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  1. If you're planning to make a bank transfer when you reach the clinic, make sure you have increased your bank transfer limits etc and have parked enough money in an account belonging to the same bank as the clinic's. I had some trouble with daily transaction limits myself and it's not fun to worry about this when you're already stressed about the surgery!
  2. I have experienced this too. After the second month (after I shed the transplanted hair), when the hair started to grow again, I saw a few thick hair just peeking out of the skin but refusing to grow any longer. After a month or so remaining in the same length, they fell off and got replaced by a thinner strand of hair which is continuing to grow. I am pretty sure these aren't dead follicles.
  3. I agree that if I had the same experience as you've mentioned here, I'd feel bad too - I totally get it. It's just another day at the clinic for the doctors and their staff, but for us patients, it's a huge life altering step so we expect the whole procedure to be executed with the gravity it deserves. Having said that, I myself am a patient of Dr. Bhatti's and my experience was very different. The doctor would keep telling me what he was about to do before actually doing it. For example, I remember very clearly that the doctor said he was gonna use the clipper on my head and got my acknowled
  4. Interesting. Can you post some before and after pictures ?
  5. The pics looks really good ! I think you are in for some great results, good luck. Looks like these docs are not recommended here. Where can I find pictures of Dr Arika's previous cases ?
  6. FUEharry1, Thanks for sharing the updates. Do you have those 12 months' pics as you mentioned ? Some close-up shots too if possible.
  7. biolizard, I don't see any bumps from this angle. Can you share a close-up pic of your hairline ?
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