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2013-11-25 Seven Months After



Not a whole lot has changed since last month -- at least not to my eye. I am really liking my hairline though the more I see it. Again, I wish it were a bit denser, but it's still very nice to have it (and not the receeding hairline of 7 months ago). As mentioned previously, when it's dry it looks pretty decent -- decent enough I've even added a full face/head photo in this blog. And if you're gonna go, you might as well go big or go home, so I even sprouted some facial hair for the whole "Movember" movement. People have commented so positively they have convinced me to not shave the beard for a while. One friend half-jokingly said, "You look like a man finally!" HAHAH. uhhhhh, geeee, thanks? I think? :-p

I did meet with my two friends that had gone under Wong's hands years ago and they said that my hair will continue to thicken and grow for up to a year and not to sweat it just yet. They suggested I'm being too hard on my self and even impatient. So once again, I will remain cautiously optimistic and hopeful that the density will eventually come. I've gotten this far, so what's a few more months to wait and see. At least I don't have to wear a hat anymore, and I have feeling in my head.

I figure at worst case, now that I've gone through it once, I *could* get another one in a year or so, and probably only need like 1,000 more grafts to fill it in I'm thinking and also I presume the second time around would be a bit easier mentally since I know pretty much what to expect. I also figure I could be looking fairly normal sooner, maybe closer to 4-5 months since I'd already have a pretty decent base of hair now, that'll in theory grow quicker around the new ones -- unlike before where there was just nothing there really so it took a while for the grafts to do their thing.



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