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  1. 5 months is typically the minimum amount of time the donor needs to heal. your issue wasn't really a matter of healing though as your extraction pattern wasnt approached in a homogenous fashion, so this was always going to be the likely end result. If you do ever do get another operation to accomodate future loss its going to be a real easy fix, but yeah i really dont get the rationale for this. having said that you can easily get away wth a number 4. I think its probably going to be one of things that now youre self conscious about it it has the potential to annoy you - if you can dont let it (and then please tell me to take my own advice lol). please continue to keep us updated!
  2. Great to see early growth which is good! Pretty sure nobody would notice your donor outside of the HT world (and even then prob not at that length). Is that as low a guard as you want to shave your head?
  3. 1) It is a gamble and there are always risks, but you REALLY managed to minimise those risks by choosing a world class doc who genuinely cares about his patients. Id take some comfort in that. Given your concerns about future loss I would try and discuss that them with DrK himself. Are you doing FUT or FUE? In terms of whether the operation itself would be rendered useless, i dont see how ... youre a NW3 and (im assuming) doing a hairline restoration so would be focusing on the most cosmetically important feature to frame your face. The only thing you need to be aware of is future loss is inevitable and you need to accomodate for that in terms of more surgery/finances somewhere down the line should you advance to a higher NW. 2) Not a big issue, as most surgeons can pretty much eyeball a good donor. Im originally from Australia myself and flew to DrK for my first operation only relying on photos. I guess if you really adamant you could buy a scope and take pics of your donor yourself and ask if there are any issues. And yeah i wouldnt bother with the Australian HT clinics, they are pretty much a joke. Lockdown there is pretty insane btw, hope things change real soon
  4. I assume Melvin meant extraction process (i.e. extracting the grafts with FUE, or removing the strip with FUT). The difference in graft number estimates will always vary from clinic to clinic - and can often change dramatically from that of online estimates from physical examinations - but if i were to guess it might come down to their philosophy; some HT clinics do restorative HT's (only transplant the balding areas), while others provide a preventative approach (transplant the bald areas and go further into areas of future balding). This can lead to massive differences in graft counts. It might also come down to hair type; patients with thin hair might be suggested they need far more grafts to achieve an illusion of density than those with coarse hair. It all really depends. Probably helpful to ask the clinic themselves why specifically in your case
  5. i dont think they cheat per se, but I would definitely argue their approach is less artistic and thought-out than other clinics which have more direct doctor involvement. And so that might be reflected in their higher graft numbers. Asmed are also not known for their conservatism, so comparing different graft estimates between clinics can also be difficult. Hair selection matters (there are different types of hair located throughout the donor), the placement of grafts matter, hair direction matter. If getting a HT is about creating an "illusion of density" it's how a clinic approaches these things (and more) that distinguishes an average clinic from a great one - there is an artistry to this field after all. IMO Asmed basically just get the job done - which for a lot of guys is enough. I dont know your current situation or what happened specifically, but im sorry about your hairline. All I can hope is that you still have a viable donor supply and some options to fix it. If it helps Ive seen a few repair cases by Feriduni lately where he has fixed and redrawn the hairline which looked amazing.
  6. amazing response @FUEgetaboutit if i had to do this over again id lean towards the preventative approach (even if its a potential waste of grafts upfront) if it meant avoiding more surgery and ultimately being left with a natural appearance no matter the outcome. wishing you a great result!
  7. Some suggestions: - graft survival peaks around 2k grafts, so small conservative sessions are probably better if you have the funds/time - Most US docs by law have to do the incisions/extractions themselves, so doing more than 2k in a day would prove difficult (particularly if its FUE) - FUE tends to thin the donor out quite quickly as you are extracting the best hairs/grafts thus effectively leaving the leftover hairs to provide enough density for the donor. Some cautious/ethical surgeons dont like doing more than 1500 in a session because of this - the "all your eggs in one basket problem"; say you do a 5k megasession and you get no growth, or your donor is not respected and you suffer from scarring or donor depletion etc,, then what the hell are you supposed to do next? Given the average donor is roughly around 6k, youre essentially leaving yourself with little options should that one operation go wrong - The donor also thins over time, and MPB is unpredictable. So given this (and the fact getting a HT is a long term commitment) each surgery should be planned to get the maximum coverage while always leaving you options. Look up halo of baldness in the literauture (basically guys got their crowns done, only to continue to bald and be left with a bald rim). - Generally speaking there are only a 2 or 3 clinics that I've seen are consistent with their megasession results (and no i dont include Asmed). - there are also a constant stream of patients with crap donors from budget clinics I think its an industry where caution should be preached at every step, because its really fucking awful to see some poor guy out of options just from one bad choice.
  8. Diep can get decent results with it (Melvin the moderator is a 2x Diep patient) if youre worried try checking some Diep patients here. their results should be a guide to yours sounds like things are a bit rushed at the clinic as another patient of theirs recently came online and talked about how things were organised if youre at all concerned about anything else just keep asking questions. all the guys here will try and help
  9. from my understanding temple points are some of the hardest work to do in the HT world; not only are they in a prominent position, but the hair selection, design and angulation needs to be just perfect for it to look good. Very few clinics/docs can achieve this, and given the limitations of the donor supply most seem to want to focus on prioritising general coverage first given the average patient needs a good 500-800 grafts total to fill in these areas. You are right though, OP would look better with them, and given his temple points have not receded much at all probably wouldnt need that much
  10. My best guess is you just your hairline filled in a bit like this; I have to agree with @PizzaWolf that the risk vs rewards in this industry are pretty unfavourable for your amount of loss, so if were absolutely adamant about a HT youd have to choose VERY wisely. The closest example I can think comes from my own surgeon who used about 1000 grafts for a similar case; Good luck
  11. Technically youd have to ask Asmed themselves for a proper response, but my best guess is they do it to adhere to the "one and done approach" .... AKA going for the biggest cosmetic benefit possible in a single surgery .... AKA taking as much money from you as possible. While their donors always look pretty impressive and ive seen a few great result from them, they are probably best suited to guys on the higher NW scale looking to get the most coverage possible in a single session. Given graft survival and blood supply peaks around 2k I dont find their approach (nor their general hairline design) advisable, but when you take into account the shitty nature of this industry they are still far above average in most respects.
  12. jesus your hair looks crazy good. and the current repair work by Mwamba looks amazing. makes me wish we could see more patient results of his here ...