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  1. ^^ Completely agree with what Mickey85 says there, think about it.... You have the same amount of available grafts, whatever method. You either decrease density by individually punching them out and moving them, or whether you stretch out the donor area by taking a big strip out to remove the grafts to be replaced on the top. I hope you don't tell your FUT patients that they'll have 'as much as the day they were born' in the donor area, as that would be both irresponsible and mis-guiding!
  2. GrimPelo. Answers to your comments What experience do you have in the industry? >>> Only personal research over years of suffering hair loss, waiting for a procedure that i felt would both get the results and won't leave me with an ear to ear scar. After monitoring FUE results for years, learning a lot from forums such as this one and speak to qualified surgeons (that i pressume you are not). Other experience is undergoing a FUE procedure myself. If you're a patient and had a successful FUE surgery, congratulations! >>>Thank you OR maybe you represent a do
  3. Ah, you are an industry consultant who has done thousands of consultations....that explains your answers entirely. Thanks for clarifying your position in the field. If you have patients that you are happy to advise to risk FUT, then so be it. I just believe that patients are swayed towards it far too often and regret it later. For the record, any surgeon worth his or her salt, would assess the donor area PRIOR to depleting it to ensure the diffused look is avoided. Also, decent surgeons plan for future loss, based on age, photos, how rapid the loss is and the pattern of loss. Reserve d
  4. You will not find any white dots in my donor area whatsoever. I can only presume the 'very respected surgeon' you refer to is still pushing strip procedures. It is purely an 'opinion' based on what I have read/seen over the recent years. FUT is an old technique, with less and less surgeons performing it at all these days. When I asked about FUT in Turkey, I was informed that they'd stopped doing the strip method 4yrs ago...that was 2yrs ago, so 6yrs in total. I think that suggesting anyone risk having a very large section if their scalp removed via strip method and with that, a
  5. GreatPelo I'm sorry you feel it is over zealous, but I stand by it. Anyone NW5+ I would say should either have FUE is they have a healthy donor, or FUE with BHT in the crown if additional strong donor is required. Strip shouldn't be required at all these days and tbh, taking a wide strip out of a NW5+ scalp to try and maximise graft numbers will increase the risk of scar stretching even more. With regard to FUE scarring 'dots'.. I would question what size punch I'd being used, or the skill of the surgeon, if these are evident. I have zero 'white dots' after 2,800 FUE 2 year
  6. Ah right, gottcha, you believe they are the leaders. There are plenty of other surgeons not on this forum who have been practicing FUE for years. Agreed, Lindsey, Feller etc are strip surgeons and behind the pack when it comes to FUE. I'm sure as more and more surgeons evolve into more refined FUE processes and patients avoid the old strip method more and more, they'll no doubt do more FUE.
  7. Not sure what makes them leaders Mickey, maybe you just mean leaders on this forum. Anyway, the points you've made about the procedure recommended here are correct, no surgeon of any decent standard would recommend FUT for 500 grafts of eyebrow work. Not in 2014 anyway. 2004 yes. To put it simply... FUE has moved on, anyone still doing strip hasn't.
  8. Excellent result, what a difference! You must be thrilled. More to come as well no doubt...
  9. Try to remain focused on your positive future and that time heals both mental and physical wounds. Your HT will be recovering just fine, but the stress of yoru breakup might be affecting things like your eating and sleeping patterns, which could affect your general health and recovery. Try and relax as much as you can, sleep when you can, eat plenty of fruit and veg and remember.... If someone wants to be with you they will, if they walk away, let them...they'll come back if they want you 110%. If not, her loss, just look forward to getting rid of the anxiety and stress you use
  10. Well said CaddyTad77 In my opinion (and it is just an opinion), FUT has had it's day. It was the best method at the time but things have moved on so far with FUE now, it's simply not required. If there was a compelling case to continue with FUT (other than surgens not being prepared to invest time and tools to become the best FUE and because FUT is less labour intencive for the surgeon), then why have so many surgeons stopped performing it over the last 4-5 years and now only do FUE?? Kind of speaks volumes to me. The old "you get more grafts from FUT than you do with FUE" stateme
  11. You have exactly the same amount of follicles in your head whether you have FUT or FUE. I think if you have to resort to FUT, it should be the last option after all FUE has been exhausted and that's only if you have great scalp elasticity and accept that there's a strong chance of scar stretching. Personally, if i get to that point I would just buzz it at that point and live with the coverage is got. (I'm lucky enough to have enough donor for another 3,000 FUE if I decide I want it in the future, which is more than enough coverage). Rob
  12. "Some guys do need a good old fashioned FUT to get them where they want to be" Why?? You can do all you need in 1 or 2 FUE sessions, no-one NEEDS to have FUT From what i have seen and reserached over the last few years, the only people who should ever consider FUT are those who a) can't afford FUE or b) are too scared to get on a plane and live in an area where only FUT is still practiced. If you go to places that are at the forefront of cosmetic procedures, it is highly unlikely FUT will even be an available surgery option any more. When i was researching having my HT in T
  13. "The biggest knock against FUE is that it has a lower yield" This is a very old and missleading statement, no doubt spread around the forums by avid FUT followers and various FUT surgeons who don't want to invest their time and money in perfoming top class FUE sessions. FUE does not have a lower yield at all. As discussed many times on here, FUT grafts are only as good as the technicians discecting them from the strip, just as FUE extractions are only as good as the surgeon doing the harvesting. As always said, any surgery is only as good as the skills behind the hands performing i
  14. Hi Mickey85 Great thread here. I've been watching and reading in the background to get a good perspective all round on the various points. It appears that there is certainly a shift more towards FUE and people are starting to listen to the points i (and yourself) have been discussing over the last year. Even previous FUT strong believers are now moving away from 'promoting' FUT. One major factor that people seem to overlook in these FUE/FUT discussions is the clinic/surgeons business motivations for promoting FUT/FUE. As you are aware, i am a clear advocate of good FUE, due
  15. Ask yourself why she has come back! If she was with you then went off, she obviously wasn't into you enough. You need to be with someone who wants to be with you...period. I have had the same thing where women come back and its usually because they left you for someone else, it went wrong and they want a backup plan. The toppik should be the last worry on your list, be more cautious about her intentions. Golden rule: Never return to a lit firework! Rob
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