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  1. if you look at my previous posts, you can get the full story, not going to rehash this again. Why would you go with a Dr. that has had a great deal of controversy, been kicked off the coalition, and many unhappy patients? If I were you, I would talk to Limmer, Rassman, Bernstein, or Harris. I don't know your situation, but overall, I wouldn't recommend a hair transplant to anyone....
  2. I had the same experience and I think you are correct in saying that excessive epinephrine use is VERY DANGEROUS and SOME doctors (hint hint) are using more epinephrine than needed. WHY? Well it can be assumed that they excessively use this to make their job EASIER by TOTALLY getting rid of as much blood as possible in the scalp. WELL blood flow is essential to the survival of hair, and more importantly miniaturized hair which is VERY sensitive to trauma and lack of blood flow (even for a short period of time). I had FUG and the combination of a deep slice of scalp from ear to ear severing important nerves and veins, the deep recipient sites made, and epinephrine totally ruined the blood flow in my head, killed all my miniaturized hair and some of my normal healthy hair, and ruined my scalp health forever.
  3. Well this is the problem with this way of thinking that keeps it alive. All of you who think this way are either from or influenced by a generation of people that make me sick. Hair loss is a natural event in for 50-60% of men. If you feel self conscious about yourself like I did, then it is better to concentrate of all the other areas of your life that you need to improve instead of your stupid hair. With all the mental time and energy obsessing about it, you could be getting physically fit, becoming more successful, and working on your personality. If it is thought that baling people look suspicious, then what is thought of people that try to conceal it. My hair transplant is a scarlet letter displaying to everyone in see and meet that I was not happy with myself the way i was and that is more of a turn off to everyone than any amount of hair loss. Dont compare yourself to ANYONE in politics, LOOK at them....most of them are overweight, boring, and liars. My "procedure" is the worst thing ive ever done in my life. It should be outlawed the way it is advertised. THIS IS MAJOR SURGERY and is TERRIBLE for your hair and scalp health forever. I would encourage everyone with any amount of hair to take care of thei hair and scalp they have, because in the long run, it is a much better play. Take saw palmetto, take biotin, put alo vera on your head, brush and massage your scalp every night, rogaine, maybe propecia if necessary......I wish I wouldnt have believed the lies and continued with this route...it was working and now because of the procedure, ALL my gain was lost and MORE. My hair loss was accelerated 10-20 YEARS! PERIOD!
  4. Dr Charles no longer works with Dr Epstein, he has his own practice now. In my opinion that was a very good move on his part. very good.
  5. you do not have the first idea of what i have been through in my life so don't make suggestions on what I should and should not do. This is an open forum and a relevant topic. I feel that there are some physicians that are preying on insecurities and selling procedures that are not in the best interest of the patient, and further more, are ruining people's lives like mine has been ruined. I am not attacking anyone, just sharing PUBLISHED documented information that might be relevant in someone making a lifelong decision.
  6. yes, this is the wording people use to make some feel more self conscious, ridiculous
  7. FUT - and you are correct. worst experience of my life -- i am now disfigured because of it
  8. 90% of the transplanted hair never grew. I lost all of my natural hair in my hairline from trauma. I am now left with 2-3 hair grafts scattered in my almost non-existent hairline. I just wanted to fill in my temples and this is what happened
  9. I was not balding and I had a procedure done, pretty much the same goals you have. now I have lost most of the hair in the frontal region. I would NOT do a procedure. If you talk to ANY ethical doctor, they will say the same. I would also go to a doctor that ONLY does hair transplants....NOT a plastic surgeon. In my opinion you can not do both and be effective. the old adage "jack of all trades, master of none definitely applies" If you want an honest opinion, talk to Dr. Limmer, Rassman, Cooley, or Harris.
  10. "People that lose their hair are viewed as less powerful and more suspicious," says Epstein, who has surgical and consultation offices in South Florida and New York. "It's also seen as a measure of virility." Do you think it is right for doctor's to put this into people's heads that might already have a self confidence issue? Ironically, before my procedure I had all the confidence in the world. Now it has disfigured me and ruined my life. quote from: Halting Hair Loss By: Allison Van Dusen
  11. because MY results and bad experience are recent and people need to be aware. Just because it is an older thread doesnt mean it does not apply. Plus I wanted some feedback from people that had a bad result with the same doctor
  12. please research fully and more updated posts before choosing the doctor!