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Great experience at UnitedCare Clinic in Turkiye

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Hey all,

Found lots of value reading through this forum; decided to share my experience with UnitedCare Clinic in Istanbul. I've attached some pics of the procedure as well as the latest image of myself so you can see the results (3 months so far). Overall I'm very pleased with the results as well as the service.

I had about 3500 grafts to my crown and front hairline; total cost of my procedure was about 3900; this included my hotel stay.

I went for a hair transplant in February and the clinic lived up to all my expectations. Dr. Utkan was very professional, friendly and took the time to explain to me every single step of the process that I would be going through. During the consultation, I raised any concerns I had with Dr. Utkan and he was very detailed in his responses to me and even explained the logic and reasoning behind certain actions and steps that he would be taking during my procedure. He took one whole hour just to plan my hairline and double-checked everything with me before proceeding. Zeynep, my translator, was very friendly and took the time and effort to explain and translate every interaction that I had with any of the medical staff who didn't speak English. This made me feel very comfortable and allowed me to have an increased sense of confidence with the team. On top of all that, communication with the clinic continues until today as I have frequent messages with the clinic; they check up on me and request photos of my hair growth so that they can keep tabs on my progress. Any issues I've ever had are very quickly resolved via simple texts which is great.

The one thing I really appreciated was the fact that after everything was over and they were giving me my medication; they did NOT upsell me on extra medication or any topical creams or shampoos. In fact, they even told me that if I were to finish or run out of the medication, that it would be cheaper for me to purchase extra medication over the counter in a pharmacy versus coming back to the clinic. This type of behavior really shows that all they want for you is to have great results and they're not just there to make money off of you. As men undergoing such treatment, we are vulnerable and hence we are susceptible to any kind of pressure to purchase in order to make sure that the results we get are solid; the clinic doesn't exploit this by upselling or pushing things like oxygen treatment, infra-light treatment or anything like that. In fact, they tell me that whilst all those treatments have some benefits, as long as I'm on Finesteride, it is more than sufficient to ensure success.

But of course, the biggest value that I found going to this clinic was that I was treated by a certified dermato-surgeon. The amount of confidence that I had undergoing this procedure knowing that a surgeon is running it is peace of mind you can't get anywhere else in Turkiye. Dr Utkan was there for the whole 12 hours, performed the most important aspects of my procedure (opening the channels and plotting my hairline) and I could see him working very hard to make sure the procedure was done well. He supervised all aspects of the procedure too. They even took the time to print out my reference photos to make sure that my hairline matched it exactly. Plus all my grafts were bathed in a bioenhanced solution to increase the survival rate of the grafts; something that not a lot of clinics practice. I also opted in for the stem cell treatment as it was recommended by Dr Utkan; I also did my own personal research on stem cell treatment for hair transplant patients and found the results to be quite compelling.

I cannot recommend this clinic enough; they are professional, friendly, transparent and highly communicative. If you're considering getting a hair transplant in Turkiye, do yourself a favor and go to them; oh and the lunch they served was awesome too!










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