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First Days surrounding the Surgery



Wed Dec1st: I flew in from San Francisco and took a shuttle to my pre-arranged hotel near Encino, CA. . the hotel stay was complimentary which was awesome. I finally got to meet Dr.Mohebi and his staff. Dr.Mohebi came off as friendly, highly knowledgeable, and confident in his work.. he drew my new hairline with a pen and we both agreed that we should add hair to my temples, top forehead and crown.

Thur Dec 2nd: Showed up at the office, went over the new hairline with Dr.Mohebi again, and soon after the operation began. I was pretty drugged up during most of the procedure but I recall Dr.Mohebi coming in at various time to make sure everything was going smoothly, and that the assitants were doinga perfect jon with the grafts.. His assitants actually worked on me for almost 12 hours, as far as I can remember. Definitely some overtime, dedication to getting the job done!

A huge thank you to all members--including his front desk team as well :)

Fri Dec 3rd: Got the hairwash and final lookover from Dr.Mohebi. The instructions were to wash hair with baby shampoo for two minutes morning and night for 4 days, then wash it off with a cup of water. After day 5 you can wsh it as thoroughly as you have before.

http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/smgrl009/albums/388 has all the pictures starting from pre-surgery to post surgery.





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Congratulations on your recent hair transplant experience with a quality hair restoration physician. I encourage you to keep us updated on your progress with monthly photos. Don't forget also to update our forum community at "Smgrl009's Hair Transplant Experience with Dr. Parsa Mohebi which has been created for you to garner support and feedback from our members.


Best wishes in restoring your hair,


Bill (Falceros)

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Thanks guys,

Question for Falceros: what is the difference between updating a blog post and updating the forum thread? Should I be copying and pasting my blog post entry into the forum thread? Should I link to my blog posts in my forum thread?

I am just trying to have everything in one spot and not have to do double the work.



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You can do either, but I suggest that after you create a new blog, photo album, that you post a reply to the topic letting our forum members know that you've updated it. To date, our forum is still more popular and receives a much larger number of views and replies. Thus, to maximize the amount of support and encouragement from other members, I recommend keeping our forum community up to date as well.


I hope this helps.


Bill (Falceros)

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