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  1. Dr. Karadeniz is rude. Plain and simple.
  2. I hear ya. Woulda ya gonna do?
  3. I know some experts who advise taking only brand name Propecia.
  4. True

    What should I do?

    You look great. I wouldn't risk surgery at this point. Just my 0.02
  5. Why would you show the unflattering photos of clients immediately after having undergone the procedure? Doesn't seem like a good marketing move to me. You can see how potential clients will be confused, thinking that this is the final outcome look.🤔
  6. Who did your temporary SMP? I'm very interested in this procedure for my Norwood 6 scalp.
  7. Dr. Ball of the Maitland Clinic is probably one of the best doctors in the world.
  8. True

    I deeply regret getting SMP

    Temporary SMP faces out 100%
  9. Hmm..... Looks great, obviously. How does the crown look?
  10. I think SMP can be a great adjunct to a transplant. I also think it's a great option that high Norwoods may want to consider. At the very least, it's the safest procedure at an affordable price.
  11. Are you on Finasteride? How many grafts?
  12. Sean, did you mean to type 30,000 hairs or grafts?