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  1. Looks like you're doing great. How much did he charge you for the procedure in Thai Baht for so many grafts?
  2. Hello, I received my first transplant from Dr. Dorin in New York City in July 2014. nearly 2400 grafts total including the crown, temples and front hairline. Within 3 months I was regrowing hair and as of May I had nice coverage and a noticeable, natural difference in all areas. In the photos you can see the pre-op receded areas and the line that they transplanted up to in the front and then the fully grown transplanted hair in May. However since June I began to lose some hair only in the temple areas, as you can see in the last two photos. Not original hair in back of the transplanted hair, but clearly some of the transplanted hair had shed. The doctor confirmed that even lines/strips of healthy grafts can be seen on my scalp next to scalp lines with no grafts where the grafts used to be. There is no scalp issue or other visible reason for the shedding grafts. My doctor wanted me to take a blood test for any deficiencies or issues that may account for this. It is possible the hair will grow back since I had positive fast growth in all transplanted areas, or I may begin to lose more of the transplanted hair. It is frustrating since I spent good money on this plus I would want another transplant if I experience hair loss in other areas. I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced loss of transplanted hair (not in the first three months which is normal) but long after the grafts have taken root and successfully regrown. If so what happened and what did you do about it? Thanks so much
  3. I took Biotin pills everyday for one year and use shampoos. I have to cut my finger nails twice as often, they grow real fast. Hair is hard to tell. My guess is it helps strengthen existing hair and slows thinning. Doubt it helps regrowth.
  4. Hello, Someone gave me a Laser Cap but I don't think I will use it, I am using Propecia. It normally costs $3000 but I got it at a big discount. It is still in the box I have not opened it. It prevents further hair loss and regrows hair on the top of the head for some patients. I can sell to anyone who wants it at the discount also for $2250. It is a doctor recommended product similar to the Capillus. We can talk more about it privately if you are interested. Here is the website link below for more info: **Outside link removed by moderator. Please see the information included below.** With 224 individual 650nm 5mW lasers in a flexible, hermetically-sealed dome-shaped membrane that fits comfortably in almost any hat, LaserCap® treats the entire scalp consistently and effectively. The entire target zone is treated throughout the duration of treatment, and the user can perform almost any activity during use, including walking, riding, running, preparing dinner, working, and more. LaserCap® uses the same laser diode wavelength and output power per laser as an FDA-cleared low-level-laser device for hair re-growth; however, LaserCap® has 224 laser diodes versus 9 laser diodes in the FDA-cleared device and LaserCap® treats the entire affected scalp with an accurate and adjustable light dosimetry.