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2013-11-13 Six and A Half Months After (haircut)



I got tired of doing the comb-forward and I was also tired of wearing my hair brushed back like a guido, plus it was getting so bushy. Not to mention those damn waves were really bugging the shit out of me. So I got a wild hair (pun intended) and decided to go get my 2nd haircut since the HT. This time I went a bit more radical and told the girl to go shorter (with the intent of spiking it using gel like I used to do) and using some thinning sheers on the back to try and match the density a little more so I didn't have such a definite line betwixt the two areas.

It's interesting because looking in the mirror it kinda sorta looks okay, but clearly in the photos you can tell it is anything but "dense". And pictures don't lie. :-(

At least on a happy note, I *think* that I am seeing less hairs falling out in the shower than before. It's so hard to tell, but looking at the pictures attached previously, I am leaning towards that theory. Which is great! Maybe that means my thin-looking head will fill in from those hairs too now. I don't know.




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