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  1. You know I haven't actually seen many H and w patient posted results on this forum. Are there many?
  2. Yeah I'm just going to take the sunk cost and go with a different surgeon. BTW it took you 8 months for your post finasteride syndrome? Did you have it to the point where you couldn't get a hard on no matter how hard you tried? That lasted for a month or so for me I think then it started getting better was actually able to get it on within just a few months of quitting the drug
  3. You are 5 months post op from a second surgery with someone else? Who did you go to for your surgery in May and how is it coming along at 5 months so far? How many grafts did you use for this one?
  4. Oh here are a few recent tats I got haha. Qtr sleeve coming in November
  5. Yeah I agree. Just trying to find whatever he can to cover himself. When I consulted with him as well he said I was an ideal candidate for him
  6. Yeah but as long as I'm going to a clinic that is consistently rated the best then that's all I can do. Their reviews on Google are very impressive as well
  7. Well I'm just gonna go with hasson and his suggestion of 1500-1800 late next year around November or December. I feel like even 1000 to reinforce my current hairline as long as the yield is good will have a good cosmetic improvement for me.
  8. I don't completely agree with their conclusion that my thin hairs is the main reason for my lack of results. I still think it's because my yield is so low. You an clearly see when looking at the base of the hairs in my hairline that there is a lot of space between hairs where I had grafts transplanted. Meaning many did not survive. If I had a higher and appropriate yield then you would see more hairs per Sq cm exiting my scalp. But you an clearly see bald spots and too many spaces between hairs and my before and after is not consistent with a high yield 5000 graft surgery even with "thin" hairs. I will be very happy if my next surgeon can help strengthen this area I drew a line in quite a bit
  9. Asmed response: Hi Derek, we have been discussing your case thoroughly your case together with Dr Koray, his work partner Mrs Dilek, the medical team and my colleagues. In fact, we did this several times as we have been following closely the evolution of your transplant since the beginning. We analyzed your most recent photos and your file, your characteristics, the grafts distribution and the technical aspects of the surgery. Your operation, in fact, was not easy overall and comparing it to ideal condition is not correct, because every person and every situation is different. In your case the factors who made your situation leas than ideal are the following: 1) Your operation is a second surgery. On top of that, a big punch was used by Artas Machine, which extracted all the best, healthiest grafts located on the occipital part of your donor area. 2) Impossibility of using Finasteride, which would have positively affected both the quality and preservation of your native hair, the ones transplanted during your first surgery, those of the operation you had with us, and your donor. The lack of use of Finasteride was the main cause of the shock loss you have been experiencing in the first months after the operation. 3) Your hair diameter is 56 micron, which is thin. For example today we operated one patient who had a hair diameter of 76 microns, roughly 30% thicker than yours. An ideal patient who has such thickness and is using Finasteride would need significantly fewer grafts than yours to achieve an ideal coverage. Given all the factors describes above, and how the result you had differs from your expectations, we understand your dissatisfaction. But at the same time, we came to the conclusion that your result is not bad given all the factors described above. But again you should not compare your case to one of an ideal candidate. This said we are ready to help you anytime and we can arrange a new operation for you anytime completely free of charge in the hope to make you happier and help you achieve your expectations.
  10. I'm not sure his name actually but they might be more understanding because my result really is pretty crappy considering my starting point and the number of grafts they wasted on me. And look at this bad bald spot in the corner
  11. From what I remember I gradually got better every month and I'm guessing it was about 6 months before I felt normal again or so
  12. I went in it for a year and started to experience some sexual sides and my first doctor cautioned me about it too so I stopped and then experienced post finasteride syndrome and my my dick was not functional at all for awhile no matter how hard I tried but eventually it got better. I will never use it again
  13. Yeah my hair causes me anxiety and insecurity every day. I think about it every day throughout the day. Every time I'm in the bathroom, see a mirror or reflective surface
  14. No they haven't but by offering the touch up it implies they agree. I told them I am turning the touch up down as I no longer have confidence in asmed also because there are too many poor reviews coming out online lately. I'm showing them before and after photos that make it extremely clear my yield is low and explaining to them that it is not fair to me given the 90% garuntee and that since I am refusing that they can fill my free touch up with a paying customer that will generate revenue for them and that given they have wasted so many of my grafts that I can never ever get back I think a partial refund is reasonable. Imagine going to a barber and getting a bad hair cut. They would offer a refund. Many companies offer refunds for poor service or products especially if they offer a garuntee. This should be no different. This is worse than just a bad haircut because I have permanent wasting of donor hairs that will directly hinder my ability to ever be satisfied by a hair transplant because of donor depletion by asmed with poor yield. They are reviewing my situation now and will get back to me this week
  15. I'll post it in my main thread 😊 I'll show you guys the tats I'm getting too lol. One is expensive from a top end artist the same week as my nose job next month
  16. I had a feeling I would get a bad result from day one given my luck and how I started to see bad results after I had already flown to see them in person for my consultation and then booked the surgery and paid the fee and paid for my second plane ticket that's when the bad results started popping up on this site
  17. As long as I can really thicken up my currently line so it is a solid line and not see through I will be more content
  18. I think hasson will help. I just researched the internet for months before asmed and everyone kept saying Koray erdogan was one of the top 3 in the world
  19. This is not a problem if hair diameter. Look at how many hairs are coming through my skin. That number is extremely pathetic. It's about how low my yield was I can't believe my crappy luck. 2 bad surgeries one with asmed and one with Shelly freidman and flew across the world twice for asmed that was supposed to be one of the best clinics in the world and I also wasted plane ticket I bought for November for them but I'm not going anymore lol. But my main concern is all the wasted grafts
  20. Before and after 5000 precious grafts were wasted....this honestly seems like one of the worst and lowest yield surgeries I've ever seen from asmed on here. Even my temples barely changed and I had 500 put into each temple After Before
  21. Yeah I saw. Hasson says I still have a good donor area CONSIDERING how much I have harvested already of course. He estimates I can do a 15-1800 surgery with him and then still have 1000 left for the future to keep things natural so I'll go with that plan.