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  1. Shock loss is always a possibility, even more-so if you're not on any medications, so whether it's ultimately worth the risk it is entirely up to you. Stick and place technique appears to be the least harmful approach of transplanting between "miniaturised" native hairs and minimising shock loss, however only a handful of surgeons do this. If you're ultimately destined to lose the hair then any plan or approach you come up with your surgeon should try and take this future balding into account.
  2. Ultimately depends on the clinic/doctor so there is no "standard" response time. I know some clinics that are very slow to respond, if they respond at all (Cuoto), while others will respond immediately but give no real analysis. I thought online consultations were free as well - it even has it on the advertising for this site; "Consult a top Hair Physician online. Physicians we recommend are carefully prescreened. Find one near you and consult online for free" Unless it is an in person consultation where they physically inspect you and analyse you donor, im not sure what information you could get that would cost $200 that couldnt be gotten from posting your pics and asking some of the more senior members here for advice (some even used to work for docs). I will say some docs are far better at online consultations than others (Feriduni, Bloxham were amazingly in-depth and engaged), whereas I've heard stories of stories of others where a doc will just tell a patient they are a good candidate and try and schedule an operation. I'd try and let that be a guide to how a clinic is run.
  3. Normal to have doubts, and I still second guess my last HT with DrK. I only found out at xmas that my oldest brother suffers from severe retrograde alopecia, but had absolutely no signs of it just a few years ago. As I appear to be mimicking his MPB, and a significant amount of grafts were used from there for my hairline, Im now worried I might have to go back one day just to compensate for any future loss. But hey I might not. When DrK inspected me last year I had no signs of it at all (and still don't) so in the end it's a gamble. And do i look good now - pretty amazing in fact. You've picked a doc who is highly conservative with graft usage, so as long as you start conservative and always allow room for the unpredictability of MPB you'll always have options. It's only when there is no plan and doctors are just willing to operate then it's a major problem. I remember reading a post by Bloxham who talked about how you have to assume the meds are just a slowing down of the patient's eventual NW pattern, and a good doc will try and think in terms of this. So I can only echo the sentiments of other posters here, so while YES its a commitment, as long as you're aware that future operations might be in order, then thats the best you can do.
  4. Besides being a case of poor growth (which can realistically happen in any clinic) its a little strange because there doesnt seem to be an established hairline; https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/44921-4424-grafts-fut-drhasson-feb24-2016/
  5. please stop looking at youtube and google results and search for only the patient verified ones. jesus man.
  6. I don't think its completely selfish, and i fear such a mentality and judgement would only make guys not want to ask for help in the first place. While I agree it might not necessarily be about defaming, not giving a surgeon's name at this point can be about giving them the benefit of the doubt until you know more information, and if there are issues rather than go through an ugly public ordeal you have the potential to come to agreement privately. It's his body and his choice @VJC it's pretty much impossible for us to tell how many grafts were implanted. I mean if you have any clear (non bloody) pics you could potentially go through and count the implanted grafts via microsoft paint or something (marking them off one by one as you go), and then you could check that number against how many donor extractions were taken. I actually remember reading a thread once where a lovely wife did that a few times for her anxious husband. Failing that wait for the results and see how it goes. I'm hoping you get a good result regardless!
  7. @hairlossPA should probably be noted that me, 1978Matt and RecessionProof all got FUT with Konior in case you were after a wider survey of patient experiences. As you said you were looking at Hasson, (who like Konior is known for his incredible surgical skills), it might be easier to message some Hasson patients privately for their FUT stories - or even tag some here in the hopes this thread might help others. My 2 cents is that I think youre looking at the best of the best with Hasson for FUT, so whatever you decide I wish you luck!
  8. then you're good to go! hopefully there isnt much shock loss
  9. @duchaine say if you want to lower your hairline by 1cm, you will need about 1000grafts to do it.
  10. Agree with @Abi28 1500-2000 grafts isnt actually all that big a variable when coming to an estimate, especially if you are sending online photos. This basic estimate might even change compared from the photos you sent to say if you were actually to see the doc in person; being that things like hair quality (finer hair requires more grafts to achieve an illusion of fullness, coarser hair requires less) the health of your donor, and what your actually goals are all need to be taken into consideration. A basic rule of thumb is that for every 1cm you will need about 1000 grafts, so im guessing you are either a NW2.5 or a NW3.
  11. If you're at all concerned it's best to play it safe and start with a high guard, see if there's any shock loss etc, then work your way down incrementally to a point where you feel comfortable. If you accidentally go too low you can always use something like dermatch to try and conceal the area. I've also seen guys give themselves haircuts where they cut the areas above and below the FUT scar quite short, but leave the hairs around it longer. It's all about experimenting and figuring out what you're comfortable with. When did your doc say it's safe to cut your hair after the FUT?
  12. This might not be the answer you were expecting ... but I would try and use that fear to motivate your research. Don't just look at the before and after results of docs, but look specifically at their immediate post-op work; see how respectful they are towards the donor and recipient areas, how clean their work is, and read about how their patients found the recovery process. You'll never change the fact this is surgery and there are risks, but you can gain a sense of control by picking the right doctor and knowing exactly what to expect from them. EDIT: and yes @duchaine the valium helps lol
  13. Do you regret getting FUT? Nope. Only regret FUE How's the scar? My FUT scar from Konior is smaller in diameter than all my FUE extractions from Devroye's clinic (who coincidentally invented the WAW instrument for FUE used in most of the top tier clinics like H&W, Feriduni etc). I used to be able to cut my donor down to a number 2 after my FUT procedure. After my FUE it's at a number 4/5 How was the recovery? Barely remember it, so I guess that means there weren't any issues. Do you feel good about the results? Results were great for my FUT, but I only had 2100 grafts done and I was a diffuse NW5 so i was always going to need subsequent procedures. I only really regret going to another surgeon and not pursuing FUT to the end How is your laxity? (before and after) Great laxity before and after.
  14. While everyone here has focused on the problems of bargain shopping for a HT, paying extra doesn't necessarily insulate you from a bad result either. I went to a supposed “top tier” doctor in Belgium that ended up charging me an extra 3-4k more for my surgery (he decided to expand the operation when I was unconscious and exceed our agreed upon graft count, only then to have his financial secretary awkwardly tell me the next day how much more I would be paying for the honour). Not only did I end up with a bad result from that surgery, but then I had to turn around and spend another 12k with another surgeon just to fix it. All in all I spent around 28k (including flights accomodations etc) and had to go into debt over what should have been a straightforward surgical experience from an award winning veteran of this industry - so no, not happy about the price and regret getting a HT in the first place. I've also seen enough bad results (even botched results) from prominent doctors that price isn't really a good gauge of quality in this industry either - all that matters is patient verified results.