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GREAT EXPERIENCE with Dr. Vogel in Baltimore

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I am completing my fourth day post op and have never been more sure that my decision to have Dr. Vogel perform my transplant was the right one. From my first exploratory visit to Dr. Vogel in Baltimore, I sensed his competency, caring and intent for perfection . His staff, including Mary, "Dr. Hebe" and Hilde made me feel very comfortable from the minute I stepped into the OR the day of the procedure. Professionalism was the key! Although we covered the subjects completely pre-op, they explained every step of the process to me as they worked and made sure that I was completely comfortable. I had 1500 grafts planted within 5 hours and, except for some stiffness, could have gone for another 3 hours comfortably. I have had NO swelling and only "very mild" soreness in the donor area. I am experiencing some numbness in the recepient area but I see it fading more each day. I believe the key to swelling avoidance was the regiment of methylprednisolone (4 mg) that Dr. Vogel started me on a day before surgery along with 600 mg. of Motrin every 4-5 hours. The meds, coupled with close adherence to the ice/head elevation orders have allowed me to come through what were portrayed as the worst post op days with only some tightness around the donor site and scalp numbness. I have had no headaches and the healing is progressing nicely. I am still misting the graft area with saline solution three times a day and applying aloe gel at bedtime. I can't wait to see the final results in 8 months!

One word of conventional wisdom: Plan to take a week off from work following the procedure to allow for healing, rest and avoidance of damaging the grafts. You can probably do it in four days but a full seven is what I would recommend. Good luck! Hope your experience is a good as mine has been! I will keep you posted!

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Mr. T: I will post some pics on the photo page within the next couple of days.


JJ250: One of the reasons I chose Dr. Vogel is because of his cosmetic surgery background. I found that expertise a major strength, not a deterrent. Who is better with design and proportion, artistry and surgical management of tissues than a fulltime cosmetic surgeon?? Would you rather have a former internist or demotologist? Not me. As for his percentage of practice performing hair transplants, I didn't want to use a "transplant factory" surgeon. Dr. Vogel devotes 50% of his practice to transplants. That means that I was his only HT surgery the day of my procedure and he gave me the kind of attention that I demanded and was paying for. The follow-up has also been from him, personally; not some technician. I don't know what the final results will prove but I know up to this point in my hair transplant "adventure", I have been more than pleased with the doc and his practice.

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