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  1. I guess there's still a bit of confusion regarding how Trichopigmentation works. Hopefully someone who understands the chemistry will opine.
  2. Can anyone with a background in biochemistry please explain how Trichopigmentation particles are only 15 microns in size and can therefore pass through the macrophages of the body? Does this mean that the particles are COMPLETELY expelled out of the body? Thank you.
  3. In your opinion, would the Tricho eventually disappear to nothing on its own?
  4. Can anyone vouch that their Trichopigmentation COMPLETELY disappeared after a certain amount of time? Thanks!
  5. I wonder if the ink stays inside the body even after the ink disappears from the skin. Or do the macrophages eliminate all of the particles out of body?
  6. Thanks. I would love to have this performed on my entire scalp but I am afraid. I have fair skin. Would you recommend this procedure? Would you do it again? Thanks!
  7. I've seen Eric's work in person in New Jersey (minutes away from New York city)at Ahead Ink. It looks fantastic. I'm getting my scalp inked by him as soon as I can.
  8. I called Milena Nardi. I asked her reps if they could show me data indicating the safety of trichopigmentation. They said no.
  9. Hello, I'm wondering if any forum members are willing to impart your experiences with Trichopigmentation. Have you experienced any negative side effects such as infection, lumpy scars, persistent redness, swelling, etc.? Any feed-back is greatly appreciated.
  10. I understand that the particles in Milena Lardi's ingredients are only 15 microns, and should therefore be expelled from the body. Is there any data to illustrate this?
  11. I think your scalp looked okay before your procedure but in the 'after' photo it looks simply amazing! Your crown looks much more dense and your result looks so natural. Are you able to shave with a regular disposable razor blade or would a razor blade possibly remove the ink?
  12. Dear Milena Lardi, I have observed your work as well as the work of your students and it is quite beautiful. The temporary nature of your product is equally impressive since it does not require long term commitment on the part of the client. My only issue is my own ignorance. I do not have a background in chemistry, dermatology or physiology and am therefore wholly un-educated in the understanding of how these pigments are released from the body and the entire physiological response in general. I have read your assertions on this page regarding the safety of the process,
  13. You're a fool. I would consider only: Cooley Bernstein Wong If you think they're too expensive, consider the expense of regret.
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