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  1. Hi guys been a while sorry. Just taken these pictures now. I've applied hair oil. Usually do it when I'm working from home. You can say they are 14 months. I'll try and get some more showing how I normally comb and dry my hair, so you guys can see if it looks 'normal'.
  2. I don't have any other HT experience to benchmark it to but I would recommend him. In hindsight there can be changes done to make it better but I guess for the price I am happy.
  3. No probs, here's what I've taken today this morning after a shower with flash:
  4. I think it grew fine. Noticed it got thicker at the base. I don't think it's been cut yet. I'm still waiting on more growth from new hair but I doubt that will come. If it's a sharp line then I think it looks suspicious. But thankfully i haven't been called out on it. Only my missus knows. I try and push back the fibres so you can slightly see the strands of the hair at the front. Does it look suspicious? You guys are the pros. Haha.
  5. Hi guys sorry about not updating the thread every month. I've been pretty busy. I've been meaning to update ever since I've started to shed like mad. I went India for wedding and didn't take finasteride for 2 weeks so that might have been the reason. Anyway I started my routine back so I'll share some pics. Also before I went India in late August I went and got my haircut. The barber saw that I had a transplant done and asked if I wanted to apply some hair fibre (3d hair). I agreed and wow. It makes a hell of a difference. I don't leave the house now without applying it. I've also for the first time in my life managed to style my hair. I think I look 10 years younger haha. After a wash: Then I blow dry: Apply hair fibre on the front: From the side: And this one was taken end of August: You guys can probably see that I have a scar near my hairline in the most recent pics. I got this by wearing a turban on the wedding day and I could feel that area throbbing (it was probably tied tightly which caused the skin to pinch). Luckily it didn't damage the hairs. I guess it will fade over time. My crown is still balding though even with minoxidil At the moment I'm just happy that I've discovered hair fibre haha. It's amazing. But I guess some of you may think what is the point of concealing when I've got a hair transplant which I agree but I'm hoping for full growth before I'm confident leaving the hair fibre off.
  6. Looks like the hair that was growing has gotten thicker but can't see any new growth. Only positie thing is I can now use 3d hair filler (like topick) and artificially thicken my hairline. I'll let the pictures do the talking. Sort of stopped caring now that I can't see any new growth.
  7. Still following the same routine of applying aloe Vera gel to the area daily. That is going to run out in the next couple of days so after that it's no treatment apart from minoxidil around the crown and finasteride.
  8. Here are some pics I've taken on the 11th of May. They are quite close up and as you can see quite a lot of the transplanted hair has fallen out of course they say the 3 month mark is where it starts to grow so I'm hoping it does. Make or break? I've been applying aloe Vera gel daily but it still looks red. Not noticeable under normal lighting conditions.
  9. Thanks. I hope it grows out good but I'm worried about the temple area as that looks how it was before. I'll be jumping on minoxidil soon to address the crown and top. Below is my 1 month post op pics, both of the grafts and hair at the back. I don't think it looks that much of a mushroom style?
  10. There's obviously two camps to this. My reason for no shave was that I've never buzzed my hair ever before and I would be returning to work pretty soonish. If I had the comfort of staying at home and recovering for a couple of months then yes maybe I would opt for shave. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/182967-11th-march-2016-dr-tejinder-bhatti-1-836-fue.html In my HT I would say that I had a partial shave. I was expecting a no shave but in hindsight I think Dr Bhatti did the best thing. No hair was shaved on top. And there was frankly no need to as I just had to do my hairline and temples. On the donor area however, the doc shaved from the neck to about half way up my head and hair clipped clipped the rest of the hair facing up. Initially this was not to my liking as it would result in me having a mushroom haircut but I think his reasons were that he could extract the hairs easily and it allows a more clean area for recovery, reducing the chance of infection if you have long hair sprawling around in the donor area. It took about two weeks for the donor area to recover and then about I got a haircut to blend the hair at the back. The pic is in my thread after the cut and I don't think it looks major bad. I've gotten used to it and no one has commented. For those who are considering a HT I would recommend a partial shave. Give it 2 weeks to recover and you'll be fine to go about your business. No one would suspect a thing. The doc did the best thing with regards to that.
  11. When I first attacked the area to remove the crusting resting on the hairs I got a bit worried at the amount of hairs that had fallen out. Now I'm worried if the remaining will shed or not. If they don't shed then they hinder the growth of new hairs and if they do shed then you're crossing your fingers for them to grow. If you look at Shera's thread he didn't really shed his hairs and had probably one of the best growths ever.
  12. Yeah I was surprised as well. My hair was not short so I thought he would leave the bottom part as he did in the video. But what's done is done. I went to the barber on Monday to tidy up my hair in an effort to look more presentable for work. He tried to blend the back in as much as possible but it looks like I have a mushroom haircut. Couldn't really do a crew cut as my temples are hairless. Here is a pic I just took now. Donor area is pretty much healed.
  13. Yeah I've been taking fin for a while now and still continue to take it. Also going to start taking 10 mg biotin a day once that arrives. What's your opinion on castor oil as a topical? I'm just hoping my ht pulls through as I'm most probably going to get married in September this year. When you washed your hair and rubbed the area during the crust phase did some hair drop off with the crust attached?
  14. Thanks Shera. Your thread was one of others that made me decide to go with Dr Bhatti. I'll be giving your thread another full read again. A couple of questions: - how many grafts did you shed and what % grew back? I've read that once you've shed your grafts, the leftovers will give an indication of what to expect. - I noticed your thinning on top especially around the crown is a similar pattern to mine. Your pre op pics are basically what I think would happen to me in the future. What age did you notice the top getting bald and over how many years did it take you to get to that pre op pic? Thanks