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3 weeks away



Well I'm having to write this blog from Firefox again as something seems to be blocking it on google chrome but doesn't matter!

So, I'm just over three weeks away from my procedure and the emotional pace is beginning to gather. It hasn't helped that I've not been well at all the last few weeks. I started to suffer from panic attacks (at least that was the best diagnisis the doctors gave) last year but they went away after a few months but recently I've had similar symptoms and am feeling a little stressed about it all.

Even a few weeks ago I looked in the mirror and honestly I looked like death. It's as if my whole face had just disintegrated and drooped which i can't understand becasue my diet has been perfect. Better then perfect in fact, although I have been smelling amonia in the mornings before my workout which apparently is a sign of amino acid breakdown due to lack of nutrition and I'm (for now) attributing that to my intermittant fasting that I've been doing so I'm easing up on that from an 8 hour eating window to a 12 and see if it takes the edge off. Food allegries could be a thing too so cutting out nuts and dairy to see if that makes a difference. I did make the mistake of going on a very high fat/protien & low carb diet and I stuck to it for a whole month and by the end of it I was having spots, tiredness and eventually problems with my heart beating way too hard (not fast just hard). This was before I discovered metabolic typing of course so putting a few more carbs in helped a lot as I seem to be a mixed type and mediam oxidizer who needs a bit of everything.

Any back to hair, as I have probably said before I'm not releshing the fact that is a 2 day procedure and I'm a little concerned that the final price will be made on the day as I just can't say ok if it's over a certain amount as it's taking all my and my families money to even meet the 2000 grafts that was quoted to me so if it's 2200 or 2400 that the end result needs then I'm not sure what I'm going to do becasue the money just won't be there.

On a positive note I think I'm going to be happy with my result. yes I have seen some results that I think "Eeech that looks like a hair transplant!" but I think this is down to the persons hair thickness rather than the clinics techneques as people with thicker hairs tend to look out of place when transplanted to the very front. Dr B said I have medium to fine hair (More fine) so I'm taking this as a positive as it may look better at the front instead of tree trunks bursting out my skin.

Even though I've been leading an extreely healthy lifestyle the last few months I'm taking myself out for a drink and some social interaction for the last time this weekend and then it's back on the wagon as I want to be in perfect health for the procedure to maximise healing potantial. I don't really have many concerns about growth, I've always thought my hair grows really rapidly but then again this is subjective.

At this point my biggest feat is that I'll be replacing one worry with another. Instead of thinking "can people see my receding hairline!" it will be " Can people tell it's a transplant?" This is all down to how I think it looks of course becasue as an artistic person I'm very critical of the way things look in terms of shape and natural behavior.

Sometimes I look at a hair transplant and think it looks fake but then again I've not been used to a naturallly broad hairline for such a long time that I can't remember what looks natural and what doesn't so it may be my paranoia acting up and f course the hair is just one part of it, styling is also a big factor which, and I do say so myself, I'm quite good at (as are most men with hair loss).

Well that's about it. I hope that I can kick whatever is eating me right now in time for the operation as it's no fun looking and feeling 60 when you're only 36!

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Good luck! It's a really brave move & I hope it works out well & is positive :)

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