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  1. Hey guys, at what stage post-op is it ok to put sun screen on your scalp, specifically on the recipient?
  2. It doesn't matter if he never replies - the passage of time is inconsequential to the fact that you've used harsh words out of context with zero proof. Just because someone doesn't conform to your standards, doesn't mean he's 'disingenuous' or 'underhand'.
  3. Underhand does not equal disingenuous (and it's even debatable whether or not he's been underhand). Again, you've completely misused the word. Apart from needing a dictionary, I'd suggest you put the patient first, rather than a doctor, until we have anything to suggest the original poster has actually done something wrong.
  4. You've completely misused the word disingenuous. We have no reason to believe that yet. Maybe he's telling the truth, maybe not. But the title itself does not reveal that he's being disingenuous. Give him a chance to respond to peoples' requests for further information, and don't pre-judge. Asking him to post his full name is also completely unreasonable.
  5. Hey, Firstly, I think you mean FUE, not FUT. FUE is individual grafts. You said you want FUT, but that does leave a scar. If you're going to Spain, I would consider Lorenzo in Madrid. He is considered one of the best for FUE. He has lots of videos, and has worked on patients with hair loss of a similar extent to you. But you need to be realistic - if you spend time going through his videos you'll see that many patients need multiple surgeries (you may need 3), and that's assuming you have good quality donor (you'd need to meet him in person so he can best assess the quality of your donor). This will take several years, and you need to wait a minimum of 7 months between surgeries. Also, in Spain, the sun can be a problem for the hair transplant, so try and plan it around winter, be prepared to take time off work, and be ready for lots of obsessive hat wearing to protect your grafts. It's an investment and requires commitment - but you could get a decent result. You'll probably never have full coverage, but he can frame your face and you'll look a lot better. The most important thing is to learn to accept that this is a long journey, and it requires money, patience and courage. You may also want to look into MSP - some of the results look great in my opinion. Try not to worry - lots of us here have been through/are going through the same thing. You can do it! Good luck!
  6. from what I've read, it's a myth that products damage your hair. Feel free to post your doctor's response though, it would be interesting to read!
  7. Hi, So I'm wondering if anyone on this forum is particularly informed abut prostate cancer ad finasteride? I've read this article which states a 68% greater chance of having high grade prostate cancer if on finasteride: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/brady-urology-institute/specialties/conditions-and-treatments/prostate-cancer/prostate-cancer-questions/finasteride-are-the-risks-worth-it This seems like way too much of an increase. I read another article stating 3.5% of finasteride patients developed high grade prostate cancer compared to 3% of placebo takers : https://www.cancer.gov/types/prostate/research/finasteride-reduces-low-grade but i'm also cautious about just believing anything from the internet, although this does look like a proper scientific study. Does anyone have any reputable information to share? Also, does anyone know if the risk of prostate cancer stops once you stop taking finasteride? I'm in my late 30s so not really considered at risk, but maybe if I stopped in my late 50s, would I have already done the damage, or would the risk become as though I had never taken finasteride? Thanks
  8. Hey guys, Does anyone recall a post a few years back that a guy did, detailing his hair styling regime? It was very detailed, and he listed all his techniques as well as the products he used. He used a lot of expensive products on his hair. I can't find it anywhere, does anyone recall it and could you post a link? Thanks Marc
  9. Me too - this stuff really is great, and cheap too. I'm not too up on all this stuff....does it count as a fibre?
  10. Thanks guys, you've made me very happy
  11. Thanks. Before I posted, I did search and read all sorts of stuff about damage during the first 10 days due to blood rushes and stuff. Is it ok to disregard that?
  12. Hey guys, Serious question, how long after a HT can someone have sex? My clinic did say something to me but I can't for life of me remember what they said. It's not detailed in their post-op notes, I'm guessing they just said 'no sex the night of the op'. Any info people could give would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  13. Don't feel bad. He'll reply to you. He answers all surgical related queries himself, so it takes a while. He also works really long hours, so only replies to emails usually at the weekend (at least this was the case last year). I had an op with him last year. I haven't been in contact with him for a while, so not sure if his working practices have changed, but I remember the first time I contacted him, it took him a while to reply, then once I was his patient he replied much faster (but still took a while as like I said he only checks emails at the weekend). The upshot - he prioritizes his current patients, but he will eventually get around to you as you're his new business. Don't sweat it. If you haven't heard in another couple of weeks, send another email, but don't worry, this is normal for him. And once you have an op with him, you'll be really pleased you did. Good luck buddy. (Also regarding your hair characteristics, if you look at his youtube channel, you'll find plenty of vids with hair characteristics similar to how you describe, and they still got a decent result.)