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  1. Oh nice! It'll actually be my 3rd but my 2nd with Koray erdogan.
  2. Nope just here in Scottsdale Arizona is around 10k for a really good surgeon probably around February April next year
  3. I'll be documenting everything in this thread so we will see. The thread will also by consequence see my nose job improvement too from all the hair progress pics.
  4. My Hair transplant correction coming up, some muscle growth, a small nose job, and some cool tattoos will really make me look even quite a bit better over the next year haha. That's the plan
  5. 40 pounds or 88kg. Took me 6-7 months. Went from probably over 20% body fat slightly to 11% body fat. I'm tired of dieting even though I want to get to 8%. I'm just gonna eat at maintenance calories for 3-4 weeks and restore my physiology to gain muscle and then add a small surplus of 175 calories to gain strength and size slowly for awhile now and try to maintain body fat level and then in year or so try to diet to 8% next time.
  6. At least you can see how much my face slimmed down from all the fat I lost lol The hairline looks like a big change here but that's because the top Pic has lots of shock loss. If the shock loss wasn't there then the difference is much much less dramatic. Next year I'll be getting a nose job haha.
  7. Nothing I don't to use product I like dry full natural look. However im obviously not full lol
  8. Wtf lol. Nah man. I love women. Huge reason why I'm doing these hair transplants is to be better looking and more confident and get higher quality women. Looks matter
  9. Hey! I had my procedure last November a bit after you and I'm getting a free warranty procedure in November by asmed as well because my yield was pretty bad
  10. Dude it actually looks really good now you can't see your scalp and the line is solid. Definitely better than the results I got. Hopefully my warranty procedure is better in 3 months. This gives me more hope. Compared to where you came from that's a great improvement
  11. I've been on tinder and bumble a very long time ever since 2012 and I've been single the entire time. They're all just kind cute you know not like beautiful and super hot women
  12. It was on a different forum called bald truth talk. But yeah it looks amazing
  13. I'm not sure why j3rrys comment disappeared about linking the video from YouTube but luckily I saw it before it was removed. It was just about some unnamed turkey surgeon but it definitely wasn't erdogan. Asmed uses microscopes to check singles doubles triples and quadruple grafts. Also I healed very quickly and easily so there weren't problems there. I also felt my hairline design was great and all the angles looked great but for some reason I didn't yield. Whenever I see this Asmed result I am impressed.
  14. Should i do the progress pictures for the warranty surgery here or should I make a separate thread for it? What do you all think
  15. You could do another transplant to increase density. That red leather interior tho haha. Fresh.
  16. If you get the thin area reinforced with a other surgery and if they finally become non transparent with that line it would a very nice improvement from where you started
  17. I got on Propecia for 11 months and that shit fucked me up