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  1. @fingers crossed Thnx for reply mine shedding too started at 18th day, i experienced more shockloss on my right than left, is this normal too, i m seeing some skin patches where i dnt see an roots there mostly right side, is this normal??? plz clarify mee thnx all
  2. hey guys, i got ht on my frontal area and temple areas, i m in to 1 mth period, and i m seeing more transplanted hair shedding on my right areas than left, is this normal or should be concerned about??? please educate me on fin & minidoxil 5%, age 24
  3. thnx Churchies49,, ur info feels me better, i m gaining confidence, i use it and wait how its turns out
  4. Thanx for reply,, I m taking evryday 1mg finasteride, is it ok?? i gone through forum and found out most of the guys take the drug evry other day to minimise sides, would you advice me to do the same, or its too early to change to EOD, plz educate me
  5. @aw33, thanx for reply hmm will continue to use it, would you suggest me any timeline for usage., i really would appreciate the answer, i m worryin these would be permanent, hopefully they wnt. thinking to take 1 month timeout and checkout whether evrything normal without dosage, wat say??
  6. hey guys, i m using finapecia (propecia- generic) and in to 20th day and seeing some effects, mostly sexual i m getting erections gud but not frequent as it used to be but erections are not hard as they were. its very normal to have erections in the morning for the most of the guys;), but those erections are not that hard and not frequent, its worryin me is it normal to have these side effects in early days and will these reduce as time progress. please educate me folks. Thanq
  7. Reds, gud u had a surgery wid Madhu, got the surgery done by madhu too. Whats ur age, which areas u got surgery done, is there a native hair around it, if so it is temporary shockloss. u get back ur hair with in few months, dnt worry, I m in to 1 month after surgery by today, i seen shockloss on my frontal hair where hair is transplanted, hopefully it grows back, y dnt u check this out wid madhu, he will clarify u much better. Best wishes.
  8. @aw33 thanx for reply, along with finapecia i am also applying minidoxil 5% . Will minidoxil stops the hair loss? i read in propeciahelp.cm that many people are suffering from permanent side effects,so i felt like not to risk mylife for my hair ( actually i had hair transplant on temporal angles and a bit on front hairline)
  9. Recently I had a Hair Transplant, its done and its gud, My doc prescribed me take 1mg finapecia evryday, i m in to 10th day and i m surfing through forum found these side effects of finapecia, I m guy wid high sex drive, lately i m not that active into mastrubation after taking the drug. is this due to finapecia? i m 23 and i m thinking to discontinue it, wat advice would you guys give me
  10. I Have been on finapecia 1mg and tugain foam (5%) , does these drugs have any notable side effects??
  11. Hey , I am into 19th day of my HT and i m seeing grafts shedding out but one thing annoying me i seen most grafts shed out on my 17,18th days and at the end of the graft follicle a small bent is visible in many grafts,i m wondering whether it is a root of graft is completely shedding out? is this a normal thing in shedding or is this a serious thing to be concerned. Plz educate me folks. Thanq
  12. Hey guys, I have a question for you. How many hair follicles will emerge from a graft after hair transplant @ approx. 1 Graft = 1 Follicle????
  13. I got my HT done on May 22nd @ Dr .Madhu, @1800 grafts, the grafts were placed on my frontal area and also on my front temporal angles. I was wondering what kind of precautions to take while sleeping. I request you guys to provide me with good instructions. Thanx in advance
  14. @all , thanx all for the reply , its looking like hair follicle with bulbous end, maye be its more like scab , i dnt know, is this thing a serious case
  15. @sparky, sorry i dnt hav any pics of mine as of now, i can see some grafts falling off, my surgeon is Dr.Madhu frm INDIA