master of the industry. Scarring by the inexperienced doc sucked, scarring by the master was imperceptible.
  20. Your hair is fantastic for 50 (especially if you are not on meds) as your current situation would be most guys endgoal. I believe the design you posted shows a NW1 (basically juvenile hair). Pretty rare to see in adults - like the only examples I can think of is Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. I agree with everyone else that somewhere inbetween your drawing and current hairline would be more suitable (try looking at NW2 examples online known as a 'mature hairline'). Actually De Freitas in Spain would be another clinic id strongly consider for your specific case. But please consult first with some reputable clinics before committing to surgery ... this industry is a bit dicey (its an unregulated shitshow really) and its full of guys regretting their choices and wishing they could go back to their original state. Ask as many questions as you want and good luck
  21. Agree with the other posters about the design being far too low. Id also suggest only finding a doctor who specialises in Hair transplants ONLY. Belgium is a short trip away and you have some of the best clinics in the world there (really!) Check out Feriduni, Bisanga and Lupanzula.
  22. Idk if we can say that about his donor characteristics given the video mentions the patient has thin hair and the skin contrast is high. That is if we are to believe the video. In terms of the result his hair is quite long so it definitely helps gives the "illusion of density." Ive also had doctors tell me 4000 well placed grafts in the hairline and midcscalp should be enough to get good coverage. So if Cuoto can achieve that result with that few a grafts it does says something about his surgical skill and growth rates. But to answer your question about patients opting of medication to "play their chances with donor management" its worth mentioning that the donor thins over time and medications do help retain the strength and quality of the transplanted hair and (like other posters have mentioned) he still has more hair to lose. He will likely have to undergo another operation in the future to handle more loss, but probably not for a while. Time will tell I suppose.