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day 12: Haircut/Date. Follow up meet w Dr.Mohebi



Dr.Visit: Dr.Mohebi was in the San francisco area this week, so he had a chance to see the progress live. I discussed my concerns about some of the hairs that fell out particularly from top left front, and right temple on day 6. He said that there is a remote possiblity that, due to how thick my scalp skin was, that they are not going to grow back.However, if actual grafts (vs normal post surgery-hair shedding) fell out, that he would help take care of it--which I appreciate.he mentioned some free grafts if necessary, but for now to just relax and let's see how things look in 8-10 months.

Haircut: I have a date on Thursday, and after getting a haircut, this is about as good as they can make it. see pics. I live in the San Francisco area, so expecting a girl this cute to still be single a month from now when my scar is not as visible, is pretty much out of the question... lol.

Any advice about how to talk about the elephant in the room? I was thinking of saying" I was doing martial arts and someone cut me with a knife... juuust kidding. i got a hair transplant" that's all i got for now :)


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It's great to hear that Dr. Mohebi is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that you have a satisfactory outcome.


I think that if you are going to date at this stage then honesty is really all you got. There is simply no way to successfully explain such a scar. I'm sure she will appreciate your candor.


David (TakingThePlunge)

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Thank you for keeping us updated. I'm pleased to hear Dr. Mohebi remains available and willing to answer concerns. Good luck!

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