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  1. Jesus. I know it's a small comfort given what you're going through but thanks for letting others know - this might at least spare someone else an ordeal
  2. I have email confirmation that all the incisions were to be made by the doctor himself. I only found out recently that placing grafts in scar tissue has a lower survival rate and different surgeons have varying degrees of success with it … he let his trainee doctor, (the same trainee doctor that over-harvested my donor) make these incisions. It was only 100 grafts, but my FUT scar was never properly concealed and I believe 300 grafts is considered the average for such a concealment anyway. It wasn’t just this one mistake, it was a multitude, and it all began when they were running late with another patient and didn’t bother taking the time to mark out the recipient areas with me (or inspect my donor for that matter). As they were recommended to me by my first HT doc I blindly assumed they had everything under control. So when the results of that bad HT eventually came in I was incredibly confused and initially blamed myself for everything which was utter bull … so failing to mark out the recipient site with a patient has to be some kind of breach of law, right? Or the incisions made without my consent? I just got a repair done In May and figured I would be able to put all this behind me, but I started coming here again and I still get pissed off whenever I learn something new, or realise how many grafts I lost, or just the fact I was ignored etc. I might look fine after this latest repair HT (had to go outside the safety zones to complete it) but if and when my MPB progresses I have no idea what ill eventually end up looking like. So if there is a legal means by which I could hold a doc accountable for what I went through id consider it. I just don’t know where to begin.
  3. In terms of all the latest Hasson FUE coming out they have been absolutely killer (seriously has anyone not noticed how stellar they're been?? I sometimes look at them with utter jealousy). I remember reading somewhere that HnW learnt FUE from Erdogan? Does anyone know if this is true? Whatever those guys are doing they're nailing it.
  4. Hi anybody and everybody I had a bad surgery previously before my latest. Just wondering does anybody know under which circumstances you could potentially sue a surgeon? So if i had written confirmation that they would be the only ones performing all the incisions and then on the day they let a trainee doctor perform some of them without having my approval ... would that be grounds for legal action? The only problem is I have no way to prove it beyond my word vs theirs. Just curious if anybody knew or went through something similar Thanks
  5. I believe its only USA that requires docs to do the extractions in FUE (HnW and Rahal are based in Canada so have technicians that do their extractions). It's a good question, but ultimately any assessment a prospective patient can make in this industry can only be based upon results. Every clinic has subpar results, but with HnW heir standards seem so higher than the average from what i can discern
  6. I feel like Im reading lyrics from a new mike skinner song what kind of corner store has 300 candy bars anyway? god that neighbourhood must be overrun with little fat kids and plonkers with type 2 diabetes
  7. Hi! I believe we are both dealing with very similar hairline issues and had operations at the same time. wishing you the best ... im a fan of bloxham's work! how many grafts were your other procedures btw?
  8. IMO finding a good doctor should be your primary concern given the nature of this industry. the rest is just details. good luck!
  9. think jj is just revealing his american roots, whereas us more british-born gentleman embrace the more common "kebab" spelling.
  10. My understanding is limited but; i believe with FUT they only need to shave the area where they make the incision, so if you grow your hair long in the donor (>2cm) it will cover it completely. FUE no shaves are much tougher given each graft needs to be extracted and determining the direction on that is a S.O.B. if your hair grows slowly generally you can always try biotin, collagen, improving diet generally. I never bothered but others here might know the specifics.
  11. Wesley is in NYC and always advertises his patients are not required to shave their hair. Konior does it as well (my first FUT). Think you might have to email quite a few docs to find the ones willing as trying to determine the direction and placement of the hair can be quite difficult without shaving. Probably worth checking with Feller and Bloxham if you're in NYC as well
  12. yeah but they're cheap, greasy and if you have too many they dont look good on you #autocorrectjokes
  13. 1. its a life long commitment and you'll likely need more than one transplant (the one and done argument) 2. moderating expectations; you'll never get your true density back as there is only so much donor hair available, and the industry as a whole has quite low standards (the advertising doesnt really match the reality) 3. Researching thoroughly and picking the right surgeon is paramount to ensuring any kind of hope of a positive result.
  14. Personal opinion here but i think i like your hair a little shorter on top in the first photo (even though it might not make your hair look as dense). Just looks neater. I've read in places (and from personal experience) there seems to be a sweet spot in hair length so i guess you get to experiment now Do you have a preference?