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  1. Hey guys, here is a quick picture from my 1yr. I will have a more formal post soon. I am still on fin with no sides. The hair has filled in overall really well. I am very happy with the procedure. I do have a weak area but I honestly don't really care that much. No one has ever commented on my hair or ever knew the procedure happened. My family has recently said "wow look at your hair it looks different". I have only told my wife and that's it about my procedure. Maybe in the future I would return to have the weak area filled a little more but more than likely I'm gonna be set for a long time.
  2. Here are some updates pictures. The donor area has healed well, the sides of my head that I was worried about have filled in nicely. I am still on finestride, with no sides. Overall I'm happy with the procedure. I still do see some small hairs coming through occasionally. I do have some weak areas. But I feel I am much better off now than I was a year ago.
  3. Yea they don't pull from thinning areas. DHT has the ability to affect all hairs on your head. The doctors examin and extract from the thickest areas and areas that are less prone to thinning. It really comes down to genetics if your donor area will thin or not. That's why they recommend finestride to help maintain the existing hair as well as preserve the donor hairs. My donor area has thinned over the years. I've been losing my hair since I was about 12 years old. It's just been a very slow process and I had extremely thick hair at one time. In the end, you have to realize that how you respond to a transplant and the finestride will be pure genetics.
  4. I had never realized it but my donor area was thinning prior to the HT. I went back from pics from a few years ago and noticed the sides of my head had thinned out. So I initially attributed it to the HT but it was just from the natural thinning. I just never really paid much attention. I have new pics and I'll post them in just a few minutes.
  5. I definitely see new hairs coming through. My hairline has gotten stronger. But still missing density. I was hoping to really see a larger improvement between months 4-5. Here is a picture from before a haircut and immediately afterwards. I was hoping for better hair quality as well from the fin but I don't see a change. I think I had a shed about a month ago but it's very difficult to see a big difference. I have been on Finestride for about 6 months.
  6. 3 month update. I took these pics a week ago or so, so I'm a little late with my 3 month update. I had just gotten my first haircut a few days prior. No sides from the Fin at all. I am starting to see hairs sprouting. Some are darker but most of them are thin fine hairs, which I know is normal at this stage. I'd say maybe I have 150-200 hairs coming through right now. Donor area is looking back to normal. Really just a waiting game now.
  7. Awesome. When it's wet, doesn't even look like it could get thicker. Great result and your not even at a half way point yet. Your hair looks like it will be fully restored.
  8. My transplanted hair grew with my original. A few hairs stayed the same length. I started shedding around the 3 week mark. And by 6 weeks I think it had all shed out. My donor area had some nerve end type pain for the first two weeks. Hurts like hell haha. It would keep me up at night. But after the two weeks, you're good to go.
  9. Well it's officially been 2 months since my procedure at Asmed. I'm fairly confident that all the transplanted hairs have fallen. Every once in a while I see a hair fall that is substantially shorter in length that the others, so I assume it's the last remaining Grafts. I will say I've seen an increase in coverage in my donor area. It's slowly looking better and better. Still on Fin and no side effects. I do have some growth starting, but it's very slight and it's almost like a stubble. Maybe 40-50 hairs. I have been taking 5000mg of biotin and I will say I think it's been helping my hair growth. The numbness is slowly going away in the recipient area. I think the Fin has stopped any more of my original hair from falling. I never see any in the shower or in my hands anymore. Redness is pretty much gone. No one has ever questioned me having an Ht performed. I think we all put our hair up on this peddastool as if others actually care about it. They don't! It's definitely a personal choice to have hair, and I'm not regretting anything yet. Hopefully I continue to have positive results in my donor area as well as the recipient area.
  10. Things are progressing... I think. Haha I'm about to do a 2 month update now.
  11. I'd call this a great result for the patient and Asmed. I'm sure the patient wanted to focus on the hairline for now, and maybe in a few years do the mid scalp. From where he was til now is dramatically better. Great work from a Asmed as usual.
  12. No problem! You'll have to let us all know how it goes. Good luck! I'm about to do my 2 month post in a few days.