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  1. Diego Lopez (Former Real Madrid Keeper) represents a superb HT outcome beside Conte and Berbatov πŸ‘πŸ‘
  2. Yes I pick them out when they grow (with some resistance).
  3. It isn't at all about Dr. Feriduni, I just have a case and wondering if any one here have the same or can give a hint.
  4. I was on it for along time without any noticeable improvements so I stopped using it recently and I don't think I am suffering from thinning.
  5. No of course it doesn't fall out at 5cm 🀣. If I buzz my hair, it will grow but up to a certain length (5cm), then no longer at all.
  6. Hello, I am curious to know if I am the only here who have a limited hair growth as my transplanted hair stop growing when it reach 5 cm!! It is really wired😀. If I buzz my hair it will grow normally till reaching 5 cm. I tried PRP, Whey hair protein, B -complex but nothing works 😟 looking to hear from you guys..
  7. @Melvin- ModeratorCorrect me if I am wrong, but almost all HT surgeons used to say it is permanent.
  8. I though all fibers products are safe and not damaging hair follicles or the scalp in any how! @Raphael84can you explain please?
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