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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have seen Dr. Keser's work and agree it is very impressive but unfortunately outside my price range. Cinik seem to have some good results on this website however the examples on his own website were not that great and I'm also wondering why he is not recommended on this network which I highly value. I think there is a few good Doctors in India and Bhatti is impressive however I really do not like the sponsored advocates pushing his case on this network, I've seen in previous threads and in response to my own posts including this one. It's nothing against them it's just I prefer strict impartiality.
  2. I am a 33 year old caucasian male with a receding hairline, estimated to be between a Norwood 2 & 3 with no balding on the crown. I need my temples filled in and hairline lowered - framing my face. I am searching for the optimal balance between a youthful and natural hairline. I do have a natural high forehead which has made ill effects of a receding hairline considerably worse so I would like to try and lower it as much as possible within reason. My hair loss has been across 10-12 years and has been very slow considering I don't take finasteride and only recently started using minoxidil foam. I experimented with finasteride and I'm not prepared to take it long term. I've done research for many years but I'm finally looking to bite the bullet. I have financial constraints which limits who I can see while my current work and social situation makes this the ideal time to undertake a HT. I'm based in Sydney, Australia. My preference was Koray/ Asmed Clinic based on results and I was recently quoted requiring 2400-2600 grafts. The total cost including flights I estimated to be around $12,000 which I cannot afford. I've been long considering Bhatti/ Darling Buds in India. I was concerned about his hairlines a few years back, namely spacing between grafts and overall natural look, but there seem to be some new and impressive results on his website. The hairline seems both flatter and more natural. I could also do the whole thing for circa $5000 AUD. I've narrowed down my choice to Turkey or India based on cost. Can anyone recommend a doctor based on my circumstances. Thank you!
  3. bbtrojans


    Don't know why this never popped up on the discussion feed but progress is looking amazing mate! Big inspiration!
  4. I've been contemplating a hair transparent for 5+ years. I think in that time I've gone from Norwood 2 (26 years old) to Norwood 3 (31 years old) off a very rough measure - never taking propecia. I know some would be jealous who have it worse, and I appreciate your struggle, but I hate it how I have a full head of hair accept my hair line has receded. It was after a breakup (7 year relationship) and heavy depression following I lost a lot of hair (~1 inch in like 2 months) and I saw my ex at the pub.. she looked at me and said "whoa" it was obvious, it cut me really deep, but I deserved it because I was an asshole to her for years... I want to bite the bullet, I feel very confident I've not been losing hair for a fair while... my reservations are this; 1) After years of research, I feel I really only want to see Koray Erdogan.. It would cost $12k which is about 30% of my net worth! But how much would it mean... I'm single, and I feel this could really catapult my luck with ladies because I have big forehead, with a few bumps, and apart from that I'm fit and in good knick... 2) I wonder if even though my hair loss has been very slow and stable, you never know what could trigger another episode. If I suffered from "shock loss" I couldnt afford another one so soon after.. I also think with hair transplants getting more and more advanced.. I have a full and thick black beard, I can't see why if I ran out of donor there is always that... 3) My last reservation is this - it will be obvious to ppl close to me - but I always deny everything, even though it blatantly obvious to others if I'm lying - I'm not sure I could handle the denying... I want hear from ppl who have been in a similar situation with similiar reservations, did you regret it, or was it the best decision you ever made, because I honestly feel it is going to be one or the other....
  5. I'm considering Yaman as well... I would love to see Koray Erdogan but unfortunately he is 3x the price... I just cannot afford it.. The other I was consider was Dr Bhatti, but I'm still just not convinced on the hairlines... My biggest concern about Yaman is the fact that he is in Istanbul, the political scene and threat of a terrorist attack is quite frightening...
