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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. This is a place holder. I'll take pictures and write a little something about it, but not a lot has changed I don't think since previous year.
  2. DV8

    2015-04-24 Two Years after

    No, I'm not on any drugs. I purposely got a HT because I didn't want to be on them for the rest of my life. I stand corrected. $7500 then. ;-)
  3. DV8

    2015-04-24 Two Years after

    I have no immediate plan because it takes so many months before you don't need a hat and . However, should I find myself in a position where I can work from home for a few months and I get another $10,000 to spend, I wouldn't be adverse to the idea. I'd like to get the top filled in as you see it's a bit thin looking.
  4. Two years later. The final result. PREVIOUS ENTRY
  5. The only thing I notice is that my head seems to itch a lot still. I'm not sure if this is related to the HT or something else but... NEXT BLOG PREVIOUS BLOG
  6. Today I bleached my hair back for the summer as the whole dark hair and beard thing was starting to bug me. I missed the old me! Plus I wanted to try an experiment to see if the blonde hair would have less contrast to my scalp and therefore let me gel & spike it up like I used to do pre HT. First the "bad news" ... When I went for the haircut, I decided to go back to a #2 guard on the clipper as I used to do before my transplant. As you can see it makes the scar show! UGH! I should have stayed with a #3 or maybe even more. It'll take some experimenting to see what the minimal length is I
  7. This is the one year mark. I don't see a lot of difference from the past few months, but maybe you do? Before I say anything further, I want to say that for the most part I am happy with the results. I'm certainly in a better place folically than I was a year ago and the fear of going bald is no longer something I stress about. Perhaps I should just be grateful that this proceedure even exists and more importantly that I was lucky enough to have gotten a great HT that looks natural. If HT wasn't possible, I'd be stuck either taking sketchy pills or just shaving it off. Both options I dreaded
  8. Same ol' same old... not seeing much new changes, but maybe it's sublte and after 11 months I'm just having a hard time seeing the forrest through the trees (or insert some other cliche' here). Oddly my head seems to itch quite a bit these days. I'm hopeful that is still hairs poking through, but it's almost impossible to really tell at this stage. NEXT BLOG PREVIOUS BLOG
  10. Brooklyn Dudes Are Getting Beard Transplants Now Great news if you can't grow a beard and have a few thousand dollars to spare: "Facial hair transplants" are reportedly on the rise in New York. According to DNAinfo.com Dr. Yael Halaas has performed an average of one beard transplant per month on men from Brooklyn's "hipster"-filled neighborhoods, like Bushwick, Park Slope, and Williamsburg. "I get a lot of detail-oriented people — artists, architects," Halaas said. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, who has been performing beard transplants for more than 12 years,told DNAinfo he averages abo
  11. I guess this is about as good as it's going to get I suppose. I probably won't post again till the one year mark just for consistency and closure. But at this point it seems I'll either need to be okay with wearing my hair un-gelled or spikey like I have done for the past 18+ years, or I'll need to get an additional HT to fill it all in. This gives me some mixed emotions. I'm a little let down in some ways and really impressed in others. I love my hairline. I get compliments all the time and most people including my hair cutters don't even suspect I have had a proceedure done. It's just not th
  12. Not much to report. I feel like it looks pretty much like it did last month. I did go in to see Mike Ferko and he tended to agree it seemed a bit thinner than expected but we agreed to just see what happens over the next few months and if I'm still not thrilled with it then we'll talk to Dr. Hasson and go from there. The massive "shock loss" that I was having has subsided, so maybe it will fill in the density now. While these photos don't do it justice, I am really happy with the hair-line and the angle at which the hair is in front. It's actually exactly as I had hoped and envisoned it to b
  13. Not a whole lot has changed since last month -- at least not to my eye. I am really liking my hairline though the more I see it. Again, I wish it were a bit denser, but it's still very nice to have it (and not the receeding hairline of 7 months ago). As mentioned previously, when it's dry it looks pretty decent -- decent enough I've even added a full face/head photo in this blog. And if you're gonna go, you might as well go big or go home, so I even sprouted some facial hair for the whole "Movember" movement. People have commented so positively they have convinced me to not shave the beard for
  14. I got tired of doing the comb-forward and I was also tired of wearing my hair brushed back like a guido, plus it was getting so bushy. Not to mention those damn waves were really bugging the shit out of me. So I got a wild hair (pun intended) and decided to go get my 2nd haircut since the HT. This time I went a bit more radical and told the girl to go shorter (with the intent of spiking it using gel like I used to do) and using some thinning sheers on the back to try and match the density a little more so I didn't have such a definite line betwixt the two areas. It's interesting because look
  15. Well this is the magic six month mark. The day I planned way back in April 24th when I got this done. Two days before my 44th birthday (October 26th) -- this was my birthday gift to myself. The day I was told I'd really see the effects... I have to say I am a little dissapointed. I have this feeling in my gut that I'm looking at about all the density I'm going to see for the most part and honestly I'm not loving it. If my hair is dry, then it certainly does look fuller -- but that's not how I wear my hair. I told the doctor that I gel and spike it. I also told him that I never wanted to do t
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