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  1. @RecessionProofSolid advice! @lasercap ... man you have must have some wild stories about all the strange stuff that goes in this industry
  2. Amazing @LaserCap Ive only ever heard of doctors performing "rows" on patients ... you would think some things should be obvious not to do I guess because of the massive time delay between surgery and results a noobie doctor might go a long time before being fully aware of the consequneces of their surgical choices. the konior gabel book "Hair Restoration, An Issue of Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics, E-Book " is effectively full of essays written by the top docs in the field. I sort of wish there was a patient written guidebook taking you step by step on how to navigate the industry (is there one?). I think one of the hardest things to do as a patient is knowing what are the right questions to ask, and then even when you get an answer it can be difficult in knowing how exactly to interpret the answers. It seems like you have to become an expert just to understand basic things.
  3. Read a hair transplant textbook - there are some available online. Theres no real "authority" or way to properly educate yourself so reading the same material that other doctors read and understanding the limitations of surgery is the best way to insulate yourself from getting taken advantage of by some of the more unscrupulous clinics. I always found it funny how certain clinics sell things. For example there was a study that found that anything under 90% growth was considered poor, and yet one well known clinic advertises that as its selling point ("we guarantee 90% growth") so they are essentially guaranteeing to do the bare minimum. If you can properly educate yourself suddenly youre able to properly manage your expectations and understand how to intepret a patient or clinic result. It also means you can spot a charlatan (like a hair loss guru or shitty marketting) a mile off.
  4. Fascinating. This also seems like a solid argument as to why only a doctor (or a highly trained tech who could properly analyse the grafts) should be the ones to perform the extraction process. Thanks for updating us.
  5. it doesnt really make sense to me either. why would you try an extract a graft from your donor where theres no hair? it technically wouldnt be considered a graft then, so it seems they are just causing scarring 🤔
  6. I was more scared at the fact he transplants at 100 hairs per cm2, which is not only completely unnecessary but entirely reckless and negligent (if true). Id like to think its some sort of translation error
  7. Nov 2021? Wow i think Dr K's waiting list keeps growing. I think the perimeter you reference is called "the halo of baldness" in the literature, where a patient continues balding around the rim of his transplanted hair and it leaves a bald halo. Its incredibly hard to predict for patients under the age of 40, but i suspect it also wouldnt take too many grafts to at least give the appearance of thinning or density in that region. It's interesting but i cant really see it in the photos (which at least gives me some personal hope as i had an unethical doctor place hairs in my crown and this "halo" is my own fear as I want to avoid any further surgery). Im guessing its more noticeable when your hair is wet/sunlight etc
  8. i thought you had (according to Konior) a " full zone restoration with a single session of 4478 grafts. The primary focus of graft placement was directed to density enhancement in the front half of his balding regions. "? I just had a 2nd pass at my hairline with Konior a few months ago so i suspect you;ll be more than happy with your future gameplan. And thanks for coming back and updating your status. I look at results like yours as some kind of indication of my future. Nice to know it still looks great
  9. I found out 45 minutes into my operation that the doc i consulted with was not the one that was actually going to be operating on me. I simply assumed the person with me was a nurse doing the injections and couldnt figure out why it was taking so long. I eventually asked "who are you?" and only then got told that they were another doctor in the clinic. If i had known from the start who would be operating on me i would have simply walked out.
  10. Of course they don't ... theres a reason why "competency" is considered high praise in this industry. Any regulation or reform will only come from the patients themselves, but generally speaking once their results come in (besides repair patients who are stuck living in a particular situation) they mostly move on with their lives. So the docs themsleves arent motivated, and the patients (being anonymous and sometimes once off consumers), arent incentivised enough to stick about long term. @Sean is right about tattoo studios etc in particular countries. I never thought about that.
  11. Now if you could just put this post up as some sort of disclosure clause to any prospective patient we would all be a lot better off. I think a lot of patients (myself included) hear the word "doctor", see the results, go by a clinic's reputation and for better or worse have certain expectations. Regulation will always be out of reach so I will always be left wondering wouldn't it be better if there was a way we could formally recognise and distinguish those doctors that behave ethically from the rest. Medical boards are compiled of doctors and doctors give each other the awards, and yet patients are the ones that have to live with the results, so why don't we have a patient led awards system in place? Has anyone ever thought to create one? Or why not use this forum and have a special section of doctors publicly willing to sign a code of ethics statement guaranteeing to uphold the integrity of their patients; such a public statement could then be used as a selling point to patients while doctors get more business in return. There are some doctors that go so far above and beyond for their patients they are amazing, seems a shame to not honour them. Just an idea ...
  12. The choice ultimately comes down to your preferences, but if i were in your shoes (and i still had good scalp laxity) id max out my strip first for a few reasons; 1) the crown is considered the black hole of grafts and you might ultimately need a lot (im assuming you have still retained a lot of native hair even though you're off propecia) 2) you already have the FUT scar 3) FUT is cheaper I think the choice will ultimately come down to how many grafts are recommended to fill in your crown area, but as youre off propecia you will also have to assume that another surgery will result in some shock loss, so id prepare myself for that. I believe Dr Wong is known for his crown work (the Wong whirl) so id probably return to those guys given your results And btw if thats what your hair looks like off fin after 9 years, thats so insanely natural you give me hope ill be left with a similar result. Looks great
  13. Every guy has been through that lonliness, and if anything not talking about it just makes matters worse when youre trying to discuss what to do or figure out a plan. Ive still never told anyone ive had a HT in real life and its done me more harm than good, which I know is silly because it's just hair and yet it feels too vain to even mention. EVeryone here is giving you advice because we are all patients and nobody wants to suffer a bad result, especially if youre highly motivated to do this just in time for your wedding. Did the doctor you consulted with give you a rough estimate of your donor capacity or tell you what Norwood level you are likely to end up based on family history etc? If you had that basic info it would be good to develop some kind of plan going into this Are you on any medications btw?
  14. Its typically not, and the clinic listed usually has below average results (i even saw a patient in person when i consulted at the sydney office). Having said that agree with you that it's a really solid result with a smart conservative hairline. It's common to not achieve perfect density on a first pass and tbh given the length of your hair i barely noticed any issues. Regarding the 700 grafts was it another FUT operation or FUE? I believe that clinic uses ARTAS for FUE is why I ask.