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2013-10-24 Six Months After



Well this is the magic six month mark. The day I planned way back in April 24th when I got this done. Two days before my 44th birthday (October 26th) -- this was my birthday gift to myself. The day I was told I'd really see the effects...

I have to say I am a little dissapointed. I have this feeling in my gut that I'm looking at about all the density I'm going to see for the most part and honestly I'm not loving it. If my hair is dry, then it certainly does look fuller -- but that's not how I wear my hair. I told the doctor that I gel and spike it. I also told him that I never wanted to do this proceedure again so take as much hair as he needed the first time (money is not an issue, especially when grafts are $3 each vs. $5 each if I were to have a second HT). The best way to sum up my hair is this: If you knew me already, then you'd say "wow! look at that new hair coming in" (expecting it to keep growing, especially from seeing me with my buzz-cut head 6 months ago). If you didn't know me, then you'd say, "That guy's hair looks like it's thinning..." :-

The hairline is very good (again, it needs density, but the shape is very natural and I am quite pleased with that). Another interesting side effect, which makes sense, but I hadn't really thought about till now is that the new hair has the same "waves" as the back of my head used to have. I never really considered it since I keep the sides and back at about a 2 or 3 guard on the clippers. But many moons ago, when my hair was longer, I used to hate those waves -- that's why I keep it short back there! The irony is now they're front and center. A reason I will probably start to bleach my hair again in another couple of months as it makes it straighter, and gel makes it easier to spike it straight too.

I still have a little hope left in me that there are still some dormant folicles that'll miraculously fill in the gaps, or that the folicles will sprout multiple hairs from themselves over the next couple of months. I do feel some itchy/tingly feelings sometimes like before when hairs were growing and making their way through my scalp, I just don't feel it enough. Not like I used to, and to me that's now a "bad sign". A sign that things are simmering down.

In other good news, the scar seems to be for the most part gone. It's so very difficult to even see it, and that's looking eagle-eyed for it. Related all feeling in my head is normal again. No numb spots anywhere that I notice

I feel kind of in limbo now. Like I'm going to have to endure another HT just to get the density I feel I was told I would have to start with. I was told Hasson can do 80 hairs per square inch and that normal hair is 100 hpsi, but there is certainly a visible difference between my new area and the old areas behind it.



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Hi DV,


Thank you for sharing. Sorry to hear that you're a bit disappointed. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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