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My consultation



Well it's Thursday Morning, I'm still half aslep from my day to belgium yesterday but what an all round experience it was, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

First off the flying! The fligt over was an absolute breeze. I'm so surprised at myself to the pojnt of stunned as I've never been like that on a plane before. I was even gawking out the window for most of it when previously that would have made me bring up my breakfast! To be fair the 5 diazapam I swallowed may have had something to do with it and the fact that the flight only had about 20 people on it. The way back wassn't so good as it was crowded, dark and the air-con seemed to be broken but still it was bearable and didn't seem to take as long.

Taxi's were no problem too and besides a slight language barrier from the official taxi man outside the airport he was nice enough and a quick look at my iphone whosing the clinic address was enough and just over 50 euros for the trip. The taxi back was a verty talky affair though, a lovely Portugese gentleman who actually took me to see some sights in brussels plus got me to tye airport n less time than the first AND charged me less.

But to the clinic itself. As I was sitting in a lovely park in Brussels eating my lunch in the blazing sunshine (it was a beauticul summer like day!) I got a call from the clnic asking if I wouldn't mind coming n a bit early and since I had got bored sittng at the airport and had went in to the town for a wander about and was getting abit bored now it was a welcome change.

When I got to the clinic all the staff were extremely friendly (and not to sound sexist but rather easy on the eye too!) and I was made to feel very welcome. They appeared to have lost my form that I filled in online but it only took 2 minutes to fill out another one.

So the man part - first impressions of Dr Bisanga! Top man! I really, liked him. He was very easy to talk to, a good sense of humour and an infectious laugh. The time came and he asked me to pull back my hair to see the damage and he looked pretty surprised at what he saw as I'm quite good at covering it up after years of practice. After gingerly informing me that he would have to snip parts of my hair to assess density (apparenly something he always asks patients with long hair) I said that was absolutely fine and to chop away so he did his assessment and It turned out that had higher than normal density in the two parts he looked at (75 and 90 I think) and after i got home I honestly can't see where he cut it. After that he took charge of the situation prety much from the off and went to draw a hairline on me from what I had described in my form, which to be honestt i was a little uneasy about as I thought I would have a go first and then he would refine it, but I was happy as he got it pretty much bang on to what i would have done and not conservative looking at all so it was all good. The only thing we didn't quite agree on was that I wasn't too bothered about it being rounded off at the points where it met the temples because my old hairline never did that and was quite happy to have a square edge but the doctor insisted that this was nescessary to be able to blend it in with my natural hair and in that I can see his point and he did reduce the rounding a touch for me although I would have liked it reduced firther sill. This was also true of my frontal third, which i thought would be left alone but again he said it was nescessary to fill in a touch at the front for blending. I thought it looked a little juvinile to be honest but that's not a bad thing, it's a bonus as more area will be covered and I'm down with that. He explained a little aboyt how the hairline was made to go with the contiurs of my face so he obviously takes that in to account when designing hairlines and an do it with a glance and being the arty type I am I do agree with him and that's probably why we thought alike on the design.

Overall the graft count was higher than what I expected at 2000, which is the maximum I can afford. i was hoping for 1500 but if it has to be 2000 then 2000 it is.

The one thing I will say is that the cosultation was very short, about 20 minutes. This was mainly my fault as after the stresses of the day I had forgotten to ask a lot of the questions I had set out to about graft placement, density necessity as I'm not looking for super thick teenage like coverage and I was kicking myself a bit afterwards but I'm sure there will be some sort of mini session right before the surgery that I can express all these concerns and make sure I'm exactly at ease and ready. I'm wondering if I can maybe get away with 1800 grafts, but I don't want to second guess someone like Dr Bisanga who seems to reall now what hes doing.

After having the pen cleaned off my head by his lovely assistant the clinic were kind enough to book me a taxi back to the airport where i had 5 hours to kill but actually went by so fast after a quick sandwich in a cafe and a read of my book.

Dr Bisanga is going to send me a report of the consultation and from there I can decide what I want to do, but all in all I'm feeling pretty confident as it was a very positive meeting!


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I'm very pleased to hear the consultation went well! Look forward to updates.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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