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  1. Lol for sure. I'm a very open person. Right now I'm working full time plus working an additional 35-40 hours per week on starting up a few e commerce businesses. I still haven't decided on my next surgeon yet. Everyone says hw are consistently putting out great results but to be honest I don't see many patient posts showing off work from hw coming out weekly in the forums. I see posts showing other doctors work but usually struggle to find hw. The most recent 2 are not good. But there have been good ones in the past. Diep consistently puts out video results every single Friday and they're always really good. People will say it's too early to judge them, but I haven't ever seen a great result come from a result that was barely even visible at 4-5 months. I'm gonna focus on my business for probably another 4-6 months before I decide. I wanna see more recent results coming from both Diep and hw. So I probably won't be getting the next hair transplant until end of next year and it'll probably be Around 2000-2250 grafts, with about 500-750 of the grafts being in my vertex and crown area to fill it in.
  2. I also asked hw if there are any physiological factors that woild put them at a disadvantage for yield no matter how great the surgeon is and all the mentioned is not having good hair caliber or having not enough donor hair. Psychology can affect immune system and wound healing. However I am not severly psychologically crazy with extreme anxiety disorder and I heal from wounds and sleep just fine. I did not have poor yield because of "psychological" issues. It was the surgery itself that caused poor yield.
  3. Right now I'm deciding between diep and hw but I do hear about konior a lot and know he does the whole surgery
  4. I'm gonna have to do more research on him and his patient posted results
  5. No that's why I most recently started leaning toward hw
  6. Just followed. Hmm Idk if I really have any questions right now
  7. Oh what is that? I haven't heard of that. Are they going live on their instagram account for users of this forum to ask questions?
  8. Stress can affect immune system and wound healing however I heal from wounds just fine. I don't think it is psychological. Hasson also said that they haven't noticed any decrease in yield in patients with previous surgeries
  9. Honestly I've been checking the forums for new hasson reviews lately and I really don't see very often new hasson threads being started showing patient posted results as much as I see some other doctors being posted about
  10. Wow interesting to see 2 ppl experiencing bad results from hasson after everyone saying he's so great and I was just about decided on him. This same thing happened to me right before my Erdogan procedure and so many of my 5000 grafts got wasted too. 6 months is a good indicator if you're going to get results. Patients that get results always look significantly better at 6 months.
  11. After on the left and before on the right. It's tiny improvement so far but not what you'd expect at 6 months for a good result in my opinion based off experience seeing results from hair transplants
  12. This might be a poor Hasson and Wong result jeez its crazy how hair transplants are such an iffy cosmetic procedure. Hit or miss
  13. That doesn't sound very promising. To see absolutely no growth at 5.25 months isn't a good sign. Keep updating is every month! Haha
  14. I'm planning to go to Hansson this year and I don't want a widows peak or v either but you can easily tell him that and tweak the design of the line until you both agree. Irk be easy to tell if there will be a v or not based on the line he draws
  15. You're a new man. You really should trim the sides a lot though haha
  16. I am interested to see how this goes please continue to update! I am planning to go to Hasson later this year as well.
  17. I think I may just go with hw. He has the best balance of most patient reviews, results, and a short wait list. I can go with him in November but Diep is booked until next July and I don't want to do it in summer so I'd probably be waiting until next November and I don't want to wait that long lol. But here you can see its clear my hairline disappears and just filling in where I drew would transform my look. I basically just traced where my thin hairline is
  18. Well yeah I know it helps thicken miniaturized hair and increased hair caliber improves coverage. The sexual side effects are just too real for me to risk it again. Are you able to link me to those results? I haven't seen any patient posted results but if I can see some patient posted results of him that would help. I haven't been able.to locate any
  19. I would never do fut. My hair is only long on sides here because of quarantine I couldn't get haircuts. Yeah well Diep and Hansson sure wouldn't be posting their duds on their websites or the internet either. But the results couto posts are consistently more impressive than what hw posts imo. Not to say hw doesn't have some impressive results. But when I look at the pics they post themselves on their website, which would be their best most likely, their best doesn't seem to be as consistently good as coutos best. I think couto gets a higher yield. I think couto also does the entire surgery himself but I'm not sure I'll have to ask them when I call them at the number they provided for setting up my consultation and surgery with them. I'm just hesitant to call cuz I have to set my alarm clock for 3 in the morning. Given what my donor looks like as long as if I get a high yield I think the net affect of taking 1250 grafts out spread throughout the entire donor and filling in my thin hairline would be a net positive for sure
  20. Couto has many more impressive videos than any other surgeon ive seen. If you'd video collection doesn't wow you then no one's should haha. The wow factor from before and after results of hair transplant are from the transplant not from finasteride. Finasteride helps prevent further loss but won't make you go from looking bald to having a nice hairline like a transplant would. So the impressive results from transplant before afters are primarily all because of the surgery, not from the medication. Medication primarily preserves what you've got. And I know finasteride works but I've had shitty and scary as hell experiences on it and have read about the whole community of post finasteride syndrome and all. I'm not going on it again. I just need to get a good high yield surgery of about 1250 or so in my hairline I bet and save the rest for my crown and vertex
  21. Oh also I asked hw if they have experienced a hindrance to their yield on patients that have had multiple previous procedures and they said they do not notice any decrease in yield due to previous procedure. The bathroom lighting kind of simulates what it looks like in the sun outside during the day. I want my hairline to still be solid and frame my face when I am outside during the day. I don't want it to fade away and disappear with sunlight the way it does now. If it can be dense enough to frame my face and not disappear in sunlight then I'd be satisfied and content with it.