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  1. Turned out very well thanks.. not much change from the last pics I posted.
  2. No. Only you don’t know where I’m at because you don’t like looking at albums. Here’s a pic for you anyway. Ive definitely come a long way. Dr Bloxham says I still have another 6 months of thickening.
  3. Comparing myself to others on this site who’ve had surgery with Dr Bloxham they were certainly further along at 9 1/2 months than I am. Everything looks right on track aside from the front left area. Dr Bloxham assures me that I’m a slow grower and it’ll likely take me 18 months. The guy knows his stuff and I have no reason to doubt him. However, let’s keep in mind I’ve come a VERY long way. To illustrate that I’ve inserted a better before pic.
  4. Thanks Luke! If my grafts were in school they’d definitely be in the slow class lol
  5. Happy to report i've seen some nice gains this month. https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B13Grq0zwGNv0n7
  6. we had surgery the same day. I'm also still waiting for certain areas to fill in. Like you said (or someone said) we're very much at the halfway point so anything goes.
  7. Awesome buddy! Feeling a bit jealous to be honest. I'm 6 months and a week out and i'm waiting for my left side to fill in. Hopefully in a couple weeks i'll be where you're at!
  8. Interesting shape of the hairline. Not much can be done bout that. Nice denisity tho!
  9. Sup guys. Just hit the 6 month mark yesterday and i'm overall pleased with how things are moving. However, you can't help but compare your results with some of the amazing 6 month results you see online. My biggest gripes are the hair texture being wiry and one large thin spot that takes up most of the left side. 6 months is of course the halfway point so i'm looking forward to more growth. Here's a monthly album to help you get a better gauge on where i'm at. https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B13Grq0zwGNv0n7
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