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  1. guys i need some advice please I'm having panic attacks!!!!!!!! i started propecia a month and a half ago to prevent hairless since starting my hairline has been shedding like crazy 100 hairs a day this started about 7 days after starting propecia the hairs that are falling out are long strong hairs with a white bulb on the end i just had my hormones checked and the results say i have high test and high oestrogen swell i do not know how this is possible i then phoned a ht doctor and he said i should continue the fin please give advice i have read horror stories about guys taking fin and shredding their hairlines should i continue or just stop i wasn't even shedding before this has anyone experienced this please any advice my hair is shedding by the minute i hope this is not accelerating my hairloss
  2. Super expensive if you come from a third world country is what I meant
  3. same boat as you mate not a surgeon so cant actually give advice Ergodan seems to have best hairlines imp.....but he is super expensive!!! good luck
  4. i wish south africa had good surgeons the most prominent surgeons here cant perform fue and their before and after are a joke ...google medhair capetown ...click gallery ....a shock ...and these are our best
  5. i have been on fin for a few months now no side affects ..thank god!! i guess its always a gamble with hormone altering drugs there are just not enough long term studies which i must admit do scare me a bit . but like i said no sides thus far. will deffo stop if i get any . shave my head start working out seven days a week and get a mean tan lol
  6. thanks guys for the advice !! i have decided that although i dont have a gq hairline i still have a good amount of hair and im going to wait a year ...would hate to have a solid hairline that looks unnatural ...its so tempting tho... not to mention the price !!!:-0
  7. looks really good bro happy for you must be a good feeling !!!
  8. I'm thinking about it ...not necessarily lower just make straight ..... The doc said we can lower by 6 mm I think and fill in the Sides slightly
  9. please elaborat a bit more on why u think so stinger
  10. thanks for the reply guys .. i must add my hairline has always been this way ! funny thing is dr tejinder bhatti says 2000 grafts and erdogan 3800!! sent them same consultation pics.why erdogan so many? anyway ill maybe hold out a year and reconsider.
  11. hey guys im new here and need some advice and have some questions? im considering fue procedure im a norwood 2 with dense hair that is finely textured i have always had a high hairline these are the questions i have: who is the best fue surgeon when it comes to density? am considering dr bhatti from india or dr erdogan from turkey . i reside in southern africa and our currency is so weak so usa and europe are out of the question! I like to wear my hair short on the sides how short can i go after surgery ? is turkey safe to travel to with this whole isis issue ? any advice or reccomendation will help i have attached photos i apologise for not having a shirt on but i stay in africa and it is f***ing hot the last picture is how i wear my hair day to day and how i would like to continue wearing it thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this regards
  12. hey guys im new here . dont know where to post this or how to start new thread quick question dr tejinder bhatti or dr koray erdgan .. any advice will help thanks
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