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  1. Hi All Long time no posting! Apologies I have been focused on other things and not been rushed to make any decisions. I have been in touch with ASMED. They have said I should have a top up of 2000 grafts to increase the density. They said they would need to see my results in person to see if I've had less than 90% graft growth. If so they said they would give me the grafts to make it up to 90% for free. I am currently researching and deciding what is the best thing to do. There have been quite a few cases like mine lately and I am concerned about going back. Given how many transplants he does though perhaps we are the minority. The things that make me want to go back are: Opp process clinic experience etc The quality of my donor area post opp Even though I didn't get the result I hoped for the difference between my pre and post opp is still a huge improvement. My concerns are: What if I still don't get the result I want I will have used 5200 grafts on the front half of my head leaving 2 - 3k+ for the crown is this enough? The photo below is my hair messed up in the brightest light with ASMED's recommendation. I still am not on meds and still plan not to go on them. Those are my thoughts so far Cheers
  2. Thanks, I'm not sure I don't know how many of the 3200 grafts have come in. If they are consistently losing too high a percentage of grafts then I could potentially be losing valuable grafts unnecessarily. The experience has been great from them but that alone is not enough.
  3. 22 months almost Hi All It has been along time since I have posted! Apologies for that I have been incredibly busy and also wanted to wait until nearer the end of the 24 month period before posting more pictures. I have again taken these photos after washing my hair and in the brightest natural and indoor lighting and I have tried to show best and worst views. My hair has improved since 12 months, I feel I have had a reasonable result but I am not 100% happy with the overall thickness and the definition of temples and hairline at the front. I will pass these photos on to ASMED for their opinion too. I am open to hear what you guys think and what you think I may require to get the front looking more natural and thicker.
  4. No worries, I had a bit of it up to around 5 months. Others have had it longer though I believe. I was still seeing new sprouts last month. I haven't looked this month but they have been less and less so not many last month
  5. Hi Payam I'm not posting anything till nearer month 18. I've not been in touch with ASMED, They asked me to contact them around month 15 (end of November). The hair is still slowly thickening up but not there or finished yet. How's your hair coming along?
  6. Look, you need to chill out! You are judging your result at 5 months like your transplant has failed. You are not being respectful to ASMED and giving your transplant and body the time it needs to recover and flourish. You have a long journey ahead of you and you are making it a very stressful and unpleasant time for yourself. I'm not interested in bitching about ASMED because my transplant has not finished growing in yet. I'm going to continue doing what I have been doing, enjoying my life and not stress about it. Life is too short and there is too much fun to be had out there. I suggest you do the same
  7. Hi Bill Thanks for taking the time to look at my results so far. Generally I feel much better for having the transplant. I don't feel like the result I have so far is quite what I expected, I would have liked more density over the front third so that when my hair is styled you can't see my scalp through the hair so easily. Also my left temple is still lacking behind my right, this is odd as my right side is coming in slower than the left has on top. I would like to give it till the 18th month before I decide what to do, I still see a few fairly new hairs coming in and quite a lot of the hairs seem like they need to thicken up. ASMED want to see more photos nearer the 18th month so it will be interesting to see what there opinion is. Hopefully it will thicken up more as I would rather not need to use too many more grafts from the bank for the front half. I believe I have approx 5000 ish left so should have enough for a touch up and the back section in the future.
  8. Payam, you had your surgery approx 5 months ago or so? I have looked through your posts and you have spent a great deal of time freaking out about your own transplant and unnecessarily so at this point. You are doing yourself no favours. You must be spending a great deal of time panicking and stressing and staring in the mirror! You are also putting a lot of your time in to posting on this forum specifically aiming at anything to do with ASMED. You and I picked a clinic with an extremely high reputation and success rate, I did lots and lots of research before I made my choice, I knew exactly what was going to happen at ASMED and there were no surprises for me. You are trying to regard my transplant as a success or failure like there is a black and white line. A failure to me would be to be in the same position as I started or worse a 100% success would be all 3200 grafts having grown in healthy. There is a lot of ground in between this. Also even if all 3200 grafts grew in I may have continued to loose hair or may not be satisfied with the density from that transplant. So even though the transplant yielded 100% graft success the result may still not be 100% of what I wanted. I can tell you that I am so much happier with my hair now than I was before my transplant, however I am not yet satisfied. I am not ready to judge my result yet as it is still progressing and I can see this when I look closely in the mirror, so I will wait and reserve judgement until it has finished. Then I will decide what the best course of action is. I would suggest as many have already said to you to relax (as hard as that may seem) forget about this forum and stop looking in the mirror as much as possible for now and focus on something else in your life that you enjoy and love doing it will make your life a whole lot easier. Your hair will improve, there is nothing you can do now except to wait it out and then address where you are when the HT has finished growing.
