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  1. So I'm about 6 months post op and I'm ready to start doing a lot of outside activitys with summer approaching. I've heard that exposing your HT to sun too early can do damage. Is it OK to play basketball outside in direct sun or go swimming? Things are looking good so far and I dont wanna mess anything up.
  2. I'm african american too and made the same mistake by just limiting myself to my area. With my most recent HT I traveled to Canada. My advice to you is to look into all docs worldwide. Consult with some of the top docs and ask to see before/after pics of patients with AA hair.
  3. Ok so I'm about 5 months post op and I'm ready to start working out. I sweat a lot and I'm worried about doing damage to the grafts. Does excessive sweating cause any damage to your new HT? Also, I've heard that's it's not good to expose your new HT to the sun too much. Is it ok to play basketball or other physical activities outside in the sun? Would it be better to do something outside?
  4. If I were you I wouldn't limit your search to your area. I made that mistake with my first two surgerys and it didnt' turn out good. You should look into all options. I recently went to Canada for my last one.
  5. Does this mean that in the early stages post op that one should try to get some sun? Ever since my HT i've been staying inside a lot...I hope this isn't effecting my growth??
  6. There are a lot of docs that you could go with. I would consult with a lot of the top surgeons and ask for pics of african american patients. I was facing this same decision a few months ago and ended up going with Dr. Rahal. In another couple months I'll post some pics. Take your time searching for the right doc. This isn't something you want to rush into.
  7. When I apply the monixidil I notice that some of it is sitting on top of my hair and doesn't appear to reach my scalp. I've been debating on whether to cut my hair low in order for the monixidil to reach scalp better. If I cut my hair low would it help with the application of the monixidil or does it not matter?
  8. Future doc, No I haven't. I was hoping they would eventually just go away. I suppose I should let them know. Being that my clinic is far away, I'll probably have to go to my family doc to get the the small pieces out. No sure about the stitch type. What's the difference?
  9. Ive been taking it for about a month post HT, and haven't used for about a week. Will this effect anything? Plan to get another bottle tmrw.
  10. I'm months after my HT and it seems like I can still feel small pieces of stitches in my donor area. I'm assuming that's what it is. I suppose maybe it could be scabs or something else hard, but I'm pretty sure it's remains of the stitches I had. Has anybody else experienced this?
  11. After getting a HT, can wearing a tight fitting baseball cap reduce bloodflow to receipient area.
  12. What do most of you do during the ugly duckling stage of HT? I don't plan on going outside the house much unless I need to. I'll probably be doing a lot of on-line gaming. I'm staying out of town for a couple weeks and need to find a hotel with wi-fi. Does anyone know if you're able to hook an xbox up online using a hotels wi-fi?
  13. Fyi, I didn't expidite, just did the normal processing. They said it would take 4-6 weeks, but I got it back in 2 weeks. They try to get you expidite it just to get extra money out of you.
  14. Well I'm just a few weeks away from my procedure date. I just starting doing the exercises yesterday and I noticed that my scalp is very tight (not much laxity). If you have hardly any laxity is it still posible to extract a strip?