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Now booked with BHR



Well that's it, I'm booked in for my surgery with BHR on the 18th and 19th of June!

I'm still quite surprised at how soon it is I thought the clinic would have been booked up for months in advance but I'm very happy about it becasue the sooner the better in my view and if all goes to plan and I get a good yeild and good growth then I could possibly.....and I emphasise the word possibly, have a decent enough growth by Christmas to maybe venture out again.

A big thanks to Stephen the UK BHR rep who have been pestering for a good few months now and has answered every question with both speed and patience.

I must admit I'm not particularly looking forward to a 2 day surgery for my 2000 grafts but if that's what the doctor thinks is best I won't argue. It's really just becasue I get homesick very easily and it's an extra day away but it's nothing in the grand sceme of things.

So yes, Phase 3 is now under way. All the scout work has been done and I know the score about travel and a little of my way around Brussels(around the Clinic anyway!)

Of course I've been spending my time lookng at videos and pictures of BHR results and yes there are a few which I don't like but on the whole all the results seem to be excellent.

The way I am looking at it is I'm going to get a good result with Dr Bisanga and then it's up to me and my styling skills when it all kicks in and since I've managed to do quite a good job at being presentable with the hairine I have already I think with all the extra bits filled in it'll be a breeze to make look good.

Just today I walked to the shops thinkng "No-more wearing this damn baseball cap when I'm just out the shower, no-more fearing that gust of wind on the way to a night out and no more dreading getting caught in a rain shower with no hat to wear!"

It's strange, paying all this money so I don't have to think about my hair but it's the peace of mind knowing that I will look good TO MYSELF! That's the only reason I'm doing it, so I can look in the mirror and say "Yep, that's me!" and live life with that in mind.

I couildn't have doen this without my family though as they have helped me foot the bill. A big gesture indeed seeing as we are neither rich or particularly well off but happiness within one's self comes first and I think it helps that I'm not one for expensive tastes or fashions, cars etc so when I asked for help with this they knew that it must have been something that really was upsetting me.

So yes that's it, I paid the deposit and the first payment yesterday and will be booking my flights and hotel soon to get everything stabelised and it's just a waiting game until the big day(s).

In a way I wish it were tomorrow but the time will fly in as it did before my consultation and once it's done I just need to bide my time, but I have plenty to keep myself occupied so again I can see it flying in.

It won't be much of a summer socially, a shame because it looks set to be a good one but I'll have plenty of happier and hairier summers ahead of me so the sacrifice wil be worth it!

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Congratulations! I know this has been a long and difficult journey for you, and I really look forward to reviewing your surgical images. I hope you will continue to keep us updated.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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