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  1. thanks for updating! so natural and amazing coverage. looks so dense too... you'd never guess you had any work done. does your hair naturally stick up like that?
  2. not to derail this thread, but ndubya how did your HT go? have been wondering for a while
  3. cant believe I missed this Konior thread! quite an interesting case as the donor looks weak but even at 5 months it looked you were heading to an incredibly natural result with great coverage. hope things worked out well for you Nick
  4. it's the overhead shot and the side profile shot (the close up of the temple especially) that reveal just how good this is. conservative, elegant & artistic
  5. If you have to go to an effort to make it look bad then it was never even bad to begin with. Said it before but I'll say it again ... total win. I suspect you won't need to think about this stuff for a very long to come
  6. Thanks so much for making the effort to repost this! Repair cases are harder to come by and research so it's always encouraging to see such a good result emerge. You must feel happy man.
  7. So @SprayPaintwhen do you start your new career as a hair model? Keep getting better and better!
  8. I used to think this thread was interesting being it was a clinic result (i.e. showcase result) where a doctor demonstrated to the public his abilities as a HT doc and was NOT a patient complaining that they had undergone a medical procedure for what amounts to no discernible cosmetic difference. I now believe it has become more interesting in terms of the arguments put forward to support such a result; staggered work? A HT as a preventive measure against an unstable hairline when the patient wasn’t even taking fin before the procedure? The doctor has other good results and is nice? The doctor needs some help with his photography? While I am all for giving the benefit of the doubt (and 100% support Bill's suggestion that Dr. Arocha or one of the staff can explain this more fully), the doctor has been in the business for decades and very clearly has a backdrop and a lighting rig set up in order to showcase his results so it's not like he's not making an effort. Bizarre
  9. Wow. bloxham's FUT scars are top 5%. He makes me want to go to medical school and become a HT doc as well Congrats man .. looks awesome even at this early stage. you must be over the moon.
  10. I wish I knew more about this but I'll answer in the hopes someone else can add to it as well. if that's the length you want to wear your hair it's better to look into SMP instead. If you really must go the HT route though my understanding is that African Americans are directed more towards FUT procedures (as opposed to FUE given there is a greater difficulty in figuring out hair direction). Whatever you decide please research thoroughly and ask your doctor/clinic for a tonne of examples before committing to anything; doctors are always willing to operate but it doesn't mean it's always in your best interest Best of luck!
  11. I believe medical treatments like fin and minox work best in the crown areas so your experience matches the norm (meaning that such medications are not as effective on the front) The forelock is that area in the middle of the front of your hairline, so if you are a classic NW3 it sounds like your temples have just continued to recede While continuing any medications is always a decision to made by the patient, as long as you don't have any side effects then what is the harm? Especially given the fact your dermatologist has noticed more volume in areas and you've noticed some improvements as well. If you planning any future surgery it's also strongly recommended by most doctors and clinics to be on fin for at least a year before any surgical date in order to prevent any shockloss to the surrounding native hairs, and also to continue taking it in order to maintain as much native hair as you have for the future. Otherwise you'll just be chasing any future hairloss with more surgeries.
  12. Eagerly following this one! If your results even come close to the current results you have with toppik it's going to be awesome Do you know how far the hairline was lowered (ballpark figure?)
  13. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/53276-raymond-konior-md-chicago-hair-institute-1940-graft-frontal-and-donor-scar-restoration/?tab=comments#comment-494254 Did my repairs and offered me patient support when my previous surgeon completely dropped me. Worth considering
  14. um seriously, why is a recommended doctor on this forum posting private email exchanges and photos on a public forum. this is entirely unprofessional and disturbing behaviour.
  15. that broke me man. damn im sorry i think you're right about not having a repair section actually - it was merely a suggestion because I hate the idea of someone who needs help falling through the cracks. Repair patients such as the one Melvin suggested will always receive attention considering just how badly the patient was botched, whereas I was more concerned with the ones that might need other forms of support that might simply go unnoticed. i realise my suggestion might also lead to certain clinics taking advantage of the more vulnerable members of our forum which is troubling. I still believe repair patients fall are those that have not obtained a natural (i.e. non surgical) appearance, but given your experiences I see where you are coming from, so I guess I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come here and share your knowledge. It only benefits the community.