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  1. Thanks Russ! This was done with forceps. I think both methods are good in the hands of the right highly skilled doctor and team. One doctor and team might be able to achieve better density with the implanter where another might feel more comfortable and be able to achieve high density with forceps. We employ both methods at our clinic. The doctor and team must work in concert to achieve this type of high density. If the doctor doesn't possess the rare skill to dense pack like this, the insertion method may be irrelevant. The converse may also be true. In my opinion, if the doctor or clinic you choose consistently produces results like this, it doesn't matter how they do it as long as they just do it 😉
  2. I will be in New York City to see prospective patients Sept 24-26. To meet me and see if you are a good candidate for a hair restoration procedure at our clinic, reserve your spot here: https://hassonandwong.com/consultations-in-your-city/ From the USA tab select the appropriate city. You can learn more about me, the process and my history with Hasson and Wong here: https://hassonandwong.com/hair-transplant-seattle/ You can also call 1-800-859-2266 Toll-Free or email us at info@hassonandwong.com.
  3. Hasson and Wong patient advisor James will be back in Florida next on Sept 27-28. To meet him and see if you are a good candidate for a hair restoration procedure at our clinic, reserve your spot here: https://hassonandwong.com/consultations-in-your-city/ You can learn more about James, the process and his history with Hasson and Wong here: https://hassonandwong.com/hair-transplant-toronto/ You can also call 1-800-859-2266 Toll-Free or email us at info@hassonandwong.com.
  4. A blunder to have Dr. Koray's name where Dr Devroye should have been, yes probably. I did not state the first sentence was incorrect. Not trying to distance ourselves from Koray here, we have no reason to. Just trying to set the record straight and give the credit where its due. Seems odd to me that was your conclusion. The whole point of this was to clear up the notion our techs were trained by Dr. Koray. My apologies again for the "blunder".
  5. Well jj51702, It looks like I need to hire you as the fact checker for our site! 😄 There appears to be a few things that need to be updated/corrected. I'll see if I can get to that soon too. “In Europe the work of Dr Jose Lorenzo and Dr Koray Erdogan has come closest to the quality of work that we like to produce. With their assistance we have trained already experienced technicians in their manual extraction techniques.” I agree the second sentence is probably misleading and could be misinterpreted. It was not meant to imply hnw techs were trained by these docs. They were not. What I earlier stated here is the most accurate info. And for the record, we did start off with the manual FUE and now use the WAW. Still innovating, we may be presently looking at other methods and may change occasionally so things in an article such as this you quoted from 2017 may not be what we're doing in 2019. For those of you confused and wondering what technique we use now, who does what, where did we get this, were did we get that, who's trained who, who has what experience in this, who has what experience in that, who does the extractions, who does the planting, etc. etc etc. , just look at the results when making your decision on who to go to. If you trust your clinic and are convinced without a shadow of a doubt they are the best in the business, let them take you where you want to go, don't be too concerned on how they get you there. Just make sure they can get you there.☺️
  6. jj51702, Thank you for pointing that out, I have made the correction that was supposed to be done earlier. Should have and now reads: "I would like to thank personally our friends Dr. Jose Lorenzo and Dr. Jean Devroye, for their very kind assistance and opening their doors for us -so we could learn their techniques." My apologies for the confusion.