  6. Hi all, Brief background: I had no noticeable MPB until around 25. I went through a very difficult/ stressful break and during this time through lack of sleep/ diet/ depression I experienced significant hair line recession. I have been researching HT for the last 4 years and up until around 3 months ago was extremely confident that my hair loss was very stable. I started a new job this year and the last 2/3 months have been extremely stressful. Coupled with this, in the last 3 weeks I have been extremely sick with flu like symptoms. I have been to the doctor who believes it is a dry viral infection that has got into my throat/ lungs as I had scans, blood tests, etc to rule anything more severe. I must note that I had traditionally always taken a very strong multi vitamin and two high potency fish oil tablets. I have stopped taking these in the last month, mainly because I believe I could be possibly over dosing on these chemicals and I wanted to give the liver a break. I have also completely stopped exercising since I have been sick meaning I am getting limited exercise given I work in an office type job. Anyway in the last 4 days I have been getting similar amounts of hair loss in the shower to when I went through this extremely stress full break up. I literally wipe my hand through my hair and it is just covered in hairs! I'm really against taking medication because last time I did this during the breakup I believe it accentuated my depression. But I'm wondering if I should take it temporarily while I get through this period and hopefully it does last to long... or maybe I should start taking the vitamin and fish oil again? Please help, any advice/ feedback would be appreciated! PS I know hair loss has not started again so to speak but rather accelerated!
  7. Wow I really this hairline, looks amazing! Hopefully it grows out well... good luck! Great work Dr. Bhatti
  8. I am constantly unsure about what do with my receding hair line but I feel positive in my mind that a hair transplant is what I am after. In short, I am 29, my hair receded significantly during a very short period of time, to around norwood 3, but I feel is extremely stable for the past 3 years. I want to restore some of my youthful hairline. I like to keep my hair very short, often a shaved head. Given this, while my preference is for Dr Rahal based on his results, I am not after FUT and not as confident in his FUE. I also have affordability issues. I think Koray Endoragan? could be my best option but I'm constantly tossing up whether or not to go with Dr Bhatti from India. His results re hair line seem to be improving but then I read a few horror stroeys which concern me.. (i.e. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/163732-uk-dr-feller-patient%2A-2.html)... I 'm just not sure what do but I want to get it done ASAP.. I've been researching for the last 3 years and want to make a decision. Essential Koray is double the price from me given my location but is he worth it?I don't know... I look at previous polls on regret/ happiness re HT and while HTF poll is quite negative, it has few reviews, is 2010, and real self has 450 reviews with a 93% worth it factor... If you had to choose your top 5 fue surgeons, on semi budget and travelling from Australia, who would they be? and do you think there is a high likelihood of regrett?
  9. Dr Bhatti - thank you for the detail response. I appreciate you taking the time and agree with all that was stated. California - thanks for the reply and all good.
  10. I have been reading these forums for a very long time. I think you need to take some perspective on these things. I feel as if Dr Bhatti has a team of advocates spending much more time proactively trawling these forums and other related ones pushing his services. This is not to suggest that he is a bad FUE surgeon. My previous comments were based on the fact that a) I saw several people and sources commenting on this issue and b) I have viewed ALL of his posted patient results consistently. The last ~10 results posted on this forum had straighter less V shaped hairlines. To be honest given you are patient advocate of Dr Bhatti I'd imagine you must be benefitting financially from advocating his services and thus I find it difficult to view your comments as credible. Again, this is not to suggest Dr Bhatti is not an excellent surgeon and nothing against you personally.
  11. Hi all, I'm seeking somewhere between 1800 and 2500 grafts via FUE to reconstruct my hairline. I have thick hair behind and no balding on the crown. I went through an extremely stressful period around 27 years old and saw significant recession. Before that I had no obvious hair loss and since then none. I have been monitoring it for a few years now and it is defiantly very stable. At the time I was going through this stressful period I could remember the amount of hair I was shedding, it was crazy. Now I can put my hand through my hair and would be lucky to get 1! Anyway here is my profile; 30 year old male from Melbourne Australia Norwood 2 - 3 Take no medication at all (tried it and didn't like it) Money is a factor for me and also distance from Melbourne Australia. The doctors I have been considering are... 1) Dr Koray Erdogan - $2.5 Euro/ Graft using manual method 2) Dr Hakan Doganay - $2.0 Euro/ Graft using micro motor 3) Dr Kesser - $3.50 Euro per graft - using micro motor 4) Dr Resul Yaman - $1 Euro/ Graft using micro motor 5) Dr Bhatti - India - 88 INR/ graft I decided to go ahead with Dr Hakan Doganay and his communication has been excellent. However I did ask him in an email why he was removed from HTN recommended Doctors. I have since found out why he was suspended and he is still an option based on reasons given but I want to consider my options. I only just recently started considering Dr Bhatti again. Previously I was not the greatest fan of his hair lines. But the latest ones he has produced under his results on this forum seem much more natural and straighter than before - I remember reading he refused to make them very straight but maybe he has changed his tact. Anyway any feedback would be much appreciated. Cheers
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