  9. Wow there's a lot going on here, I'll briefly answer some things mensioned. I was aware of the risks of doing a HT and I was well aware of how the HT procedure would be carried out at ASMED. I think people who enter in to a HT have some responsibility to do their own research. As for me doing a 2nd HT this may be something I would consider, however it would depend on cost and number of grafts required. I would be nervous using up a lot more grafts on the front 1/3 of my head. I roughly have 5000 grafts left in the bank based on my last consultation a year ago. I am now worried that it could be me who doesn't take well to a HT and I need more grafts than others to acheive the same result. I need to factor this in with future hair loss. My original plan was to make sure over time I end up with a good density at the front 1/3 and enough grafts in the bank to cover the back section as I loose more hair. If the end result many years down the line was subpar, I had run out of grafts and no other future options were available (I.e cloning etc) then I would shave my hair and go for micro pigmentation. This would give the illusion of a full thick head of hair cut very short. So until I am 100% sure I am seeing my final result from my 1st HT I am in no rush to make a decision on what is best to do next. When I look at my hair closely in the mirror there are still a lot of wirey hairs, this hairs and small fine hairs which look to be growing in. This tells me I am probably not seeing the final result. I've taken a photo of a random spot close up to try to show you guys what I see, I'm not sure if it will still look good on here once compressed. You need to zoom in to see each of the hairs.
  10. Hi Friedman Thanks, my hair is much better than before the surgery. I just haven't got the density I'd like from it yet. We'll see what happens over the coming months. I just followed ASMED'S instructions for washing. I believe a lot of times when the scabs remain after 10 days it is due to the patient not scrubbing hard enough for fear of losing grafts. Have you messaged the clinic yet about the scabs? You would know if you lost any grafts as you would see blood from where the graft came out I believe Good luck with your heeling and growing
  11. As I've mensioned before the clinic says that I need to wait longer before the exact results of the surgery can be determined as everyone heels at different rates. There seems to be this stigma on these forums that every single person should have a particular result by a certain month else their transplant is a failure. There is a lot of impatience on here and this really is not helpful in helping those who do not follow the persived heeling times. There are also a lot of bad photos on here blurry ones, ones taken in poor lighting which make it very hard to judge actually how good the surgery has been. It takes a strong person to continually take clear photos under direct sunlight and to ruffle their hair up to show it in its absolute worst light after having spent thousands on a transplant. We all want to be that guy who has amazing hair within the 1st year of their transplant but in reality not everyone is. Sure my transplant may not provide the results I hoped it would, maybe it will. When there are many surgeons and top respected people online such as Spex telling people to be patient and give it the full 18 and even 24 months before judging your final result and my clinic is saying the same thing then that is exactly what I shall do. I am in no rush and I am patient enough to wait this out 24 months before judging it and making my next decision on what to do.
  12. 12 months update Hi guys Here's some photos of my hair at 12 months. I have my hair shorter this month than previous months. I feel like it has thickened up a bit. The changes are happening very slowly for me but when I look back at my 7 - 8 month photos where I feel like not much has changed since I can see a difference. I'm still not happy with the density but I am quite happy to wait things out until about 24 months to see how it has gone before deciding on what action to take next. I'm not going to post any more photos on here now until month 18, I will continue taking photos for myself though each month. My next update for ASMED is at month 15 so I'll be interested to hear what they think at that point.
  13. I am being patient as that is what's required after a hair transplant, I'm in no rush and am much happier with my hair now than I was before my transplant. There's no point in getting upset about something that hasn't finished heeling. ASMED has said I need to wait longer for the final result so that is what I shall do. I have uploaded some photo's at the 11 month mark and I have included a before surgery photo for comparison.
  14. ASMED have said that Dr Erdogan is happy with my progress so far. They have said that I need to wait until the 15th month (7 months from my last update with photos) until they are able to fully determine the growth rate. They have highlighted that everyones hair growth and progress happens at different rates. I am still seeing new hairs growing in when ever I look closely in the mirror, I'm reasonably chilled out about it at the moment as it looks a lot better in person than in my photo's as I take them to show it in its worst light and at a decent resolution. I notice a lot of photos on here are not clear and not taken under good or harsh lighting. If you're going for a HT you need to be prepared to wait the full 18+ months to see the full results, I think there are to many generalisations on here that people think are a golden rule. Here is a video I found on slow growers that I found helpful when I've felt like it's not growing in as fast as Id like. Spex has also written quite a lot on how you need to wait well beyond the 12 or less months that people on here seem to think shows your full results. Not everyone is a set percentage done by a particular month. I hope this helps chill you out a bit about your own transplant, I'll continue to post updates and see where I'm at much later. I doubt I'll make any decisions about what I'll do until July next year at 24 months, I'm in no rush and I already like my hair a lot more than before my HT.