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  1. I posted a thread here a few weeks ago and someone had mentioned that Nizoral was too harsh/caustic and he refused to use it. That was the first time I heard someone flat out refuse to use Nizoral but I hadn't actively read this forum in a few years. In the past it was much more common to read about "Nizoral greed" where people would overuse Nizoral (> 2-3 times/week). Ketoconazole is one of the best proven treatments for alopecia so is there a particular ketoconazole product that people are choosing to use instead of Nizoral these days?
  2. How soon after ht do you dye your hair? I use henna dye which is not hard on the hair like the chemical based dyes used at the salon. In fact some say that henna is good for hair. It's been 3 weeks since my ht and I was thinking about coloring my hair with henna dye after another week at the 4 week mark.
  3. @jbl - thanks for the feedback. So what special shampoos or topical applications do you use after a ht to maintain your existing hair without risking damage to your new hair?
  4. How soon do you start using Nizoral after a ht? Nizoral is known as a harsh shampoo and I want to be as careful as possible with my scalp and hair. Has anyone else here considered shelving the Nizoral for some period of time after a HT? I do have to consider the health and upkeep of my existing hair and Nizoral is an important part of that strategy. So maybe waiting 3 or 6 months would be the sweet spot?
  5. See subject line. I had an HT in 01/07, 06/07 and 12/11 and none of the HT docs recommended applying vit e oil to the recipient area. This was recommended for my HT that I had 2 weeks ago. I can really tell that it's making a difference. I even applied some vit e oil to a semi-hypertrophic scar on my body and within 1 hour it reduced swelling by 80%. I've read several other posts online recently of other doctors recommending vit e oil on the recipient area. So when did this become standard practice? And can anyone here speak to the results of a full HT cycle without vit e oil vs t
  6. looks like almost every ht surgeon in this thread says 2 weeks: (Link removed by moderator)
  7. I normally use Rogaine foam in the shower after shampooing. I had a HT 1 week ago. The post op instructions I have from the ht center say: "Do not use rubbing alcohol or styling products containing alcohol for 2 weeks after surgery" There are 3 different types of alcohol listed in the inactive ingredients on the metal Rogaine foam dispenser. I found another reference on the web where 1 doctor recommends using Rogaine 5-7 days after the procedure: Post Hair Transplant usage of Minoxidil Increases Hair Growth Which approach did you use? I could see another conditional scenari
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