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  1. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/53276-raymond-konior-md-chicago-hair-institute-1940-graft-frontal-and-donor-scar-restoration/?tab=comments#comment-494254 Did my repairs and offered me patient support when my previous surgeon completely dropped me. Worth considering
  2. um seriously, why is a recommended doctor on this forum posting private email exchanges and photos on a public forum. this is entirely unprofessional and disturbing behaviour.
  3. that broke me man. damn im sorry i think you're right about not having a repair section actually - it was merely a suggestion because I hate the idea of someone who needs help falling through the cracks. Repair patients such as the one Melvin suggested will always receive attention considering just how badly the patient was botched, whereas I was more concerned with the ones that might need other forms of support that might simply go unnoticed. i realise my suggestion might also lead to certain clinics taking advantage of the more vulnerable members of our forum which is troubling. I still believe repair patients fall are those that have not obtained a natural (i.e. non surgical) appearance, but given your experiences I see where you are coming from, so I guess I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come here and share your knowledge. It only benefits the community.
  4. Gotta admit i agree with Greg and JJ on this one, with the only person on your list I'd trust being Gabel. Arocha i wouldnt trust to take my photo and Farjo can't seem to dense pack to save his life. I'd be fascinated at your reasoning. To address OP's question I agree with Aftermath's assessment; H&W, Lorenzo and I'd also add Konior and Nadimi to the list. I'd also feel entirely comfortable turning up to Bloxham's clinic and let him do whatever he felt like
  5. have to admit i LOVE this new direction the forum seems to be taking. Trying to navigate this industry is a true epistemic nightmare, so the more transparent and open this community can become will only better serve everyone; patients will never know the demands and stresses it takes for doctors to perform in the surgical amphitheatre without direct communication from doctors themselves, nor can patients properly manage expectations or understand their rights in what appears to be an unregulated hell-scape motivated only by reputation and image. Staying tuned Melvin, thanks for your efforts ...
  6. I'd consider signing a NDA with a doctor as long as they would allow me (or my 5 year old nephew) to operate on them if i wasn't happy with my results
  7. I used to not care on any level about this stuff and just thought as long as there was an improvement with my HT i was happy. But after my 2nd HT i began to get fascinated with the science and art behind it; why are some surgeons/clinics better, what is each individual's doctors approach/ethos (not just their results page), what is the most rational & elegant way to approach this field give the limitations of the donor in a single surgical setting etc. The part in that paper you cited that most fascinated me was "Effect of density on survival." Members will always be reactive, doesn't mean we should prevent a topic being discussed ... thanks for posting this Mr Laser
  8. I found this a bit tough to follow to be honest, but isn't it unethical/potentially illegal for a Dr to post a patient's image without written consent?
  9. always love watching your videos and your results are always insanely natural just for clarification am I correct in understanding the transplanted region ended up being dense packed at around 2400 grafts + the "1500" from a previous clinic?
  10. I think we went from a specific discussion about the potential effects of sun exposure on newly implanted grafts, to the more general topic of graft survival from their initial implantation process to their subsequent entrenchment and maturation.
  11. Sorry to disagree with everyone but I don't see any major cosmetic change here and I still think the operation was unnecessary It looks like the hairline was brought down less than 1cm, which would suggest an area of around 16cm2 was dense packed with 1800 grafts. If i am correct that not only seems unethical but quite frankly absurd Do you have any immediate post-op work pics? That would probably answer all the questions forum members have concerning this patient's operation.
  12. Thanks so much for sharing! I must say this is quite inspiring to see and has made me rethink my own future options. Sorry about your past experiences but Bisanga seems to have treated you well. Just wish I was a bit more hairy myself
  13. Thanks so much for taking the time buddy I don’t blame myself anymore and if your assessment is correct that’s actually a comfort - it’s the not knowing what was done to me or what to expect that I hated. I was always concerned given I could not tell much difference between the original injections and the FUE extractions themselves maybe the transection rate was high (the extraction process was that uncomfortable) If the results are entirely normal - even expected for FUE - it means 2 things; I was only ever a good FUT candidate The exceeded graft count means Dr Devroye either wasn’t supervising my operation or he purposefully took me to the limit of my donor supply just to make a profit Thanks again Gasthoerer, sincerely appreciate your input!