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  1. Hi Payam, You do not look that bad in those last couple of photos and I am being totally honest with you. As someone already said, you have made your mind already that this procedure was a failure and just want to hear those people who confirm your theory and blindly ignore those who provide helpful and unbiased feedback. You know what? Maybe the way you are handling all this process is in fact a mirror of all your insecurities that you thought would be solved with a brand new hair. By looking at your photos before the surgery you look like a good looking guy so you should be really proud of you because at least you win the genetic lottery. If you want an utterly earnest and honest advice, please, do focus on yourself above everything else and do not put so much pressure on the end result of this hair transplant because if this hair transplant turns out to be an home run you will still be the same person thinking in the exact same way and you know where this will end up? Let me guess, you will try to find something else external to you where you delegate the responsibility of your happiness. Just to make it clear, I am not saying that you just have to give up on this hair transplant and do not be demanding with the clinic and the doctor but please give yourself some slack and focus on something else, please, do it to yourself! Peace, utxeee.
  2. Hi Handski, Great results, even if this is the final result you are way better than back then when you started. Can you, just upload some photos of your crown with no hair from the mid and front scalp covering it? Cheers, utxeee.
  3. Hi pourladanse, Could you disclosure the name of the surgeon? It seems he is standing up for his work despite in this case not being the optimal, so, it might be helpful for others users to know. Cheers, utxeee.
  4. Hi Sk78, You should be really thankful, amazing results so far. Can you upload some images of your crown? Cheers, utxeee.
  5. Hi jonyny, I see your point! Nonetheless, you may want to reach out to another top surgeon, you will not spend that much grafts touching up the hairline. Anyway, ASMED should definitely take your concerns into account at least providing a valid reason for their opinion. Cheers, utxeee.
  6. Hi jonyny, If you could upload some photos right before the second transplant would really help us providing an opinion. Based on these photos you have such a great density but I believe the hairline needs a touch up. Cheers, utxeee.
  7. JeanLDD, I must beg to differ on this, you are right only partially because despite being true everything you said about regulatory and economic issues, I do not consider any of those surgeons you mention top surgeons, as a matter of fact, I would only consider Erdogan in Turkey. Anyway, I believe both of us got our point across, so, it is up to prospective patients take this info into account and decide consciously. Cheers, utxeee.
  8. Hi JeanLDD, Even though I agree globally with what you have said, the economical aspect was just one more that work against Dr. Serkan Aygin. Turkish doctors are know to charge significantly less than other top european surgeons and Dr. Serkan Aygin charges about a third of renowned turkish surgeons - still seems suspicious to me and on top of that we have no significant sample size for assessing his work together with some documented evidences that his work and his clinic are far from what one would expect. Cheers, utxeee.
  9. Hi Donald, I do not want to come across as someone who is always contradicting your arguments but I really believe this discussion may be useful not only to prospective patients of Dr. Serkan Aygin but for every other person interested in a hair transplant. So, you are always saying that the top doctors charge way too much than they should and in turn Dr. Serkan Aygin just charges the right price as if this was not a business like any other and Dr. Serkan was like a good Samaritan doing this just for the sake of helping others, this sounds like bullshit to me! Besides that, it seems to me the definition of right price for you is the cheapest one and following that train of thought, then, all the top doctors are manipulating the hair transplant market by working together in order to rise the price. For me, Dr. Serkan is clearly the outlier here and not the other way around. Nevertheless, I just want to finish off my intervention in this thread with this thought-provoking question: "Would not you find it suspicious if someone tried to sell you a Ferrari for the price of a Ford?" Finally, do not get me wrong, I am just arguing against your arguments not against you. So, once again, if you do go ahead with the surgery, please, create a thread in order to share your experience with everyone else. Cheers, utxeee.
  10. Hi Donald, I just wanted to warn you that you should really think twice before picking a surgeon even more when you pay far less when compared to other top surgeons. But if you have already seen good results and did your research then go for it. Please, let us know how it went if you decide to go ahead with the surgery. Cheers, utxeee.
  11. Hi Donald, Well, I would not risk a surgery with a Doctor who has no proven history record besides one testimonial here and there, it is very suspicious to say the least. Besides that, you get what you pay for, so think twice before making a decision you may regret in the future. If I were you I would save some money and then have the surgery with a top surgeon like Dr. Erdogan, Bisanga, Lorenzo or Couto. Just my 2 cents. Cheers.
  12. Hi there, Just want to add some info to this discussion as I have been recommended by a friend to this doctor and I did my research. This is what I have just found: Failed transplant http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/172673-planning-doing-fue-transplant-dr-serkan-aygin.html [*]Poor clinic conditions mainly when compared to the publicly advertised http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/172673-planning-doing-fue-transplant-dr-serkan-aygin-2.html [*]Bad reviews of his work as well as poor post surgery care https://www.realself.com/forum/heard-dr-serkan-aygin-turkey Based on this data I do not find myself that much confident in risking a surgery like this at the hands of Dr. Serkan but this is always a personal decision. As the HRN's mantra goes, please, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Cheers.
  13. Hi MattyNJ, MWF stands for (M)onday, (W)ednesday and (F)riday and it simply means one just takes finasteride those 3 days during the week. As far as I know, this approach has two benefits, the first one is that it may prevent/lessen side effects and secondly you do not really need to take it every day because the drug half-life is about 6 hours[Finasteride], hence, if you take 1.25mg on Monday you will still have approximately 0.15mg[1.25/(48/6)] by the time you take another 1.25mg. Cheers, utxeee.
  14. Hi HairDew, Looks pretty good mostly if we take into account your original hairline! What about the crown pictures, can you upload them? Cheers, utxeee.