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New Hair Status Day 6 vs Day 8



I was noticing that on day 6, after the shower with baby shampoo for about 10 minutes, that the new hair were falling out very easily when I ws barely touching them to get the crust off.

Granted, virtually all of the transplanted hairs are more than likely to fall out within 3 weeks, but I'd personally like to keep them for as long as possible, and also some of the hairs that fell out could be grafts.

to play it safe, I went back to a more gentler approach of baby shampoo for a couple of minutes and when i'd see hairs fall out after try to get the crust off the top, i'd just stop and wait till next shower.


On Day 8 there is definitely a huge difference. I can gently run my hand through the new hairs now and there is virtually no hairs falling out.

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Looks like you've been healing well. Thanks for continuing to update us on your progress. I'm looking forward to seeing your final result.

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