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  1. This actually me me feel less guilty about getting my own HTs. His hair looks awesome. Looks like he had a few FUT's and at least one FUE (the extractions below the scar). Cheers for sharing Cosmo!
  2. I asked one doctor about it and they believed it had to do with the larger size of the incisions (i.e. more common than not with pre-made openings); the scar which forms around the hair follicle early on during the healing process creates a tight grip which somehow changes the morphology of the skin surface. Thus a "kink" is formed. Relaxation of this grip should (hopefully) occur over time.
  3. Hi all, hope everyone is ok during this time .. Just wondering for those that have experienced hair loss due to stress, - How long did it take you to recover (i.e. months to years)? - Did you recover at all? - And is there a way to tell whether your hair loss is due to stress or MPB? Thanks in advance.
  4. Generally speaking, most bad cases do not involve a patient being denied a proper pre-surgical consult, nor do they concern being operated on by someone against a patient's prior consent. When I realised what was happening - and that Devroye would not be the one operating on me during my surgery - I had a panic attack, was given a valium, and woke up at the end of the day to be told 800 more grafts were extracted than planned. While most clinics do not charge extras in such cases, I only found out the following day from Devroye's financial officer just how much more money I was expected to pay. Not only were his results poor and in need of further surgery, but the way I was treated by Devroye was utter bullshit; once I settled my final payment in Belgium I barely got any acknowledgement from him ever again. And the only reason I put up with all this was because of Devroye's reputation - he is an award winning doctor recommended on this site. So while I respect the work you do Melvin, I find your response here to be fucking insulting. [deepest apologies to OP if I hijacked your thread]
  5. LOL. I probably found this more of a struggle than the ugly duckling stage - It just feels so unnatural trying to take photos of the top of your head.
  6. A common question in the HT community (I was confused for a long time about this as well because I had different clinics tell me different things). Melvin gives a great analogy about it at the bottom of this thread;
  7. Thought the same. Also wondered as it was refined hairline work why Diep didnt extract the singles/finer hairs from above the ears.
  8. If the patient does not require any further surgeries due to MPB being stabilised, or the patient does not want any further procedures, or simply cannot afford them in the future (Dadda even says he has limited funds) then this logic falls completely flat. It's fine to argue that a portion of the donor should remain untouched for further operations, but then why not at least make an effort to leave the donor looking cosmetically appealing??? I also don't understand exactly how this approach can "reduce the scarring". How does this work exactly? The extraction tool is the same, the scars would be the same, the patient heals the same, so the emphasis then becomes all about the extraction pattern - which everyone here rightly observes is strange. If the argument is that FUE reduces the overall density of the donor, then it becomes absurd to argue that it's somehow better to confine the extraction pattern to a single, smaller (and more noticeable) area. And that area isn't even uniform here. I agree. Given that every top tier clinic spreads out the extractions evenly, and every other top tier clinic uses a smaller punch size than Diep's 1mm punch, my (unfortunate) conclusion is to agree with @pre-screened and @PlzRespond that this was done to convenience the doctor. The fact that Dadda even says Diep was running behind all but confirms this. Thankfully it was only a small number of grafts so the donor will likely look fine. One truly worries however when there are larger graft numbers involved and this same "philosophy" is applied to those cases (as we have seen elsewhere on this forum) Let's at least hope the results are good. Wishing you the best @Dadda, keep us updated!
  9. Sorry to answer but thought I'd drop my two cents; IAHRS is NOT the association that separates top quality surgeons nor offers patients any type of guarantees - it's just one type of membership. For example Doganay is part of the IARHS and he's god awful, then again Hasson and Wong, Bisanga and Cooley are all part of it and they all would be considered elite. This is where the "research" side of things matters. IMO patient results (such as this one and others found on this site) are your best guide to navigating the industry.
  10. Maybe search out for oral minox instead? Washing your hair with argan oil shampoos (which act as a volumiser) might be another approach if your looks too dry and wispy after washing it.
  11. Yeah I assumed price was some sort of a reliable indicator as well, and paid a lot more than i was expecting to for a bad HT thinking it would turn out good. Tough industry to navigate - even when you think you know enough.
  12. How many more grafts with FUT depends on your scalp laxity. Ask the docs you consulted with for an approx donor capacity (remember that your donor thins over time so they say on average youll lose 10%, obviously some more, some less). If youre getting estimates for FUE at 5000 grafts for a first session that (might suggest) you have more left in the tank after that. Yes. Its best to assume medication just delays the inevitable, but that "delay" might be good enough for years, even decades to come depending on its efficacy. When you combine your native hair with your HT results too, that only enhances the overall result. Why did Rahal say shave your head? Did they turn you down as a patient?
  13. Thats phenomenal ... I always feel so happy when i hear of docs in this industry that truly seem to care about what they do, and am also happy they can help you out of your situation. Best of luck!
  14. Almost nothing, but in that link you posted it has him using an Artas for FUE which is considered outdated/bad for scarring (particularly for those with curly hair - i even believe there are lawsuits).