  7. Well, I'm not thinking that when I post but maybe an "unintended" consequence? 😁 Yes, his post here: no thx hairlossPA! I'm glad you asked, it is better to ask for confirmation than to assume what you read here is always correct. Where did you read that? Maybe you could direct me to the thread, I’m curious to see it. No I can’t confirm is it is true because it’s not. 😃 None of our staff were trained elsewhere. Unless, you consider doctors Hasson and Wong working alongside another doctor in the 1990's as such. What I can confirm is that on our journey to produce industry leading FUE results equal to if not better than our famous FUT results, we gathered a lot of information and data. While it is true our doctor/doctors and some select team members traveled to conferences and observed the various techniques and skills of a few prominent FUE surgeons and clinics, no training on any of our staff was performed, only observation. After all of the data was gathered, we brought home this collection of new found knowledge and developed our own FUE philosophies and techniques that we felt would produce the best results. Some doctors were more influential and maintain a closer relationship with some members of our staff. I would say doctors Devroye and Lorenzo fit that description. That is not to say some others such as Dr. Koray were not gracious and welcoming, but they had little or no influence on what we do today. Some deserved credit to the aforementioned Dr. Devroye and Lorenzo for which we are grateful but most of the credit would go to our doctors and the dedication of certain key staff members willing to research, study, practice and make the necessary commitment to prefect our FUE technique and make it their own. We would only proceed with offering FUE when we could produce FUE grafts equal to or greater than the quality of our FUT grafts. Now you just don't wake up one day and say you want to perform industry leading FUE. The extraction is only part of the equation and the years of experience with FUT play a prominent role. This case is an excellent example. How did this result turn out to be so good? Well, aside from being able to harvest perfect grafts via FUE which we will assume is a given at our clinic, the proof is in the post-op photos. Has anyone marveled at how good they are and what they reveal? Precise control of angle, direction and orientation of the transplanted grafts. Every hair lines up parallel with the others. High uniform density. Look closely at other post-op shots ( if anyone will show this clarity) and compare. You may look long and wide to try and find a replica elsewhere. Do you think some clinics don’t have the right camera to take clear close-up shots that have this detail? Or, would this type of transparency and compare expose the fact that the level of refinement is quite different? You decide. Besides the unquestioned skill of the surgeon and staff, technique, attention to the finest detail and artistry are all necessary in producing this kind of result. Let's also give credit to the lateral slit (inventor Dr. Wong) and the custom sized blade cutting device ( inventor Dr. Hasson). And hairline design you say? Very important, as always and thank you for recognizing it! I think hairline design can often be an overlooked component. Without a great design, the result will suffer no matter how good the grafts are and how well they are planted. And thank you to all who care to take notice all of these components that are necessary to produce the best result! Thank you for the comment and question MarkyH!
  8. Dr. Wong will be back in Rome and Milan Italy next month again for his annual visit. If you’d like to meet Dr. Wong and discover what he can do for you, reserve your spot here: https://hassonandwong.com/consultations-in-your-city/#tab-europe For Milan and Rome, Consultations are available in the following languages: Italian – English – French – Spanish
  9. This Vancouver area patient in his late 20’s came to Hasson & Wong in order to restore his thinning receded hairline. Dr. Hasson and his team successfully rebuilt a new lower hairline and added density to the necessary areas of the frontal zone. 3462 grafts were harvested over a two-day FUE procedure. 844 of these grafts were singles, and 2618 were doubles. These photos were taken approximately 12 months post-op.
  10. Thx guys! Aftermath, Might you know a little something about a "bulletproof" result by chance?...😄
  11. Thanks for the comments guys! Yes, see below. Thanks yesplease, I agree that the hairline and frontal zone look great! To expand on the mid-scalp comment: The mid-scalp was not addressed in the procedure and yes, he is combing the hair strategically to achieve the best coverage. He started medication shortly after his procedure. The agreed up plan was to restore the frontal zone and see how much meds could improve the mid-scalp and crown. Dr. Hasson noted he did see improvement at the time these photos were taken and the patient will continue the medication to see what degree of improvement continues. He will reevaluate at some stage and if the improvement is not sufficient enough to make him happy, he will have the option to add some density to the mid-scalp where necessary with a smaller 2nd session. I think it is always best to style the hair in such a manner that will provide the best cosmetic benefit. I’ve seen some patients part, comb or style the hair in an unflattering manner which actually does a disservice to their appearance versus what the proper style would do for their look. It is a personal call of course but I will interject in some cases where I feel the hair styling police is needed 😊 . This patient has chosen to style his hair in the most flattering manor to hide some slight mid-scalp weakness. If he wants bulletproof, we can do that too😊
  12. This Vancouver-area patient in his mid-30’s came to Hasson & Wong in order to address his thinning hairline and frontal zone. Dr. Hasson and his team successfully harvested 3,000 grafts during a single FUE procedure to rebuild a new hairline and add density to the frontal zone. 300 of these grafts were singles, 1357 were doubles and 1343 were 3-4 hair grafts. His donor density was good and hair texture about average. These photos were taken approximately 13 months post-op.
  13. Some spots still available if anyone is interested in seeing me next week in San Fran.