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  1. Thanks so much for the helpful and reassuring answers Lasercap and Dr Charles👍🏼
  2. Hey guys I’m on Day 9 post op and I washed my temples and eyebrows which I had a ht done on and I understand it’s ok to massage gently with the shampoo the clinic gave me but I had lots of tiny scabs which haven’t budged so I got the “round flat cotton wool pads” (that girls use to remove makeup) and used this with the shampoo and warm water and went over everything and managed to get lots of scabs off over 60% to my surprise(though quite a lot of Small hairs came out as well and so looks a little thinner now on both temples and eyebrows) Is this normal?? I’ll add I had no bleeding,
  3. Hey gillenator Thanks for your response I understand no Regaine on grafted recipient site but I was talking about placing Regaine near but not on the grafts as had a hit on my temples and eyebrows but NOT my hairline so was asking if it’s ok to put it on my hairline frontal third which had no work done. 😀
  4. Hi lasercap thanks for your response I understand it works best on the crown but I would like to know if applying to the hairline would be detrimental ie damage the newly implanted grafts on the temples and eyebrows which I had 3/4 days ago OR should I wait until the 2 week mark to restart the Regaine?
  5. Hi guys i wanted to ask (possibly a silly question) but I have been applying Regaine to my frontal third for years but had a ht on my temples and side burns and eyebrows 3 days ago. Is it ok to use Regaine only on the frontal hairline as long as I don’t touch the temples/brows etc with Regaine? (As heard somewhere that Regaine travels down the blood flow on the face? Also is 2 weeks post op enough time to use Regaine again on my weak temples? Thanks again
  6. So a good clinic can extract a single looking graft which has a hidden second graft in it making it a 2 hair graft and SPLIT the graft into two singles??? Is this correct??🤔
  7. Wow pretty informative every clinic should have several microscopes period other wise run 🏃🏽‍♂️
  8. Thanks Upshall for your kind response makes total sense 😀
  9. Hi all, I was wondering if temple points needed touching up of a few hundred single grafts in the donor via fue IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE SUREGEON CAN SEE AND EXTRACT ONLY THE SINGLE HAIRS?? or is it a case where each hair extracted might be 1, 2 or 3 hairs and the 2 and 3 hair units thrown away as need only the singles?
  10. Thanks Dr Charles and Gillenator appreciate your kind responses as always?
  11. Hi Gillenator, Thank you so much for your response. My main concern is when I start regaine two weeks post eyebrow ht surgery will coconut oil inhibit or damage/hinder growth if left on for an hour a day? Was thinking of trying out aloe Vera also but I’m sure this does NOT damage or hinder any growth even if left in all day as a moisturiser?
  12. Hi guys I started using regaine foam about 6 weeks ago and seems to be helping to stabilise my eyebrow hair loss. I have my 2nd eyebrow ht coming up in a few weeks which is mainly a touch up and fill in some gaps about 150/200 grafts. Now I don’t really have any itchiness or inflammation on my eyebrows but I do have small dry flakes and scaly bits. I have tried medicated dandruff shampoos such as neutragena T gel/sal shampoo as well as a mild tea tree and Nizoral once a week but not helping just seems to dry my eyebrow hairs out more. I use Coconut oil in the morning and leave on
  13. I saw your video and hair loss journeyhairhope4ever WOW I think Dr Umar done something amazing with you over those 5 days you got a great head of hair out of it☝?? So you say the same as Gambler that the beard hair implanted began to sprout through the scalp at the 5 Month mark also? Or was it sooner? and by the 6/7 month mark got noticeably longer and thicker? I’m at the 3 month and 1 week mark today so was just wondering?
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